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Lock screen with passwords, images, water drop notch, or emoji, supporting fingerprint unlock and automatically updating wallpapers.
Lock screen – smart lock is a simple-yet-powerful application, designed to provide a quick and convenient lockscreen experience for mobile phone users.

● Convenient lock screen: Allows users to set lockscreen with simple and quick steps.
● Fast fingerprint scanning: Lock screen enables users to secure their device’s screen swiftly and effectively using fingerprint scanning technology for quick and secure unlocking
● Diverse Passwords: Offers a variety of interesting password options, including time-based passwords, temporary passwords, and various other customizable password features
● Friendly Interface: Offers a range of wallpapers and lock screen images, allowing users to customize the interface based on their personal preferences. Users can even upload their own image as a background for the lockscreen.”
● Auto-change wallpaper:
– Automatically updates wallpapers: lock screen wallpaper changing time is customizable and you can select your preferred theme for the lock screen.
– Change the home screen wallpaper.
● Creative lock screen styles: Contains many lockscreen styles for you to choose: password, water drop, emoji, image, etc. You can customize the images according to your preferences.
● Fake icon: A lockscreen application specially designed to keep the information on your mobile device safe and confidential..

Lockscreen is an application designed for users seeking a straightforward and speedy lockscreening experience, all while maintaining flexibility and ensuring high safety and security. It provides the capability to manage multiple passwords and utilize various unlocking methods, culminating in a diverse and reliable lockscreen application

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Creates lock patterns for use with Android's built-in pattern lock (lock screen by pattern)Features:- This app help generate security patterns.- Simple, Beautiful- A lot of beautiful wallpapers available- Can create patterns with any length- Support customize wallpaper- Multi languages- Variable minimum and maximum path lengthHow to use "lock screen":1. select "enable lock screen" (line 1).2. create pattern.3. confirm pattern.
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Lock screen by keypadpasscodeKeypad Lock Screen is a application which is used for secure your phone used to third party.- This app is easy to use and very beautiful.Create passcode to protect your phoneYou can select on/off lockscreen with single click.A lot of beautiful wallpapers to chooseYou can choose your photo from gallery for background image in lockscreen.Not error home keyTurn off screen by shortcutCreate shortcut or icon for screen off and lockVery useful when power button deranged, hard to press or if you want protect power buttonHow to use "keypad lock screen":1. select "enable lock screen" (line 1)2. filled password and confirm passwordHow to use "screen off and lock by shortcut":1. Select "turn off screen" (line 2)2. Accept (or activate) requested3. Application will created shortcut "screen off" to home screen4. Use shortcut to screen off and lock screen (tap shortcut when you want screen off)Uninstall (if you can't uninstall):You can use menu in setting to uninstall (last line in setting)
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★ Lock screen photo very nice and smooth ★ Lock screen very high security
The best lock screen application, to help you protect your privacy, prevent others invade your phone illegallyThis lock screen photo have features: lock screen, Create image for button from your gallery, and turn off screen by shortcut Create lock patterns to lock your phone ★ Create pattern for lock screen ★ Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use and very beautiful ★ Create a separate image for each lock button. very interesting ★ You can add photos of relatives for the lock screen button ★ Personalize your lock screen ★ Set your photos into buttons ★ Change color and size of date/time ★ A lot of beautiful wallpapers ★ Photo Lock Screen also allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery ★ Select from a wide range of inbuilt backgrounds ★ Allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery ★ Add your name our your love sentence to lock screen ★ Change color and size of your sentence ★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACK button in Pattern Lockscreen, it means that no one can access your phone without right password or passcode (very security) ★ Security:..

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