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Army Commander Game SCREENSHOT

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Army Commander Game DESCRIPTION

Battle ready your troops! It’s time to conquer the enemy’s land!

Fight for your right to defend your nation as the commander in chief. Your only goal is to capture the enemy’s flag by building your soldiers and stations.

Amass as many units of tags as you can. The more you collect, the more you can build and the stronger you become. Unlock special upgrades and equipment. Attack and defeat the enemies by using your tanks, bazookas or even fly your planes. Don’t forget to wait for the big drop! A small support from our allies can go a long way.

Play this highly addicting game that will ultimately test your strategy skills. Are you ready? There can only be one victor!

Game Features:

Build your stations
Collect as many tags as possible and sell them to unlock each battle station.
Rally your troops
More stations mean more troops. Gather them all as your first line of defense. Then, attack!
Raise your ranks
No good deed comes with no reward. As you progress, see yourself graduate to the top of the field: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain? You name it!
Capture the Enemy’s Flag
End the day with victory in your hands!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Food Cutting, Pull Him Out, and I Peel Good!

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This game is very interesting and thrilling but you can keep tasks. I love 💕😘 this game . Still it should be devlop


Im hiving a 1 star because of so many ads... I like the game, and I would keep playing it, but ads are just to much. Ads make it unplayable So Im removing the game...


There too many ads please, its killing the fun in the game, leave the ads when its been called for, please remove ads counting down while playing the game, when i need to view ads for something i will. Its very annoying.😤😤😤😤


At old version it was good but now too much ads and lagy game in every 2 minutes ads are coming and after ads game is hanged or become lag so pls fix it.


Cute little game, shame the greed has taken over. Ads after completing a level, sure, mid fire fight HELL NO! I was seriously considering paying to remove ads but NO, companies like this expect that and set it up to frustrate and infuriate people into paying to remove ads... enough! Will Uninstall and never recommend this to anyone


Played this game a lot. No ads no forced ads. Played this way yesterday. Had 40 slots to save dog tags. Ranked up to 4 star general. This morning i went to play new update. Ad galore. Cant proceed upgrading buildings without being asked to watch an ad. Crate drops from sky advoiding the crate. No where near the crate. Ad proceeds to play. Game be came trash after up date. Cant tell how many dog tags i have to stratigacally place my silver dog tags. Upgrading sucks now compared to the old way.


Too many adds, every 15, 20 seconds. Not much play. Not much fun. Okay to get rid of adds.


The ads are 42 seconds too long when a box drops. Even if you don't want the box it still makes you watch the ads. The game doesn't even give you an option to pay for no ads. I really like this game, but those ads make it less fun. I gave this game a 5 last time, but it aint a 5 anymore since they ads ruin the game. Edit: You may want to rethink some of your ads since they keep crashing my game.


In all honesty, if there wasn't a god damn AD literally every 30sec I would give this 5 stars... The ADs are such a high occurrence and are so horribly obnoxious that it drops down 2 stars solely to that factor...


Use to be a fun game but have went way to ad happy. Make it pretty much unplayable. Can't collect tags to upgrade without having to watch at least 3 ads because health drains so much now. Drops are all ad based now if you get pushed into one or accidently go over one forced to watch an ad even if you didn't want to open it. Like having to dodge land mines. No longer a fun game


Paid for the ad free version, but you still get ads if you die or run over the ad boxes for extra tags. Don't get as many ads but it's a lie if buy for no ads. False advertising. New update the game freezes. And now ads. Just play the free version because you'll still get ads if your pay for it.. new update is even worse. More ads even if you paid for the ad free version. Glitches not fixed. Fun game bs lies to get more money with new update. It's give you zero stars. Don't pay for ad free lie


Great game to play but not with the ads all the time Especially when playing the game, And No, you Literally Defeated The other army's team and its tanks and the castle itself, and that Doesn't mean you can play the game itself without the ads itself the other army easliy defeated your army Not the Russian and Ukraine army they are still at war 5 stars for this game


I'm not going to play this game nomore bc of the quick ads I'm sick of them and It would be ok if there was a few not every time u kill a few. It's a great game love playing it the the ads got to go


I literally get about 30 seconds of gaming in-between compulsory ads it's far too much. The game is great but the amount of ads is too much. I understand that the developer has to make money but don't shaft Ur players for advertisers there should be a happy medium


I was very close to giving it a 5-star rating but I have about 1-star worth of complaints. I have no problem watching ads, even the fairly frequent ads in this game, but if I click the ad and the play store opens the game shuts down. This makes me not want to try games that are being advertised, so it might be more profitable for your ad companies if people aren't reluctant to ever click. I thought it was just my phone but it was the same on the new Galaxy S24 Great game though.


Nothing but another app of ads with 20 to 30 seconds of game time. Ads for bonuses, ads to open stuff, ads to unlock stuff ads that randomly pop up too frequently than is ever acceptable


I paid to remove ads and I still am forced to watch them. There are forced ads approximately every 30 seconds of gameplay. When I click the button to remove ads I am told I have already purchased and yet the ads continue. No way to get a refund. Rip Off


Terrible experience. There is Forced Ads on every atep you take. In 30 minites of gameplay you watch ads for 20 minutes and play the actual game for 10 minutes. There is also supply drops from air which is also an Ad based to claim and it's being drop on your head directly in order to make you watch another ad. I have not seen game with so many ads in my life. It's a shame


False advertising. Been playing for a week, have seen nothing like the ads. Was looking forward to driving a saw around and doing battle in the woods. Not even close, just a boring, wash, rinse, and repeat


When I played this game when I was younger the game was very good and no adverts but I have tried it again and the game would not even load due to the amount of advertising. The adverts itself are unacceptable as it dating apps and AI girl chat apps are being advertised to younger ages. Good concept but unfortunately overrun by adverts.