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Cats & Soup – Cute Cat Game Game DESCRIPTION

♥100% Guaranteed [Frog Raincoat] costume to all hoomans♥
♥Adorable [Baby Kitty] Reveal! Free adoptions for all hoomans♥
<2021 Google Play Indie Games Festival TOP3 Selected Game>

Looking for a cute cat game?
Here is a peaceful animal forest where cats boil their delicious soup!
An idle relaxing cat game perfect for cat moms and dads =✪ ᆺ ✪=

1. Cat Raising Game in Cartoon Illustration
There has never been a cat game like this one!
Each cat’s features are so distinct in cartoonish illustration, including Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair and more!
Meet the cats in the fairytale-like forest ( >ω<)♡

2. Interact With the Cute Cats
Dress cats with various costumes like hats, accessories, and clothes.
Take photos of your cute animals.
You can receive hearts by feeding them fishes caught from the mini-game♥
Name your own cats just the way you like as well!

3. Relaxing ASMR Sound and BGM
Relieve your stress listening to the chilling sounds♬
Prepare the ingredients and zoom into the cooking cats!
All the sounds from the animal restaurant can be heard♬ Swish swish♬ Blurp Blurp♬
Set the BGM to the playlist you want.

4. Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon
Cats cook and collect resources once you go idle!
Play while you’re eating, riding the bus, or working~!
Obtain new recipes and facilities from collected resources.
It’s a perfect game for tycoon game and animal restaurant game lovers!

If you are one of these gamers, download the game now!

♥A cat lover wanting to raise cats
♥Cat moms and dads who wants more cats
♥Students or workers who need some rest right now
♥Those looking for cute animal games or cat games
♥ASMR lovers
♥Those looking for relaxing games, idle games or roleplay games
♥Those who can’t stop saying “Cats are cute!”
♥Those who can’t just walk past cats
♥Those into pocket camp games like Animal Crossing
♥Tycoon game experts with super fast clicking speed in restaurant games or food games

Everybody has cats but me……
Well, meet your own cats right now!

Let’s go and check on your cute fluffy mittens~ (=•́ܫ•̀=)

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Cats & Soup – Cute Cat Game Game DOWNLOAD

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Cute but loads of ads and nothing much else. Bored. Uninstalling in less than a day. It drains battery faster than playing game pass with a backbone controller and heats up the phone. Again, very cute designs and animations but the game itself is as pointless as can be. I'd rather follow the artists directly.
Hello cherryirises, thank you for your feedback. We regret to hear about your experience with the ads and battery drain. We will take note of your comments and strive to improve the game. For any further suggestions or issues, please reach out to our support team.


This is a great game, but I'm giving it 4 stars because their are so many annoying adds! I'm a child, and I keep getting inappropriate ads for that talkie app, and I find that it is very weird. Otherwise, this game is great for long trips or car rides, especially if you have nothing to do. (I recommend saving coins so you can upgrade more things!) Anyway, it's a great app. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't have the ads.


Edit: It's now June and the update is bugged again. This time it requires me to free up 10 gigs of space to install update. I have plenty of free internal space. I would have to delete the phone OS so no. Fun game but no longer worth the hassle. Please fix the 3-18 update bug. I have 5 gigs storage open but it won't download update says not enough space. Unless this game suddenly became massive. It was a really cute game but without fixing the update bug I won't be able to play it anymore.
Hello Sarah Colwell. We are sorry for the inconvenience you have with the game update issue. Please contact our customer support team through [Settings] → [Support] so we can help you. Thank you for your review.


This game and I have had our up and downs, but every time i started playing again ive loved it. I personally sometimes need breaks from it so i dont make myself start feeling that it is a chore to be done, but the game is incredible. The cats are just adorable and so is the little clothing you can dress them in. I definitely advice you to try this game!


I love how this don't force us to watch ads. But without watching ads the progress is very slow. I purchased the ad free subscription which is affordable, so that is not a problem. This game is perfect for relaxation rather than competition. It is not challenging at all because all that it needs is time. I love the sound effects that make and also the option to turn off the specific sounds that you don't like. Overall, this is a very enjoyable game. The most satisfying idle game I ever found.


This game is horrible on Android. It crashes constantly and every event ends a full week before they say so you can't even get most of the monthly costumes, etc.! It's cute but so frustrating with the problems that I don't know why I'm still playing. Definitely nothing but a time waster! Beware! Oh, and it eats up data like crazy! I assume it's from watching commercials, but it honestly uses an unreasonable amount of storage space. Definitely not worth using any actual money on this game! :(


so cute! The graphics are amazing, the game is easy to get the hang of, and it's just great! Adswise, I'd say the ad amount is excellent! Ads only come up when requested, and I love how there's alternate ads! Definitely a 5 star rating, I'd recommend to any cat lovers!! 😻 Edit: hey! question. can you add Dutch in the languages menu?


