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Planet Smash Game DESCRIPTION

Blast planets with your battery in the riveting Planet Smash. Enjoy discovering amazing planets in breathtaking galaxies.

As you find a planet , you can enjoy idle gameplay or you can tap on the planets for fast missile shooting. In this idle space clicker, you need to destroy the planets that come into your way in the fastest way possible. How long can you go in the level based idle space smashing quest?

Collect your daily rewards & offline earnings and upgrade your weapons or skills. Additionally, Planet Smash features impeccable weapons that have different damage like the FLAME, ICE, LIGHTING, NUKE & more. Create your ultimate planet bomber attack with powerful upgrades to destroy even the largest planets!


▪️ Idle clicker & galaxy tap shooting gameplay
▪️ Exquisite 2d planet graphics
▪️ Earn coins while you are offline!
▪️ Log in every day for daily reward!
▪️ Upgrade your weapons or unlock more powerful skills

So, can you become the ultimate galaxy savior?
The space needs heroes just like you!


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Mandatory ads every couple of minutes during gameplay, no matter what. Also mandatory ads to progress the game after beating a level. I don't mind watching ads voluntarily to get extra rewards, but forcing you to watch just to be able to play the game, no thanks.


Pretty fun although there are a lot of ads, i just bypass all of them by enabling airplane mode, and then its decently fun. But i have a few suggestions, such as adding more unlockables and default missiles and maybe even skins.


Just a clicker game, not a tower game. TOO many ads. Banner ad on bot, ads for upgrades, ads when you complete a planet. 90% of the game is clicking for missles to fire from off screen. Get through 5+ planets to unlock a cannon that you can spend diamonds (real money) on. But you will sit through about 10 2 minute ads for about 30 minutes of play. And that is my being generous. Could be 1 for 1 on play time to ad time sometimes.
Hello! We are sorry to hear this, but to continue work on this free game we need revenue from Ads. If you don't want to see the Ads you can purchase the remove ads. Thanks for your understanding!


Games seems ok but take the biscuit with how many ads are thrown at you and have to watch in order to carry on but feels they do this to badger players to PAY to not get ads seems on purpose to me another money grabber game not impressed 🤬😡


garbage. nothing like the ad. don't waste your time. I would rather watch paint dry, and simultaneously scrape my finger nails across the siding of my house than play this game. Uninstalling now, thanks.


Good game, way 2 many ads, you get ads after every planet killed and some of the ads last a whole minute and possibly more idk because I close the game and reload to get threw ad. ( an unplayable amount of ads I'm uninstalling)


Yeah I don't like the fact that everytime I destroy a planet I'm forced to watch and ad and if i don't watch it I won't get to start the next level your game actually sucks considering I'm forced to watch an ad just to proceed to the next level


Game is decent. But whoever set up the math for the multiplication after the boss worlds must be a child or something. Last I checked 14k gold times 5 for the ad doesn't equal 20-30k in gold. Needs to be looked at.


After the first 4 planets or so, you get a long forced ad after every single planet. It only takes 30s to a minute to destroy so you're pretty much watching ads 33% of the time you play this game


Its a fun game. But oh my god does it need less ads. Honestly ads in mobile games arent that bad, but when they are literally every other level like this game, its really annoying. As for the game itself, the progression could be slower imo, and there needs to be better implementation of bosses and new mechanics. Whole game is beatable within like, 2 hours of gameplay (and 3 hours of ad watching) which is just lame.


Fun idle game with the simple goal of blowing up a planet. Lots of ads.


I would have given it a 5th star if they had more spaceship home things for more offline resources and more moves to use.


Riddled with ads, most of the upgrades are locked behind premium currencies. Got bored not even 5 minutes in.


Would be a great game, but greed with "gems".... and forced unskippable ads not tied to upgrades or rewards make the game a loser for me. 👎


I used to play this game on the computer so it was fun to try it again on mobile but you can't get away from the ads so not worth spending time on


Terrible can't get into the game for all the commercials interrupting. Would be fun if it wasn't for all the commercials too many of them


Fraud and Scam. Ads are aggressive, so i paid to remove ads. The ads are still there, just a little less aggressive. The thing i bought said remove ALL ads forever. So its a scam and fraudulent. Past that it is an ok mindless time waster


I'll give 5 stars just because they honor a no ads purchase, but I do like the game although it gets repetitive and the ranking system seems fake. It would be better if there were more upgrades.


Very good to pass the time. Not sure if the leader boards are just bots or what? Doesn't really seem to be any communication from the devs in game. The puzzle pieces needed to increase your AFK rewards, max out at lvl 10, so you just get stuck with a crazy amount of puzzle pieces but nothing to do with them. The store is abit buggy as you can't buy the Christmas event stuff. I always support games by paying for no ads, and it makes the game perfect. ***You DONT need to pay for anything else***


This game is a loading screen between ads. Pay to disable ads and you'll see how little player interaction is really involved. I think the purple gems accumulate too quickly, I maxed out all of the turrets in a day or two, and that's what makes the game play itself with no way to tone them down or up the difficulty. I do like the look, the abilities, and the concept.