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Using the application, you can follow the news, the schedule of the club, sign up for training, promptly receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers.

Livebody Club is fun training in a loft fitness studio in the very center of St. Petersburg (1 minute from Vladimirskaya metro station).

Take a comprehensive course with a guaranteed result or train with a classic subscription.

– over 20 non-repetitive workouts
– classes in the historic mansion
– the first three trainings for only 700 rubles.


Feel the power of meditation.
One-day meditation that anyone can use safely and free of charge!You can experience more than 1,000 original contents, such as mindfulness meditation that Haru Meditation has accumulated over the past few years, gem-like classes from top experts in Korea, sleep, sound, and music, for free.Meditation Beginners to ExpertsAnyone can use it easily, regardless of age, job, gender, or meditation experience. It's okay if it's your first time meditating. Step-by-step customized meditation content is provided.Making my daily habits that change my lifeIt helps you easily and quickly make what you need into your daily routine.Personal feelings, customized content tailored to the situationFirst of all, let's start by noticing your feelings in this moment.It's okay to take a breakEnd the day in a space that is only open for a set time every night. You can have time just for yourself, or you can spend free time meditating with friends.Meditation movement with the bodyExperience meditation content with a different body from general homets and concepts. There are videos that can be used as home trots, such as mindfulness-based tai chi and yoga.Haru..
Stealth Fitness turns boring exercises into fun workouts.
Stealth makes fitness fun by turning boring exercise into a gamified experience. Stealth is the way to sneak in a fast workout from the comfort of your home by playing action-packed games on your phone with our equipment. Pair the exhilarating games on the Stealth Fitness App with one of our innovative fitness products for the ultimate workout experience. Stealth Fitness uses your body as the game controller to seamlessly transform boring exercises into dynamic workouts. Stealth Fitness equipment calibrates with your phone's motion detector to recognize your movements. It then translates those movements into gameplay actions on the screen of your phone. Stealth games are designed to never play out the same way, so you'll always be in store for something new and exciting. You'll have so much fun playing the game, you'll forget you are working out!Stealth Fitness products include: CYCLE, CORE and SQUAT.Stealth Cycle turns boring cardio into a fat burning game. Turn phone time into fitness time while improving your heart health and lowering your blood pressure.Stealth Core helps you get a lean sexy waistline by..
Brain Waves Binaural Beats for Deep Sleep,Alpha Waves,Delta Waves,Theta Waves
Brain Waves app you can easily listen pure waves that will stimulate your concentration, meditation or relaxation.They are emitted on an amplitude range between 8 and 15 Hz: these kind of waves are associated with a state of deep relaxation and stress release. Alpha waves are strictly connected with relaxed mental states, so increase in alpha wave activity is a desirable outcome for some types of biofeedback training.Alpha waves are one type of brain waves predominantly originate from the occipital lobe during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes.Relaxing Music for Deep Sleep with Delta Waves, Calm Background for Sleeping, Meditation , Yoga.A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0–4 hertz. Delta waves, like other brain waves, are recorded with an electroencephalogram (EEG) and are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of NREM sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS), and aid in characterizing the depth of sleep.Brainwaves: Binaural Beats with Alpha Waves, Delta Waves, Theta Waves effects on daily life and Uses with thier Benfits✔️ Morning Coffee✔️ Espresso Shot✔️ Morning Meditation✔️ Focused..
Are you a client of a gym with Trainingym technology?
Then you are in the right place! Here you will find your entire sports center in the palm of your hand.What's new! We have developed new functionalities within the APP that will give you greater autonomy and enrich your experience. How?VIRTUAL CLASSESEnjoy more than 350 classes to train whenever you want both in the gym and at home.KNOW THE APPWe put at your disposal tutorials so that you know everything that our application offers you.IMPROVED MENUTake a good look at the side menu options.CHOOSE AND VALIDATE YOUR TRAININGFeel free to choose and assign the training plan you prefer from the list of workouts in your gym. Also, view the exercises in your plan and validate them more quickly when you do them.
Practical tips to whiten your teeth at home.
Do you have a nice smile, but hide because you are embarrassed by the color of your teeth?In the photos you never smile because of your yellow teeth?Well, do not worry, in this App we will help you with that problem, so you can always show your pretty smile.Did you know that about 18% of people say that "they usually hide their teeth in the photos", due to the embarrassment of the yellow appearance of their teeth. Having large teeth is very important in today's culture, hence the growing number of people who use white strips at home or who resort to professional whitening treatments in the office.Your teeth are one of the first things that people notice; they are a sign of health and confidence.When it comes to the first impression, most worry about having aged, crooked or discolored teeth, which can send a signal that you are a carefree person. Who does not want to have a beautiful smile with bright white teeth? But, what is the best way to whiten teeth?Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening treatments can be..
Herbal Prescriptions for all diseases
Herbal Therapy methods and Herbal Therapy Prescriptions that you can obtain easily and that you can apply to yourself without needing anybody at home. Medicinal HerbsIn this application, we have provided information on how to better describe the medicinal herbs, what ingredients are good for which diseases, how to use them.With the help of what you read here, you will be able to do simple interventions that can be done in the most practical way at home, with your doctor and patient, against pain, whiplash,* General information and benefits about hundreds of plants,* Information and explanations about diseases,* Those herbal mixtures,► Application Properties:✓ Share carefully chosen herbal prescriptions✓ Original design✓ Continuously updated / enriched content✓ Changeable font size Sharing Features: With One-Touch Share feature✓ Share on Facebook✓ Share on Twitter✓ Send via email / SMS✓ Share WhatsApp✓ share instagramNOTE: You should be absolutely sure of the herb plant when you use it because some herbs contain high poison. It is always advisable to take a small amount of each medicine before applying the full dosage. If there is an opposite..
