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Heroes Adventure Game SCREENSHOT

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Heroes Adventure Game DESCRIPTION

Meet your new knight – the chosen one in the myth, the only one who can step up and save the world from the forces of evil. Explore through multiple challenges, unlock potential on the way. Overcome dungeons and stages to grow your hero strength, upgrade new skill and become the savior of all realms.

Heroes Adventure: Idle RPG” is an action Idle RPG game where you can non-stop leveling up your hero power. Simply by clicking with 1 finger and witness your hero journey on slaying hordes with great power and abilities.


1. Open world with many dungeons to explore:
Enjoy multiple challenges in different dungeons and maps. Adventure awaits !!

2. Idle game
Power-up and slay them all with only 1 finger and use skill automatically. Suitable game for busy people, become the king of idle war with less effort !!

3. Various Abilities:
Experience the various of skill combination. Level-up nonstop and unlock them all to explore your hero power potential.

4. 3D Graphics:
Smooth 3D graphics and experience awesome VFX in beautiful fantasy-theme world.

Nothing can stop you from becoming the mightiest hero of idle war. Download “Heroes Adventure: Idle RPG” and let the adventure begins !!

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Have you ever wanted in rush to go to the toilet but encountered a maze or any that trouble you on the way?In Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle , your quest is to find the way to reach Toilet. Draw a line to connect the villain and the toiletbut How fastest you can go to help him/her release the pressure ✎ How to play ✎It's time for using your wild imagination: 1. Click on the boy to start drawing lines;2. Draw a line to toilet but avoid obstacles 3. Fine a fastest path to reach destination4. The boy and girl run to the toilet along the line, and the game is successful.💯 Game Feature 💯1. Rich maze graphics;2. Lively and interesting villains;3. The decompression and refreshing feeling of customs clearance;4. Variety of levels: More than 99+ levels of increasing difficulty.4. Time for your brain to refresh after a dayLearn to draw lines creatively, develop your sense of logic and improve your brain! Download Now
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well done






Promising game, hoping for further extension of content, different item implementation and pet extension system. Multiplayer options would be interesting aswell.