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Embark on an epic mining adventure, explore a vast environment, and master the art of survival as you fix a broken airplane by mining and upgrading your tools!

Dive into an immersive world of exploration and creativity! In this thrilling game, mine blocks, uncover hidden resources, and tackle challenging tasks, like repairing your stranded airplane. Upgrade your trusty axe to conquer increasingly tougher blocks, and strategize your way through a rich, dynamic environment.

Will you be the ultimate explorer and master the art of survival? Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on an unforgettable journey in this captivating mining and crafting experience!

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DONT GET THIS APP. If i could go lower I would. I'm stuck and can't move fwd. Not enough resources I had to watch a total of 1.5 HOURS worth of videos to get the lvl 25 axe while I've been waiting for a glitch fix. If not fixed in the next week I will delete the game. UPDATE ...I deleted and re downloaded it and there are now more resources, but the levels are (4) glitchy still. And won't show completed or they will show completed without ever starting it. I'm done it's deleted for good.


Simple and fun game. With a few issues. Many resources you have an overwhelming abundance of, but there are a few resources that you constantly need but you can not find enough of. So you are going to either have to spend money or watch a ton of ads too get the resources you need. Second issue is that I am stuck on level 16. I have completely cleared the level (mined everything) but am still missing a needed piece to finish the level. I can't continue on.


A very enjoyable game where you aren't constantly shown ads. Can watch ads to speed things up or get certain items. Enjoy exploring the maps and smooth running app so far. It would be 5 stars but I've got to a point around level 18 where I am unable to get branches or wood as I have explored everything I can but the items are required for me to progress which has been frustrating.


UPDATE!!!! Please fix the new update wasn't bad but u have made it so u can't find the last piece for the statue in the last part of the sky islands or however u wna say it.... but gr8 job with the update. Please fix tho would like 2 keep playing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that was the problem and no it wasn't. So I've done this so many times with this game. I would give it 5***** if there were a few things fixed. Like more places 2 get xtra supplies they aren't there long!!


I finished everything. Will there be more levels? PLEASE UPDATE! I enjoy this game, but can't finish it. *Updates are good, but you still can't complete the last level and there's a glitch at the main level when adding parts to the rail car. You get stuck and have to restart. Also, when you first finish the plane you should be able to stay on that level until you want to leave, but it automatically, moves you to the next island.


I loved this game I played through it completely in just a couple days. But I can't finish the last level because a peice is missing, i mined literally everything on every level, it's not there. And it's so frustrating to have to either pay for resources or watch ads in order to gather enough resources to progress. It's very fun but I can't recommend it to anyone due to these issues.


Since the latest update changing the missions - there is still a problem with the new mission 4. I've got green ticks on all the parts of it but it doesn't show as complete which means I get no new missions! Going to build the train and see what happens... It's been a week and still stuck with having done all the tasks for mission 4 without it showing as complete. Totally stuck now.


I really like this game, but like others experienced, I found wall blocks missing, the Golden mission is broken (you need 2 of an item, but only 1 can be found), ressources are needed for upgrades, but are already exhausted, some ressources have a crafting time, but others don't, the train offering gems stops at 24/100... Nice game, and no ads unless you need ressources or want to skip the waiting time, can even be played offline. More stars to come if fixed.


Updated to the new version, then learned that the three previously completed missions are still shown as completed in the new setup. Problem is, the game isn't recognizing that I've already completed the mission... so now I'm stuck at mission 4 in the actions, and I can't find a way to demonstrate I've already completed it. Traveled there ran the full map, and yet it still shows incomplete...last mission still can not be completed as part of statue doesn't spawn.


I'm stuck on the Golden Mission, saying you need two parts, and they only give you one, but it gives the green check that you have the peices. I've broken every block, and nothing! upgraded my axe to the highest number block, which was 25, still nothing! Also, there's a huge glitch that you get stuck next to the train tracks, and you can't load the pieces or move until you reload the game!


Could be great, but as is a bug ridden mess. I wanted to like this game as it was easy to play and a great time waster. In my course of playing I ran into several issues. For example on level 1, one of the boarder blocks is missing, thus enabling the user to walk out of the game area. I also saw this issue again on another level but it escapes me at this time. The major issue I ran into was the issue with the "Golden" level and not being able to complete the level.


It's a mildly interesting game for a few hours. However, as with other reviews, the golden statue quest is broken. And neither of the two railroad advancement tiles work (steel). Initially there aren't that many ads. But when you advance past a certain point, the resources are gone, and the cost to upgrade requires those resources, so you're watching ads to get them. Could be more enjoyable without all the problems, but ... So far no fixes, and no announcement of fixes.


I have the resources to upgrade axe from 16 to 17, but the upgrade and resource menu doesn't show on that spot. Just a picture. Also the game has started indefinitely hanging when trying to start up. Update: I've restarted the phone and reinstalled the app. I can play it once, but as soon as I close the app, it hangs indefinitely.


I like this game, ads only when needed. However there are a couple of glitches that need fixing before I change the star rating. First, upgrading the second stage of the railway doesn't work. I'm stuck in one spot and can't move until I restart. The second is the golden statue (fourth statue mission). It says I've got everything but when I go to upgrade it says I need 3 items not 2. I cleared the island but there isn't anything else. Other than this it's a great game.


It's a really good game, but there's 2 really big problems, 1) In the 4th mission, I can't go any further as it says it needs 2 of the same item, but there is only 1. 2) When I go and put the metal materials on the train track, it gets stuck. There's no way going any further. plz fix this.


It's a pretty fun game, one big problem is that it gets stuck at mission 4. It says 2 of the 2nd items are required but there is only 1 on the map and it goes green after only collecting 1. I leveled my axe up to lvl 20 instead of 18 to see if there was a hidden space behind the gold blocks but no luck. There's nothing else to do now, as there are no more targets because you can't complete the mission one.


I like the game well enough and come back to it often but I keep getting stuck on the second stage of the railroad. It locks me in place and my avatar fails about but I am unable to move. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it didn't fix the problem. Please fix the glitch because I do honestly enjoy this game and would like to continue my progression at my home base.


It's fun, but it very badly needs to be updated. There's no way to finish the golden mission because one of the pieces just doesn't spawn. Also the upgrade system is very tedious because there aren't enough resources to upgrade your axe and build the rail tracks without watching copious amounts of ads. It's at the point where I'm spending more time either watching ads to get resources or outside of the game waiting for trades and such


With this game, it's one problem after another... First, the main world is too big, so if you start the game in there, it always hangs indefinitely (for me, at least) and the only way I've been able to load it is by resetting my phone. Second problem: I can't make either of the railroad tracks. If I stand on the build spot for iron, the game just locks me there and nothing else happens. Third problem: I'm out of branches and hardwood and have to watch ads to get more for the crafting benches.>:(


On the plus side, there are no forced ads. I love that. And I actually liked the game too, but there aren't enough resources to finish your quests/upgrade pickaxe/etc. So it basically forces you to watch ads for resources, which is such a small amount it's useless. I'm not sitting here for the next 2 hours watching ads just to upgrade my pickaxe by one level. Maybe you could make the islands reset blocks so you can get what you need.