This is one of only 2 apps that will save to my sd card. For some reason every update only looks at the tablets internal memory and makes me delete stuff to clear memory for the update. Which then saves to the SD card. I long ran out of apps to delete. There's nothing left but photos so now I have to choose what of my pictures I want to delete if I want to keep playing. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed.
Hello R Parker, thank you for your feedback. We understand the frustration of having to delete photos to make space for updates. Our team will look into optimizing the storage requirements. If you have any other concerns, please contact us at [[email protected]].


Personally, I am totally stuck in the game. Whenever My cats have made some new soup or have any Things for me I immediately hop on, feeling bad if I don't play at least once a day to ensure they're all fine. For the cooking plots, I always change who is cooking, because I also want the ones who keep on stirring and doing other things to also catch a breath and take a little pause! because all the other cats make breaks all the time does that make sense? Just the ads are a bit.. bothering...>∆<


I can't figure out how long I have had this game for but I had to change my review so people know how good it is. It is the number one game of it's type that I have ever installed and I have tried many idle games of thie style. Not only are all of the features constantly being improved upon the developers actually take into consideration the things people ask about. The ads have never been intrusive, the graphics are cute and unique, and gameplay isn't effected if you chose not to watch ads.


Overall great game!! Amazing graphics and very relaxing to play. But, i would like to make a suggestion. I think, instead of watching adds to receive prizes you can make getting prizes more fun, by adding mini games or tasks. Instead of watching ads, for example: player can complete a task to recieve an extra claw chance or fishing bait. Or "go feed (cat's name) to recieve an extra chance to get +1 bait". I think this would take the game up a notch and make playing it much much more fun. Ty🩷


Very cute game, there's a lot of effort put into the visuals and atmosphere which I love. I didn't expect things like the cats' costumes to be animated (like if you outfit them with rocket boosters, they actually fly around) so there's clearly thought put into the design. The ads can be tedious as they make you endure them for longer than most games (~30 seconds each) but they are entirely optional, albeit tempting to help you level and earn quickly.


Amazing game. The graphics are really cute, and I Iove this! But there's one problem: every time you build a facility, it gets more and more expensive which makes it harder to upgrade. So I would just be sitting there waiting for more coins. It's kind of wasting my time. The cost is making me more stressed and wanting to uninstall this app, but at the same time, it's a really fun game that I was always looking for. So if the cost gets cheaper, I would have given a 5 star. Please and thank you! ♡


I absolutely love this game! Everything from the backgrounds to the BGM are amazingly well done. But now whenever I try opening the app, it shows me a black screen and crashes a few seconds after. It was working just fine earlier today until I left to redeem the SWEETCAT coupon and couldn't open the game again. Please fix this issue so I can continue taking care of my cats!
Hello Magpie, thank you for your kind words about the game's atmosphere. We regret to hear about the technical issue you're experiencing. For assistance, please contact our customer support with a description of the problem and your game ID at [[email protected]]. We hope to resolve this swiftly so you can return to your forest friends!


Overall, this game is fun! yes there some annyoing ad and paywall. yet unlike other games with paywall it not in the gameplay itself. more of the decorating and making your cats cute. you can easily play this game with no payment and still be doing well. Of course the gameplay is lacking, doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. and the small minigames arent helping as much, it would be nice for other gameplay. other than that, this game is fun and easy. ads or not!


Absolutely adore this beautiful game. Never have I endured so many hours on a simple mobile game, to find myself thirsting for more. The way it makes me feel, both inside and out, has me coming back again and again. Heartwarming animations and lack of ads has me binging and never cringing. I love being filled with this wonderful content, it makes me feel light headed with glee.


This game is so cute and my most played app ever. I don't mind the mechanics of the game (watching ad after ad to move forward) because the animation and customization is great! & I'm embarrassingly attached to all 75 of my cats... But it's really not rewarding for those of us who have been obsessed with the game for years as it takes longer and longer to get new cats/facilities.


This game is super cute. No forced ads. You can watch ads to progress like any other game, but the only one you "have" to watch is the one to get a chest if you don't have the gems. It gives decent rewards too. If you want to progress super fast, you can spend hella money, but it's not pay to progress which is a rarity anymore. My only note is that there isn't much in the way of explanation for how things work, but it's pretty easy to figure out.


Nice game, but it's exactly like the game "Penguin Isle." I don't know which came first, but i played that one first, and it's the exact same mechanics. Leveling up stations, taking pictures, all the ads and money work the same. However, i LOVE that this game has a slower pace, while the penguin game is expansion after expansion, and really quickly.


It's very cute with all the cats and how you can give them clothes while they cook. The animation is spectacular 👌 the art style and the 3-d models are emaculate. The people that work on this game are hard at work I'm guessing because they are consistent with updates and events. I do find the progression of getting money hard but that might just be a me thing.