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Going Under! Game DESCRIPTION

Go deep under the water and get highest score on this extremely hard quest to home.

Controls work in opposite direction:
– Tap on the left part of the screen to push our hero to the right
– Tap on the right part of the screen to push our hero to the left

Remember, it’s easier to play with both thumbs!

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An extremely hard quest to home
Go deep under the water and get highest score on this extremely hard quest to home.Controls work in opposite direction:Tap on the left part of the screen to push our hero to the rightTap on the right part of the screen to push our hero to the leftRemember, it's easier to play with both thumbs!

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Honestly it's a really fun game, but it's kind off hard to get the hand of. Other than that a great way to pass time !!




5 star game


Fun to play!


Unbelievable experience! I never wanted so hard to reach the bottom!!! :)


Fun and challenging game!