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Red Warrior Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Red Warrior: Knight n Princess(截图 0)【图】Red Warrior: Knight n Princess(截图 1)【图】Red Warrior: Knight n Princess(截图 2)

Red Warrior Game DESCRIPTION

Lot of story knights of age were known chronicle dungeon warrior knights, the Hero Warrior Rescue the princess of the kingdom most talked about. The story is about a warrior legend battle vs an undead skeleton army in a dark castle, a glory of knight fight.
Now an epic knight battle simulator in a hack and slash game takes you into a warrior legend battle, story knights of age.
The princess of the kingdom was kidnapped by an undead skeleton army and detained in a dark castle. Hero warriors and knights of the kingdom go to fight the undead skeleton army but they all die for the glory of knight fight.
In this epic knight battle simulator, you are a red warrior, swinging the sword fight to an undead skeleton army to be a hero warrior rescue the princess of the kingdom.
In the dark castle, Hero warriors and knights have to go to every room to find the princess, but every corridor and rooms are full of undead skeleton enemies. They are arranged in troops with soldiers and captains. Hero warriors and knights can not go far, too many skeleton defenses. Become a hero warrior rescue the princess of the kingdom can be dead but for the glory of knight fight and 7 golden chest in dark castle they join the warrior legend battle. Folk can tell story knights of age and chronicle dungeon warrior knights may be the most popular because of its dramaticity.

Because of the hack and slash game, the game has a lot of beautiful swing sword effects with 4 style sword swings and 2 special skill attacks.

Let’s try this epic knight battle simulator to fight, rescue and be a part of chronicle dungeon warrior knights.

This hack and slash game is an offline game, you don’t need an internet connection to play.


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It has potential. Right now it feels like this game is missing a whole lot
Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at


It is a best game ever
Thank you. We are happy to know you like it. Please do check out our other games.


Great game and graphics keep it up, and please add more storyline
Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.


Can't move diagonal. just forward, back, left, and right :( Couldn't play for more than a minute. If my review is erased again, you'll get 1★
We tested diagonal movement by virtual joystick but It was difficult to fight but next version we will turn on joystick like an optional. Thank you for your feedback.


It's an ad generator. I literally breezed through the first two levels by walking in a straight line and spamming the attack button. Didn't take a single hit as enemies walk at you in a straight line. No need to even use potions or spells. I guess the graphics are good, if you like staring at brown walls and skeletons. Difficulty is way too easy. Gameplay is boring and repetitive. I guess the potential is there, but all I see right now is a barebones walking simulator with skeletons.
Hello, We are sorry that you do not like the game but we thank you for your feedback. Our future updates will have gameplay difficult than


This is the best Knight game ever I love it so much it's very addictive
Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.