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3Satria App is a tools dedicated for Tri Indonesia Sales team in order to support Sales team on area to do daily activity, such; Top up 3Sakti, POSM, Education, Monitor Retailer’s performances, Visit route/Routeplan, and NBD (Network Based Distribution)

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Monitoring remote stations Microcom, graphs, alarms and commands.
ZeusMobile is a powerful application that enables remote monitoring stations Microcom from your Android device. This allows access to the information recorded by their computers, data logging and alarms, from any location that has Internet access.Features include:• Display historical graphics downloaded using fully configurable statistics to access data by interval time and / or date, and selection of the values to be displayed.• Synoptic with real-time reading of the state of inputs / outputs.• access to historical our own server or servers.• alarm display.• Historic export to Excel format and PNG image.• sending commands to computers.• free.
Application for organizers and producers
Application for organizers and producers -
FresGO connects you to Fresno services. Report issues and get real-time updates!
FresGO is a free, easy to use, real-time platform transforming how the City of Fresno solves issues. Report infrastructure and non-emergency public safety issues with your smartphone or computer. Track resolutions and receive real-time updates and alerts. It’s easy. With FresGO you don’t need to know which department does what. The multi-lingual application tracks reported items, like graffiti, broken sprinklers, street closures, and more. With the push of a button, issues are automatically routed and even escalated if not completed in a timely manner – and you’re notified the instant they’re resolved!
In this application we provide electrical circuit diagram house wiring
In this application we provide various references for making home electrical wiring diagrams which can later be used as references in doing electrical installations in your home easily. The goal is to make it easier for you to learn about Home Wiring Science for Beginners, this application is only based on diagram images but is very easy to learn because we made it as simple as possible so that it is easier for you to read and study this electrical network diagram.Categori App- house electrical wiring diagrams- simple house wiring diagram- single phase house wiring diagram- electrical wiring diagram☀☀app features☀☀- offline mode and small size app- fast loading- free appDISCLAIMER:The content in this application is not supported by any company. So all copyrights and brands in the application are owned by their respective owners. We receive it from various sources on the internet. If any of the content is your property and you want it removed, You can ask us via email and we will immediately access it.
Secure and Manage all your passwords and cards in a safe space
Not able to remember your password or tired of listing the passwords in a book?PassStore app helps you to store all your daily passwords or important passwords safe and secure in an encrypted storage. If your device supports Biometrics you can use your local Touch Id to unlock the application or you can set a new PIN and use the PIN instead.This application doesn't have access to internet which makes it 100% secure.Features• Very easy to use• Easy to backup and restore your data• Strongly encrypted• No internet access required• Store unlimited passwords• Change theme as per your convenienceNotice• This application does not access internet, to make sure your data is more secure and safe• If your device dose not support to Biometric authentication you can use in app PIN. if the master PIN is lost application allows you to reset the PIN, more information about reset PIN is given in the settings section of the application.
Status Saver - Now Share and Save image/video
Status Saver for whatsapp appShare and Save Every StatusThis Status Saver is really helpful to save images and videos.Some Images and Videos touch feels to keep memory for long term and this whatsapp status saver app helps to you download sweet memories, in today become necessary to save whatsapp status video or images so this is a reason why peoples download story saver for whatsapp status.Normally we like to see other's story on whatsapp and if someone wants to save story on phone so this is best story saver you can save image or video status to gallery Features :1. Repost of status without even share2. Save any status you want to download, this app is free and this status downloader app is very useful to save any image and video if you want to delete saved status so go to download tab and click on image or video, from there click on icon select the delete button to delete status3. Share saved status on all social media platform4. Can Save Status even after 24 hrs and no need to..
