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Table Tennis Master Game SCREENSHOT

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Table Tennis Master Game DESCRIPTION

Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real table tennis.

Ease to use, no confusing options to select from make this the best Ping Pong game for Android!
If you like to play ping pong or table tennis, this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improve your handles, enjoy your free time and have a sensational feeling of playing table tennis 3D.

● Three Awesome modes: Novice, Intermediate and Hard
● Intuitive touch screen controls to control your game of ping pong
● 3D rendered table tennis environments
● Vibration force feedback

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Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real table tennis.
Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real table tennis.Ease to use, no confusing options to select from make this the best Ping Pong game for Android! If you like to play ping pong or table tennis, this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improve your handles, enjoy your free time and have a sensational feeling of playing table tennis 3D.Features:● Three Awesome modes: Novice, Intermediate and Hard● Intuitive touch screen controls to control your game of ping pong● 3D rendered table tennis environments● Vibration force feedback

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It make sense lyk haa


Im happy about that game


I feel is it better


Quick turn key garbage game. Don't bother.


Very nice game


I luv it i won the award today because of it


Nice yr


Worst game ever played!


I want to play this cauze this is my fav.


very very good game...


there are only bad things that the power comes to the opponent only not to us and sometimes the racket also do not moves and please do not install the game


such a worst,simple game with no rule and regulation.IT SHOULD GET HALF A STAR


Table tennis is my favorite game and i like how you do the work




It's a good game


best sheet and granny h ow the With The to


I loved it and i felt that I am playing it in real


Amazing, best game But I have never played it But I can not wait