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You have your favourite bus?

Buy your express bus tickets easily using Penang Sentral official mobile app.

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Book your place on the beach in Sottomarina!
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Easiest way to get your favorite express bus in Malaysia hassle free.
CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE BUS. You have your favourite bus? Buy your express bus tickets easily using E-Ticketing official mobile app.Yeah! We know and we make it easy on you. Check it out..!!!
Penang Sentral Express Bus E-Ticket
CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE BUS.You have your favourite bus?Buy your express bus tickets easily using Penang Sentral official mobile app.Yeah! We know and we make it easy on you.Check it out..!!!

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Very sucks


Mna tiket yg sy dh byr ea? Knpa xkluar kt menu tiket? Dh la nk download bukti tiket pon xboleh.


the stupid apps


Poor manangement during McO pkp, Stupid girl at Counter bUs