All the data about yout pet always with you.
With MemoPetID all the data about your pet will travel with him and will always be at your fingertips with a simple “tap”!MemoPetID is an absolute innovation in the pet industry! It is an App that can store all the information of your four-legged friends, but with unprecedented features!To make the most of MemoPetID, with a simple "tap" you can connect to collars, harnesses and leashes of the revolutionary Memopet collection by Myfamilyfinally available on our website!How? Thanks to NFC technology, you can connect the Memopet accessories! - You just have to approach your smartphone to the products to access, consult and edit the digital database. With MemoPetID, you can create a complete and up-to-date profile of your pet, so you always have a real database with:- Profile photo of your pet- Health and personal data always accessible with a “tap”- Passport and microchip- Medical records- Food, allergies, therapies- Agenda and reminder to keep track of appointments, treatments, vaccinations- Summary of the walks with your petThanks to this App, you will always have his medical record with you, in case..
Want to know how to gain muscle fast? Download the app!
Gain weight app for men will be an excellent tool for you on the way to achieving your goal. The task of building muscle cars has always been a priority for men. But not just being overweight, we will show you how to gain weight in 30 days. Exercise to gain weight for men will be your faithful helpers. Gain weight in 30 days for boys is possible, but do not stop there. After 30 days, the first noticeable results will come and this will give you additional motivation. For those who do not want to go to the gym, for you there is a special section home workout build muscle. The answer to the question how to gain muscle fast you will find in the application. There are even those who want to know how to gain weight in 7 days, but it’s almost impossible to do so quickly. In each section you will find a lot of useful information on the topic: weight gain exercise for men. After you learn it, you can easily tell others how building..
Leading app for fitness professionals.
Sa nasom NewBody fitness aplikacijom mozete pratiti svoje treninge i obroke, pratiti rezultate i dostignute fitness ciljeve. Preuzmanjem ove aplikacije imate svog virtuelnog trenera u nasim fitnessima.
It is the best solution to improve your goals!
Good news!After months of development and testing we launched a new update where we took into account the comments received during this period.Enjoy greater autonomy and a better user experience.We list below the new features, they will surprise you!We provide tutorials so you can know the main featuresA better view of the side menuThe direct accesses of the home screen allow you to consult four functions more quickly.From the training plan of the gym, choose other training and assign themSee and confirm your workout exercises more quickly.
App for customers of the federal network of fitness clubs Drive Fitness
With the app you can follow the news, training schedule, to receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers.
App for Fitberri Fitness Center guests
Keep up to date with all club events from schedule changes to announcements of new fitness programs.Using the application you can:• have the current schedule of all training sessions;• draw up an individual training plan;• freeze club membership;• receive alerts about training and all changes;• Learn about upcoming events and parties;• view photo reports from events;• send a request to join the club.
Application for customers of the Kaluga Termy water complex
Using the application, you can follow the news of the complex, mass practices, promotions, tariffs and discounts
Workout app
Using the application, you can follow the news, the schedule of clubs, promptly receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers.
App for members of fitness clubs GW fitness
The application is intended for members of GW fitness fitness clubs and all those who plan to become one.With the app you can:- get full information, including photos and contact information- see the current schedule of all types of club activities- create a personal schedule and add personal training to it- receive notifications about upcoming workouts and about all changes;- get acquainted with the special offers of the club and learn about upcoming events- send an application to join the club- send an application for freezing and renewing a club member's card;In addition, the application has a loyalty program.Get points for being active on social media. Exchange points for prizes!
Keep track of the schedule, sign up for classes, be aware of the news of the club life!
Keep track of the schedule, sign up for classes, be aware of the news of the club life!
The application is intended for FŁ Fitlab customers
With the app you can follow the news, the schedule of the club, to receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers.
An app for customers of the King Fit fitness center chain
Using the application you can:- receive full information about the centers, including photos and videos, location and contact details;- follow the news, keep abreast of all promotions and special offers, find out about upcoming events;- View the current schedule of all types of classes in the center;- draw up a personal schedule and add individual training to it, sign up / cancel an appointment for a lesson and personal training;- Receive reminders of upcoming workouts and notifications of all changes in the schedule;- send an application for receiving, freezing or renewing a club card;- monitor the dynamics of weight and progress;- leave feedback and suggestions, quickly receive feedback from the center’s employees.
Application for clients of the club BRUTAL GYM
Using the application, you can follow the news, schedule the club BRUTAL GYM, quickly receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers. And also recorded in group programs and personal training.
Application for club customers
Using the application, you can follow the news, schedule of clubs, quickly receive information about changes in the schedule and special offers.


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