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The longingly awaited technology switch is now a reality, making Impakt better, faster, stronger!

* Much faster & snappier
* More reliable & stable

There are a few features from our legacy app that haven't made it into this release yet. We are working hard to get those and much more to you soon! Stay tuned!


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Train smarter, not harder! 💪 Meet your new personal trainer who analyzes all your reps and helps you maximize your fitness efficiency.

Being healthy & fit has never been easier: All you need to do is show up. Leave the rest to AI Coach.

• Looking for that PERFECT WORKOUT/PROGRAM to reach your goals?
Stop looking, it’s already here. AI Coach will make every minute and rep count by understanding your goals and providing customized workouts that suit your fitness level and goals.

• Not sure about YOUR FORM?
AI coach sees your movements and can correct you.

AI Coach does and he can teach you.

• Trouble staying MOTIVATED?
AI Coach is at your side to guide and motivate you during your workouts, just like a real coach would.

Measure. Understand. Improve. AI Coach helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and offers detailed statistics and insights into your performance. After all “What gets measured, gets improved” 📈

• Need ACCOUNTABILITY to keep going?
Share your highlights to your socials and let your friends cheer you on.

🚀 Start LEVELING UP YOUR HEALTH today and build a fitness profile you’re proud to share! 🔥

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Experience the future of fitness with the only true AI Coach in your pocket
Train smarter, not harder! 💪 Meet your new personal trainer who analyzes all your reps and helps you maximize your fitness efficiency.Being healthy & fit has never been easier: All you need to do is show up. Leave the rest to AI Coach.• Looking for that PERFECT WORKOUT/PROGRAM to reach your goals?Stop looking, it's already here. AI Coach will make every minute and rep count by understanding your goals and providing customized workouts that suit your fitness level and goals.• Not sure about YOUR FORM?AI coach sees your movements and can correct you.• Don't know HOW TO PERFORM AN EXERCISE?AI Coach does and he can teach you.• Trouble staying MOTIVATED?AI Coach is at your side to guide and motivate you during your workouts, just like a real coach would.• Want to BECOME A BETTER YOU?Measure. Understand. Improve. AI Coach helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and offers detailed statistics and insights into your performance. After all "What gets measured, gets improved" 📈• Need ACCOUNTABILITY to keep going?Share your highlights to your socials and let your friends cheer you on.🚀..


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This is an epic idea and app. Gamifying my work outs has been the needed boost to keep me motivated and participating. It's also been great for getting together with friends to compare notes and push each other. Recommended for all ages and all experience levels. Adding points to your work outs is a psychological game changer. This is early stage for the project so I'm giving them a pass on the bugs like sometimes freezing before I can post, but once they work them out it's golden.
Thank you so much Damon! We're releasing a new version by end of this month which will vastly improve the user experience (performance, freezes, etc). Stay tuned!


Love the app, only one that I use. Looking forward to new exercises. Will be adding soon?
Thanks Alexandre, really appreciate your review! Yes, there are multiple exercises on their way, and a revamped app coming very soon :)


At the moment it is very glitchy, crashing and closing. I couldn't sign in with Google so had to go the email route. Let's see how it pans out
Thank you Leigh, we are aware of certain performance issues on Android. We are actually remaking the app from scratch with a much better engine, all these issues should be solved in the following weeks. Hope you could give it a try again then!


5 stars if you add a preview of the next day? Also please allow us to save community workouts to our workouts list.
Thank you Lebogang! Preview of next day workout sounds like a great idea, definitely something we'll consider.


As excited as I am to use this, it's continuously been crashing to the point where it's unusable for me. 😞
Hi David, glad you're excited about Impakt, and sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes. We are currently redoing our app from scratch which should fix a lot of performance/crash issues. If you'd like to give us another chance then, you can send an email to [email protected] and we can add you to the early testers. Thanks!


Interesting idea but needs polishing. I'm 2 days into it and the app says I haven't done one work out yet as I haven't complete one. Not very encouraging for a beginner
Thank you for your feedback Jason. It's a good point that unfinished workouts should show up in the history, we'll be adding this in the near future. If you have more feedback, we'd love to hear it at [email protected]


It slowing My divice
Thank you for the feedback Numany. It is true that our advanced AI requires relatively performant phones, so older devices may be under performing. We are in the works to optimize the app, hopefully a future release will help with your issue. Thanks and have a great day!


Hard to believe an app like that actually exists! Been meaning to find something that can count my reps so I don't have to. On top of it, some cool analytics about my performance (although would be nice to have some deeper metrics, and integration with my Samsung watch). Legitimately a pleasant experience once you know how to set it up, definitely a hidden gem.


Have been using app over a week and I am enjoying accessibility of a daily workout option without equipment, reps count and exercises types are customizable


I've been using this app since the keyday of the desktop app. The mobile app has been an incredible way to keep me moving in a WFH environment! Definitely need some room space in order to use it! I've started to use this app outdoors to change up my environment from time to time. Looking forward to new updates of this app and more workouts!


Great app loved motion control


Best interactive home workout app