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Hex Color Picker App DESCRIPTION

Steps to pick a color:
1. Pick a color from the drop down.
2. Click on the shade you want.
3. DONE!

No annoying RGB sliders or Color wheels.

We made this app out of frustration because of having to break our workflow to find colors on a browser. When we looked on the play store, it was full of apps that were RGB sliders and color wheels that waste your time. We wanted something simple, and quick to use.

Enter our simple Hex Color Picker: a hassle-free, no-nonsense, color picker built with designers, and programmers in mind.

Download the app and see for yourself.

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Straight-forward, simple hexadecimal color code picker.
Steps to pick a color:1. Pick a color from the drop down.2. Click on the shade you want.3. DONE!No annoying RGB sliders or Color wheels.We made this app out of frustration because of having to break our workflow to find colors on a browser. When we looked on the play store, it was full of apps that were RGB sliders and color wheels that waste your time. We wanted something simple, and quick to use. Enter our simple Hex Color Picker: a hassle-free, no-nonsense, color picker built with designers, and programmers in mind. Download the app and see for yourself.

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