Main functions of iGameBuy mall application:

‧ buy product :
Game credit cards (including overseas, mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.)

‧ Member Centre :
Feedback, account balance system, billing record

‧ iG Coin Rebate:
Buy some products at iGameBuy Mall
You can get extra rebates, which can be used as cash in the mall

‧ Free Game Virtual Treasure:
Committed to fighting for users, collecting free treasure packs

‧ Game information:
Recent Updates, Hot Games, Product and Gaming Information

‧ 24-hour customer and automatic delivery service:
24 hours worry-free shopping, providing customers with the best customer service experience!

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[Coupon gifts for up to 3,000 yen now *] A shopping app for the Co-op Pal System that allows you to order everything from ingredients to daily necessities. Supporting living with shopping, cooking, and child-rearing information.
◆ It is a shopping app of the Co-op Pal System. Easy ordering from ingredients to daily necessities!<< What is Tabesoda? 》・ The catalog will not be delivered and you can order from the app.・ Reservation is OK even if you are absent・ It is an application that allows you to order products from the Co-op Pal System, including food, miscellaneous goods, and baby / kids products.* You need to subscribe to the Pal system to use it.* If you are already a member and want to use Tabesoda, you need to switch services.《Delivery area》Tokyo / Kanagawa / Chiba / Saitama / Ibaraki / Tochigi / Gunma / Fukushima / Yamanashi / Shizuoka / Niigata* Some areas are not covered<>・ You will be freed from "What should I do for dinner?" Support shopping and menus with "3 days' worth of time-saving rice set" and "My home's regular set"!・ All vegetables have been cut! Supper is easy with the "cooking set". Meat and vegetables are domestically produced. Since it has a sauce, there is no mistake in seasoning.・ The app is..
Buy Electricity, Airtime and Pay Accounts in a quick and easy way
Important Notice for Capitec customers.__________________________________________________Please activate Mastercard SecureCode for online shopping before purchasing as Capitec will reject your transactionClick the link below for instructions on how to activate up allow customers to instantly purchase virtual products including but not limited to Electricity and Airtime..
Online selling app specializing in household and professional towels.
Seja bem-vindo(a) na melhor loja online de toalhas para linha profissional, de casa e para bordar. Agora como aplicativo, você pode receber as novidades e promoções da Princesa Toalhas em primeira mão no seu smartphone. Baixe o app e confira as melhores ofertas de toalhas com exclusividade.Quem é a Princesa Toalhas?App de venda online especialista em toalhas, a Princesa Toalhas possui a melhor qualidade em toalhas (linha doméstica e profissional) com custo-benefício comprovado. Fundada em Junho de 2015, a Princesa Toalhas tem como foco a venda de toalhas no atacado e varejo, seja para uso residencial ou corporativo. Direto de Brusque (SC), berço da fiação Catarinense, a Princesa Toalhas conta com fabricação própria e de diversos parceiros da região para entregar a melhor opção em preço e qualidade.Seja você proprietário de salão de beleza, hotel, motel, pousada, petshop ou dona de casa, sinta-se à vontade em comprar conosco. Temos a melhor linha de toalhas domésticas ou para uso profissional. Também vendemos jogos de toalhas, toalhas para bordar e panos de prato.Descontos progressivos no app: quanto mais você compra, mais barato..
With our app you get active and discounts, shares and competes for gifts.
Com o nosso aplicativo você tem acesso aos melhores descontos do dia, compartilha com seus amigos e ainda pode concorrer a brindes.Receba notificações de ofertas e descontos exclusivos direto no seu smartphone.Viu quantas vantagens? Comece a aproveitar tudo isso, fazendo o download gratuito do aplicativo Bom Preço Supermercados.
Daily essentials and groceries delivered within 90 minutes.
