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NMC Bike, Car, Food, Shop, Cargo Delivery and Other Services.
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Carpooling/Ridesharing App in Lagos | Make money from your empty car seats daily
If you already drive to work, why not make more out of this daily activity as a Parizzo Car Owner. Carpool and make extra income with those empty car seats by picking up passengers on your route.We are a community of verified private car owners, and verified passengers, contributing our bits towards reducing traffic congestion, and pollution by sharing rides on our regular trips to and from our offices daily. Get great company to ride with you on your daily trips Relief stress with company of like minds instead of those lonely daily drive to work Grow your network with other professionals that ride with you daily The extra money you make from Parizzo Carpool will take care of your fuel cost, car maintenance and much more Know exactly what you will earn from every available passenger on your route and offer trips based on what you would like to earn Get a better prediction of your extra income based on your accepted trip requestThis is your side hustle requiring no extra effort from youParizzo Car Owner app features includes:..
The real ground of the campground that spreads out in front of my eyes! Real Ground provides all information about the vivid camping site as a visualization curation service.
A more vivid look at the campsite in the real groundIt is a platform that provides camping site information and reservations with sky view and 360° view.Meet the latest camping reservation trend style!!!1. Real Ground App Main Features ■ Real-time reservation Check the campground information affiliated with Realground and make a reservation in real time. ■ 360° view You can see the campsite vividly through a 360° view. Every nook and cranny of the campsiteCheck out the details you need for camping. If you select the campsite layout and select it through the mini-map, you will be taken directly to the site. ■ Sky View It shows the entire campground as if looking down from the sky through the sky view taken with a drone.2. Update ■ Home screen Check the various contents of Real Ground through the home screen. You can move menus more easily to the home screen, such as camping site type, search, and camping site recommendation. ■ Convenient search function Search directly according to the conditions you want, such as the area where the affiliated campsite..
Hotelzon reservation system expertly built for the business traveler
HotelzonHotels for business peopleSimplify hotel bookings, define a bespoke travel policy, increase transparency with real-time reporting and save up to 20%. Book and manage hotel reservations anywhere with the redesigned Hotelzon app. Extend the functionality of Travelport Hotelzon’s hotel booking solution to your mobile device. Download now and log in with your Hotelzon username and password to start booking your next business trip today.This app is a companion to the desktop version of Hotelzon for existing users. Not a Hotelzon user yet? Join the tens of thousands of business travelers who already book their business hotels with Hotelzon. Request a demo at: Discover over 300,000 hotels worldwide so you and your team can stay in the right location, wherever you do business.- Explore the intuitive map view to discover the right hotel in the location you needBOOK- Securely book the best available rates, including your company’s negotiated rates- Exclusive rates only visible to Hotelzon customers- Reduce the time you spend searching for a hotel and comparing pricesSAVE- Easily find the hotels that fit your company’s travel policy- Save up..
Loved by over 5 million language learners all over the world ❤️
Learn to speak Khmer (Cambodian) language in 10 days ★★★ Learn Khmer (Cambodian) language when traveling or visiting Cambodia ★★★ Simply Learn Khmer (Cambodian) Language App is a FREE language app that will assist you to speak Khmer (Cambodian) quickly and effectively.All Khmer (Cambodian) phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original Khmer (Cambodian) writing. They are recorded by a native speaker from Cambodia.Use the Khmer (Cambodian) phrasebook to survive in Cambodia. All important survival phrases are included.For example, let the app speak to the Taxi driver in Cambodia to show them where you want to go.Search all phrases and words to quickly access what you need.★★★ Why learn with Simply Learn Khmer (Cambodian)? ★★★ BENEFIT:Learn Khmer (Cambodian) from basic to advancedWhether you’re a complete beginner or you’re already pretty familiar with Khmer (Cambodian) language and want to learn advanced or brush up your knowledge – Simply Learn Khmer (Cambodian) has everything you need!Diversity topics fit your needs Khmer (Cambodian) language for traveling, Khmer (Cambodian) language for education, Khmer (Cambodian) language for business… All essential topics..
A portal to provide trip and other features for hippocab's partner.
Through this app our partners would be able to accept the trip request, can see their previous trips and assign the drivers for upcoming trips and add new drivers.
App to book cabs registered with Drop Cabs in Bangalore
Easy cab booking app, just book a cab from your mobile
Unofficial Lisbon Metro companion app
Unofficial Lisbon subway app. Under development.- Check the current line status for any service interruptions or delays- See the estimated arrival time of the next trains- Receive disturbance (delays/interruptions) notifications- See the network map and info about all stations, including connections with other public transport services- See your location inside the subway network and analyse your trip history- Plan trips, and much more.
Compagnie de taxi ivorienne
IVOIRE TAXI, un produit 100% made in Côte d’Ivoire à travers lequel nous donnons aussi la possibilité à des chauffeurs de taxi particulier ou pas qui disposent eux-mêmes de leurs taxis d’intégrer nos équipes et bénéficier des nombreux avantages qui leurs sont réservé.Enfin, notre souci est de rénover le secteur du transport Ivoirien, satisfaire les populations et participer au développer de l’économie. Télécharger l’application Ivoire Taxi et embarquer en toute sérénité à bord de vos WOYO pour vos différents voyages. Désormais à ABIDJAN c'est
The Flygbussarna app lets you easily check when the bus leaves and buy tickets.
With Flygbussarna’s app you can easily search and see bus departures to and from Sweden’s 7 largest airports. You can also buy tickets and pay using your credit card, Swish or Paypal. With the app you can also get in touch with Flygbussarna’s service desk and get updated traffic information.Features• Buy tickets with Swish, PayPal or credit cards• Sign in and synchronize tickets and profile between devices and Flygbussarna's web site• Store payment information for simple and fast checkout process• Traffic informationNote for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 ownersDue to a bug in the phone operating system, sometimes the application crashes on start after an upgrade. In that case, please try clearing the app data, or if that does not work, uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.
Its an platform where one can provide or find ride for the same destination.
Welcome to the future of commuting. you’re a few step away from a rideor ,if you’d rather drive ,the least expensive journey.Download the Ecopool app and sign up to offer a ride or book a ride on this platform. we’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to start you saving.We’ll help you and train you to use the app .
Become an NMC-Q Partner: Helping Community Mobility in Various NMC Services
NMC Bike, Car, Food, Shop, Cargo Delivery and Other Services.#Indonesian Work Application


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