Hide photos hide videos hide contacts in the private calculator vault
Advantages of private Calculator Vault hidden applications:-Notice bar information tips, only show the standard calculator's icon-Check phone system settings, the application name is Calculator -When Checking recent apps, the app name is Calculator Vault Calculator Vault can help you to hide any app. And keep your privacy by hiding apps.You can open hidden apps in Calculator Vault or interface of your phone.Also Calculator Vault provides hidden picture function, your pictures import into the gallery, others can not see these photos.You can browse protected pictures in hider's gallery.App Characteristics:1.Hide all photos and videos in fact you can hide contacts.2.Password protection (When the first time, need to create the password)3.Supports hiding any photos videos used on mobile phones (Easy way hide apps)4.Hidden videos photos can be used in the Calculator Vault, also use the main interface in the phone.5.Open the app just standard calculator, if you don't know password can't use the Calculator Vault.6.Hide Notifications, provide notification in 3 mode all / just number / none7.Hide apps from recents8.Gallery Module to hide photos / pictures (Protect your secret photos / pictures, avoid..
The Last Shelter: Survival Toolkit is the only app players need to conquer LSS!
Last Shelter Survival Toolkit!The Last Shelter Survival Toolkit is the only resource needed for dedicated players looking to dominate any state in any league!The LSS Toolkit aims to give players necessary information, tips, and tricks, all in an intuitive and attractive user interface.The LSS Toolkit will help you master the daily CoZ challenges! Start gaining gems like crazy and destroy the competition!Learn the best and worst times for using CoZ boosts! Quickly discover which challenges are going on and which ones are coming up!Set alarms based around the challenges to give you perfect timing!Introducing the new Building Requirements feature!For the first time ever, quickly see what materials are required to reach any building level at the tap of a finger!The LSS Toolkit is being actively developed by Ao from State #359. If you would like to help with information (building requirements, hero xp needed, etc.), screenshots, or even help with development, let me know!
The Tele2 app is the place for all your Tele2 business.
You adjust your personal information safely and quickly. You can also check your usage, manage your subscription, change bundles, view your bill, in other wordseverything that is important for your subscription!
Application for Amparo Brasil Members Benefits.
O Aplicativo da Amparo Brasil Benefícios oferece diversas funcionalidades desenvolvidas especialmente para facilitar a vida do Associado. O aplicativo permite que o Associado faça diversas solicitações e serviços instantâneos, como:Indicar um amigo;Solicitar uma cotação;Conheça a Amparo Brasil Benefícios;Ficar por dentro das Vantagens e benefícios;Receber notícias de última hora;Encontrar a base mais próxima;Emitir 2ª via de boleto;Conhecer e avaliar as oficinas credenciadas;Acionar assistência 24h;Comunicar FURTO/ROUBO.Para começar a usar o aplicativo é só fazer o download gratuito, utilizar seu CPF e senha fornecida pela Amparo Brasil Benefícios.Você já está pronto para aproveitar essas e outras vantagens.Sinta-se a vontade em tirar dúvidas ou sugerir melhorias em nosso aplicativo.
Prevent Is Better Than Cure
Pita Pink is an application that published by Indosat to support breast cancer movement. This application is made to give better prevention to breast cancer from early detection that can be done by them self.This application also provide information related to clinics location and hospitals that handle breast cancer at Jakarta and other cities. Beside that this application also can be a discussion forum with the expert and breast cancer survivor.
IMBeats is a music streaming and downloading app for every mood.
IMBeats is a collection of local Indonesian music that brings to you Indonesian songs and music videos from our very own local Artists. With IMBeats, you can listen to music and watch Music videos Stream music and video you love! - Discover new music, videos, albums, playlists- Search for your favorite song, artist, or music videos- Enjoy music playlists and a unique daily mix made just for you- Make and share your own playlists- Explore the top songs from different genres, places, and decades- Find music playlists for any mood and activity- Download the songs on device for uninterrupted listening.- Get to see your artists up-close with special broadcasts premiered in IMBeats- No Ads at all, Strictly Music.IMBeats will curate music for your mood, choice, and focuses to make a stage for our very own local artists. IMBeats has all the top artists, songs, Indonesian Indie singers. Make your own playlist and listen to them over and over. Hmmm with the songs you adore when you - are Happy, excited, delighted or even sad. - are at the gym or..
