1. Optimize navigation on help screen
2. Optimize schedules of battery test
3. Add account undo registration in account settings screen
4. Cancel mobile push while logging out app

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Winpower View helps user remotely monitor UPS working status, get timely warnings about failures, set up battery self-test tests, and makes UPS maintenance management be simple and easy.

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Provide function to view status of Ups devices
Winpower View helps user remotely monitor UPS working status, get timely warnings about failures, set up battery self-test tests, and makes UPS maintenance management be simple and easy.

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Using the app requires creating an account at the developers. You share mail address and details of the UPSs you want to monitor. There is no way to delete your data, and no data retention policy. I was hoping to find an app which can pull snmp data directly from UPSs on the network, and present data like runtime, load and battery status.


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