We are in a hurry to deliver your daily essentials and groceries within 90 minutes. Don't wait, order now!Happy Pockets is Bangalore's fastest grocery delivery service available in Bangalore at apartments in pincode 560061 & 560098 Happy Pockets would like to move beyond being just a grocery delivery service. We want to be an environmentally conscious entity, which is why we urge our customers to buy only what they need.We are continuously striving to come up with ideas to conserve the environment and we look forward to your support Features & ServicesCategoryYou can shop for quality essentials on the app ranging from Grocery Staples, Snacks, Beverages, Dairy & Ice creams, Personal care, Household products, among others.DiscountsAll products on the app are at a discount. You also get limited period special deals for selected products.Zip-In and OutThe app has been designed with the philosophy to save your time purchasing GROCERIES! The ordering and payment are as fast as our delivery! Secure and Fast CheckoutPay by cash-on-delivery, net-banking, credit & debit cards and E-wallets.High Quality GrainsWe are the exclusive partners for delivering..
My Ideal Discount Club. Offers you only find in the app.
Application that provides exclusive discounts for Club participants, according to the purchase profile of each. In addition, customers earn points for every purchase made, and those points can be redeemed for discount coupons, shopping vouchers and airline miles.
Welcome to your personalized Dalma Mall mobile app experience!
Elevate your Shopping experience at Dalma Mall with our mall app and stay abreast with all that excitement, fun and offering that truly makes us Abu Dhabi’s Favorite Mall.Plan your visits with our latest updates on shops, events, and offerings here, and continue to enjoy the best of Shopping, Dining and Entertainment experiences from a wide range of 450+ internationally & regionally renowned brands.
This app is specially designed for easy switching off and on wifi and bluetooth.
This app is specially designed for easy switching off and on wifi and bluetooth.When active, you can no longer be followed by the stores when doing shopping.
Helps you discover discounts for Amazon, Souq com, Aliexpress and Savings money
The Discovers finder application helps shoppers saving money by discover all hidden deals and discounts in amazon, Souq, aliexpress by one click.Shopping Finder contains the following sections:Amazon Discount Finder :- All you have to choose from a discount store is either American Amazon or British Amazon, or amazon ae.- Choose the discount you want and ranges from 10% to 90%- Press the View button to view all discounts available on Amazon.comSouq com discount Finder :- Selection of the country, whether Saudi Arabia, and Egypt- Select section to get all the related discounts- Choose a search word to customize more cuts.Aliexpress Discount Finder :- Select the section to obtain all the related discounts.- Conduct the search process and preferably in English for better search results.Section Notification Center:- Offers fast offers and discounts as they become available.Special Offers Section:- If seasonal, special or exceptional offers are available in this section to benefit from and save money.Contact us:- You can contact us if you would like to inquire about something related to discounts in Amazon, Souq com and Aliexpress.
HAIRDEPOT is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing online hair & beauty retailers
More than 15 years of experience as the pioneer in the hair & beauty industry, Hairdepot is always giving consumers the best products from luxury & spa brands to high-street saviors, as well as eco-chic natural & organic staples.The believe in professionality, authenticity, and eager to share knowledge about hair care to the public makes Hairdepot stand firm in the market with its positive image. Some characteristics have newly added into Hairdepot’s Brand DNA: Bold Personality, Confident and Self Care.With the world is moving forward, we are also creatively break through our limitations.
1. New version is online 2. Updated region switching function to support Macau, Singapore and Malaysia! 3. Many details have been optimized to provide you with a better user experience~
Main functions of iGameBuy mall application:‧ buy product :Game credit cards (including overseas, mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.)‧ Member Centre :Feedback, account balance system, billing record‧ iG Coin Rebate:Buy some products at iGameBuy MallYou can get extra rebates, which can be used as cash in the mall‧ Free Game Virtual Treasure:Committed to fighting for users, collecting free treasure packs‧ Game information:Recent Updates, Hot Games, Product and Gaming Information‧ 24-hour customer and automatic delivery service:24 hours worry-free shopping, providing customers with the best customer service experience!


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