Get IM3 & Tri Data Package Rewards from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.
👉 Get up to 3GB of Free Data per month from Adsgift!Install the new and improved Adsgift now! We're back to provide more FREE Data Packages for IM3 & Tri customersexclusively from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison! 😍 • How does Adsgift work?Install Adsgift now and instantly receive a data package reward! Want more? Collect points by playing activities Adsgift. Get daily points just by activating the Lock Screen. Collect as many points as possible and redeem them for FREE Internet Quota! • Maximize Digital Rewards from Indosat Ooredoo HutchisonThe more you play on Adsgift, the more points you can earn. Explore everything we offer on Adsgift: Play games, complete offers, watch videos, activate the Lock Screen, complete daily challenges, and invite your friends. The more you play, the more free internet quota you can get! • What rewards are available?You can get Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Digital Rewards up to 3GB of Internet Quota. Choose from a variety of attractive packages according to your needs; from 100MB to 3GB of FREE data packages. • Take ControlYou have 100% control over when you..
IM Gaming is a casual gaming & eSports battles and tournament platform
IMGaming is a new gaming platform from Indosat Ooredoo specially designed for fulfilling the gaming needs of IM3 Ooredoo Mobile Internet users. With IMGaming you can spend your time playing & challenging your fellow indonesians. IMGaming aggregates Casual Games, Football Fantasy, Cricket Fantasy & eSports Free Fire battles/tournaments in a single app. [Challenge Formats]: IMGaming supports - Battle & tournaments for Casual Games. - Tournaments for Fantasy Football & Fantasy Cricket- Custom Lobby & Tournament Format for Free Fire.[Free to Try]: Connect to IM3 Ooredoo mobile data network and get free 15 diamonds to join battles & tournaments. IMGaming also provides free to practise battles so you can practise before actually spending your diamonds on a battle/ tournament.[Play & Win]:Very important to note, every time you win you collect our in game currency IMCash. - IMCash can be used to continue playing and winning. - IMCash can also be redeemed for IM3 Ooredoo Mobile Internet.- Join the upcoming IMBattle (eSports Free Fire Custom Lobby & Win upto 10GB every day). Prizes for last 3 participants standing. [Casual Games]: There are..
MPWR is here to understand and empower your lifestyle with special offers
We understand that being told what to do is not your thing, so here you make your own rules. The PWR (re: Power) to get what you want is now on your fingertips.Want to explore new skincare? Or try a fun sport? Even when you want to go on culinary adventures and seek inspiring experiences, MPWR understands and supports everything you want by collecting everything you love in one hassle-free app. Be a part of MPWR and find:PWR to personalize the way you want toFrom the main package, additional packages for apps that you love the most, to packages for international calls and text messages, MPWR has transparent data packages for you. Now you know exactly what you are buying--no need to guess like texting your crush. Put PWR to create your own data package and phone number in your hand.PWR to maximize your days with offers that are specially picked for youMPWR has the best offers and promos from various brands for your specific lifestyle. Foodies, skincare enthusiasts, gamers, outdoor adventurers, fitness junkies, you name it! MPWR AI technology..
Check quota, free credit, in-app entertainment & exchange IMPoins only on myIM3!
Maximize your digital lifestyle with myIM3 apps from Indosat! You can check your quota balance, free credit, find a perfect data plan, data plan packages, call, messaging, and get various exclusive promos.One app for all, you can access everything on myIM3 apps from Indosat without worrying about your data quota being cut.Enjoy an extra bonus quota up to 100GB for you just by updating your myIM3 apps, buy TEBUS package and play the game!Fun in One AppUnlock all the fun with a variety of special entertainment packages from myIM3 Indosat! From quota balance, free credit, data plan balance, game prizes, and much more.#LebihUntung with myIM3 AppsmyIM3 application keeps you #LebihUntung with extra IM3 streaming quota, surprise flash sales, discount vouchers from your favorite merchants, in-app games with prizes, and other services.Easy Way to Check Your Credit Balance and Quota Check your free credit, data plan balance, calls, and messaging in one view. You can also check transaction history and streaming quota usage easily, in one app!Enjoy Various Flash SalemyIM3 application from Indosat provides various promos for purchasing data plan balance..
