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Bluetooth ile uzaktan şerit LED kontrol uygulaması. Bu uygulama ile LED’leri istediğiniz gibi açıp kapatabilir, LED’lerin renklerini değiştirebilir, LED’ler üzerinde animasyon ve ses oynatabilirsiniz.

Remote led strip control via Bluetooth connection. You can use remote control to turn led on/off, change color, play animations, and music control.

SIMILAR to Zenopix BT App

Your personal bonsai guide, offering timely input to advance your bonsai.
Mirai Mobile is THE destination for learning how to grow bonsai trees. As the FIRST and ONLY personalized bonsai guide, we use short-form videos and tutorials to walk you through fundamental bonsai care and the techniques that advance your bonsai practice. From first-time bonsai beginners to the most advanced bonsai practitioners, Mirai Mobile customizes your experience to teach you what you need to know and when you need to know it. Precisely timed notifications alert you to work you can perform on the bonsai trees in your collection with timing tailored to your growing region anywhere in the world. Species-specific calendars provide step-by-step instructional videos telling you what to do with the bonsai in your collection throughout the year. Mirai Mobile’s robust gallery tracks your trees and documents their progress, allowing you to review history and plan for the future. Detailed courses explain the why of bonsai care and cultivation, deepening your knowledge and enhancing your understanding. With Mirai Mobile, we’ve taken the guesswork out of bonsai so you can focus on creating healthy, beautiful trees. Your on-the-go Mirai Mobile..
This is a jigydi business partner app for workers and supervisor
This is a jigydi business partner app for workers and supervisor
You can search all at once from real estate information such as the major real estate site "SUUMO"! Information on multiple companies can be viewed at a glance! Save and compare your favorite properties!
Nifty Real Estate's real estate information app is a collection of new/used condominiums, new/used detached houses, and land information from eight famous real estate sites (* 1) such as SUUMO and LIFULL HOME'S.You can search for your ideal property using a search method that meets a variety of needs, such as "I only want to see properties within 30 minutes from my place of work or school," "I want to buy a property facing south if I go out of my way to buy it," and "I want to live in an apartment on the 20th floor or higher!".If you want to actually see the property, want to know how to buy it, or want to know more, you can contact the real estate company that handles it from this app.\Characteristics of Nifty Real Estate/・Since you can search for properties on famous real estate sites all at once, you can save a lot of time and effort!・A wealth of information! No. 1 in total number of properties (*2), about 13 million rental/purchase properties combined! (*3)・Used by many people, the series..
Wooden expertise in light, your number one assistant in the home decoration: AGT
The detailed information of all the products involved in the AGT site that can be viewed as a practical product design and implementation of the OSCE in the mobile home to get access to a lot of information that you need about the decoration and wood applications; Without giving any buying decision, after application to place the products concerned can have an idea of how it will look. Bedroom, living room, lounge, kitchen or office, your needs, no matter which of these habitats; AGT, with the latest home decor solutions and applications will be always with you. Wooden expertise light, your number one assistant in the home decoration: AGT Browse the AGT Products through the application; Brain team MDFLam, all colors on the panels and parquet products, models, specifications (size, thickness, weight, etc.) with "Select Product" If you two want the function can display three-dimensional or you can make the comparison. If the product or products you have inspired, then you can create your own favorites list by clicking the heart icon to examine. Applied Decoration Privileges All items are..
Step by step to self-sufficiency
With the Fryd app you can harvest more vegetables than ever before.Learn how to get the best out of your growing space with mixed cultures and avoid diseases and pests100% organic.Whether you have a bed, raised bed or balcony, the better the planning, the richer the harvest.The Fryd Community has answers to all your questions!You have questions or wishes? Let's improve Fryd together. We look forward to your feedback at [email protected] fun gardening!Your Fryd teamFUNCTIONS IN DETAIL- Find all important information about your vegetables in our plant library with more than 3000 varieties- Add your own varieties and share them with the community- Master companion planting with our unique plant health index- Find help against diseases and pests- Exchange ideas with other gardeners- Get help for any gardening problem from the community- Use tried and tested planting plans from well-known garden experts- Create beds, raised beds or pots of any size- Master succession planting throughout the season- Use the magic wand feature to arrange your plants automatically and create the perfect plan- Keep track of all your gardening tasks- For..
Manage and recharge your prepaid electricity and gas meter connections.
This app allows adding and managing multiple prepaid connections (Gas meters and Electricity meters). Its features are mentioned below:a. LoginIt allows login using existing connection number (as provided by your utility/supplier/electricity board) and registered mobile number.b. Multiple connectionsIt allows to add multiple supply typeelectricity and gas meters, registered with the same consumer mobile number. This means you can easily manage both your electricity and gas meters through a single application. Consumers can add multiple connections or meters, like home meter, office meter, meter in a rented place, etcc. RechargeIt allows recharge of your prepaid meters using credit card, debit card and internet banking.d. Alerts/NotificationsConsumers can receive alert(s) on the app if their meter is running on low balance, or there is some undesired condition like low voltage, high load, etc.e. View consumptionConsumers can view their consumption and billing history, which can assist them in analyzing their consumption pattern.f. Link consumersConsumers can link their connection with family members or tenants (as secondary consumers). So no need to worry if you are out of the town and the balance gets low. Anyone..
Exala Home control system
You can control lights, blinds, temperature and other devices.Exala app works with Exala controller and Exta Life devices.
Homie, the new-way real estate brokerage, is the future of home buying & selling
Homie, the new-way real estate brokerage, is the future of home buying and selling. Homie’s app provides automated, easy-to-navigate technology so you can handle much of the work yourself, yet also receive assistance from licensed real estate agents and experts throughout the process. Use the Homie app to list, price, market and negotiate your home sale. If you’re buying, you can use the app to tour homes, create stronger offers, negotiate with sellers, and close without a hitch.
App to control cloud connected Celebright lighting controllers
App to control cloud connected Celebright lighting controllers
Find small garden design ideas match your style.
Garden Design Ideas can help you turn your grey backyard into a green piece of heaven. Do you want to make your gardens more useful and tidy? The gardens come after our house where we have the most wonderful time. In our garden ideas application, you will find ornaments or different decorations to your garden. As garden decors, we offer custom garden designs for the new 2020 year. Garden ornaments will completely change the atmosphere of your garden. Not everyone has a big garden in small garden ideas. For those looking for small garden designs, this application will add innovation. Small gardens are often sweeter and faster to decorate and flourish. Small garden ideas often reflect people's tastes. When you say garden, a green atmosphere comes to mind. The location of your garden flowers or your garden design plays a big role here. If you want to make a detailed and meticulous garden plan, you will find them in our application.
Remote led strip control via bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth ile uzaktan şerit LED kontrol uygulaması. Bu uygulama ile LED'leri istediğiniz gibi açıp kapatabilir, LED'lerin renklerini değiştirebilir, LED'ler üzerinde animasyon ve ses oynatabilirsiniz.Remote led strip control via Bluetooth connectionYou can use remote control to turn led on/off, change color, play animations, and music control.


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