Download di Google Play Store, Reporting Information
Yes (Yellow squad), informasi report yg akan digunakan oleh sales team untuk tracking performance dan kegiatankegiatan yg terdapat di sales team (kunjungan ke MPC/outlet, feedback information, complain management, dan communication) berdasarkan territory hierarchy (region/area/cluster/micro cluster) dan individual sales team
Set of prayers, articles and Interactive Map Trip Hajj and Pilgrimage help you
Ibadah Haji dan Umroh adalah salah satu ibadah yang paling didambakan umat Islam. iMabrur di bangun untuk membantu Jemaah Haji dan Umroh agar lebih mudah dalam melaksanakan ibadah nya hingga menjadi ibadah yang Mabrur. Fitur-Fitur yang terdapat dalam applikasi iMabrur:• Panduan Haji dan Umroh: Berupa panduan langkah per langkah dalam aktifitas Haji dan Umroh. Dimana Jemaah akan dipandu mulai dari sebelum keberangkatan, seperti hal2 yang harus disiapkan, Doa2 keberangkatan dan Tips sebelum berangkat. Lalu tat acara dan Doa2 selama Ibadah Haji dan Umroh seperti Tawaf, Wukuf, Sa’I dan sebagainya, Hingga sampai Jemaah pulang kembali ke tanah Air.• Kumpulan Doa: berupa koleksi Doa2 umum dan Doa2 yang dibutuhkan selama perjalanan Haji dan Umroh• Persiapan Haji dan Umroh: berupa artikel2 menarik untuk membantu persiapan Haji dan Umroh anda• Map Interaktif: dengan map Masjidil Haram, serta lokasi gate / pintu masuk, tempat wudhu dan toilet. Dengan fitur Friend Tracking, anda juga dapat melihat posisi teman di dalam map.• Tips Perjalanan: berupa artikel2 menarik untuk mendukung perjalanan anda selama melaksanakan ibadah Haji dan Umroh. seperti tempat belanja oleh2, atau kosakata2 Bahasa Arab yang umum..
The 3Finder app is designed for PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia (3 Indonesia) employees
The 3Finder app is designed for PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia (3 Indonesia) employees.3Finder is more than just a newsfeed. It is a holistic internal communication solution that allows employees to have fast and easy access to their personal data, leave request, reimbursement, and more.3Finder app makes managers easier to provide information, receive push notifications, obtain documents and tools needed by employees to succeed in their work by using mobile technology.Access and use of this site and 3 finder application are subject to privacy policy of PT. Hutchison 3 Indonesia.More detailed information please visit
IMove, Health & Money Making Application with Innovative Step Counter
IMove is an innovative social fitness application with a gamified concept from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison that provides you with prizes 💰. As a Health & diet application, you can join various fun challenges to stay active, exercise more, lose weight and become fitter.On IMove application, you can earn daily rewards to reach your personalized Step and weight loss targets, it is more than just a Calorie Counter app. IMove helps you not only to improve your Health but motivates you in a fun way!There are lots of PRIZES & REWARDS that IMove application will give to you as a user, such as CASH to MILLIONS of RUPIAH & also thousands of FREE QUOTA. To earn PRIZES & REWARDS, you only need to WALK and SHARE YOUR HEALTHY HABITS with the community. IMove app will help you with losing weight while you earn cash, its a money making app in Health and Fitness.FEATURES:STEP COUNTER: Earn money for every step you do! IMove Step counter will track your daily steps activity whether you exercise at home or outdoor. You will earn points..

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