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Nuts & Bolts Game SCREENSHOT

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Nuts & Bolts Game DESCRIPTION

Play Nuts & Bolts: Unblock Puzzle, the new brain-challenging puzzle to challenge and test your IQ. Train your mind while relaxing with multiple levels of our game

Become the master of logic puzzles and enjoy the creative gameplay we have prepared especially for you.

🎉 Awesome Challenges:
Get ready for puzzles that are like super cool adventures for your brain! Find clever ways to unscrew and solve the Nuts & Bolts Expedition, just like a puzzle champion.

🚀 Playtime Adventure:
Imagine you’re on a playtime adventure with nuts and bolts as your buddies. Discover different combinations, solve unique puzzles, and uncover hidden surprises on your Nuts & Bolts Expedition.

🔧 Twist, Turn, and Triumph:
Twist and turn the bolts, strategically place pins, and unscrew your way to victory. Become the master of the Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

🌟 New Challenges Every Day:
As you play more, exciting challenges will pop up! From easy-peasy puzzles to super-duper Nuts & Bolts Challenges, you’ll become the captain of all the fun!

🚦 Beat the challenge
Navigate through twists and turns, guiding the bolts to beat the challenges on your path.

🧩 Play and Learn:
Have a blast playing and learning at the same time! Enjoy a game that’s both super fun and makes your brain super strong.

🔗 Solve it as fast and creatively as possible
Connect bolts, pins, and nuts in the coolest ways ever. Show off your creativity and solve puzzles with just a few magical moves!

👀 Ready for Adventure? Dive into Nuts & Bolts Expedition now!
Play with nuts and bolts, unscrew them, and show everyone how awesome you are at puzzles. Look for the special icon—it’s like a secret map to a world of adventure and thinking games. Are you ready for the most amazing journey?

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Screw, unscrew, and solve the tricky challenge. Solve brain-teasing puzzle
Play Nuts and Bolts Game, the new brain-challenging puzzle to challenge and test your IQ. Train your mind while relaxing with multiple levels of our gameBecome the master of logic puzzles and enjoy the creative gameplay we have prepared especially for you. Nuts & Bolts: Jelly Puzzle Key Features ❓IQ Braintraining puzzle: Practice your brain and strategical thinking throughout our levels. Constantly thinking of new ways to solve the nuts bolts puzzle and level up your problem-solving skill🎮Unique Theme: The only nuts and bolts game that uses Jelly theme with great color and design💣Multiple Solutions: Be creative when solving this brain teasing puzzle. Screw and unscrew to find out new strategy🏆New challenges: Face new challenges level after level. Unlock new difficulties once you have solved all the easy screw pin puzzles. Experience the nuts bolts puzzle game 👀Carefully look and evaluate the levels🗽 Screw & unscrew: choose and relocate the pin or nuts to unpin all of the jelly plates from the board.💥Be creative: Use different strategies to manipulate the plates, bolts, and nuts. Experiment with different ways of thinking..
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Strategically match scattered nuts of different colors to corresponding bolts
🔩 Welcome to "Screw Nuts & Bolts: Color Sort"the ultimate puzzle adventure where precision meets color! 🔧Dive into a world where scattered nuts of various colors await your sorting expertise. In this captivating game, your task is simple yet challenging: strategically match scattered nuts of different colors to their corresponding bolts.With simple yet addictive gameplay, you'll find yourself hooked as you strive for perfect sorting precision!🌈Game Features:★ Unlock captivating background and jigsaw picture with colorful sorting challenges★ Enhance your sorting skills with useful power-ups like including Undo, Restart, Hint, and bonus nuts and bolts★ Unique brain trainer levels are designed to fit with all-age users★ Unwind and de-stress★ Easy to play, hard to master🏆 Ready to twist and turn your way to victory? Download "Screw Nuts & Bolts: Color Sort" now and unleash your inner sorting genius! 💡🔩
Finding food, training soldiers, and building up your ant territory
Explore the tiny world of ants in Ant Simulator: Wild Kingdom! Control your ant to find yummy food, train ant soldiers, and build a large kingdom. Help your ant and face off against other bugs for exciting fun in the ant kingdom!Features:🍎 Find Food: Guide your ant to discover tasty treats like food, water, and leaves. Collect them to keep your ant happy and full.🏰 Build Homes: Create a cozy ant home by building tunnels and rooms. Make your ant kingdom the best place to live and play!🐜 Train Soldiers: Teach your ant soldiers to be strong defenders. Get ready for epic battles against other bugs to protect your ant home.🌟 Easy and Fun: Simple controls make it easy for little ones to enjoy. Dive into the tiny world of ants with fun adventures!🎨 Colorful Graphics: Explore vibrant landscapes and meet many ant characters. Enjoy the beautiful world of "Ant Simulator: Wild Kingdom.Get ready for a big adventure in the tiny ant world! Download now and have a blast building.

Nuts & Bolts Game DOWNLOAD

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good game very entertaining


It nice to play.


Just too many ads. More ad time than play time.


fun so far.


Game would be fun but there's an ad after EVERY level. Uninstalling


I liked the variety of puzzles, but as others have experienced, I'd "lose" on timed puzzles despite solving it before the timer ran out. Very heavy on ads too, I realize they're necessary to provide the game for free, but other games manage fine without so many obnoxious interruptions, especially the kind that can't be muted.


only on level 2


No way to turn off vibrations. I hate this in a game.


this is fun game any one can play in on it. Even the whole family can get together on the weekend and have some fun together for a change YOURS TRULY Margie Herrington


y ay


I Love this App. I just started playing it, but I know I'm going to Love it. I have played others like it, and they're Awwwwwesome!! ✌👍👍


game wants a rating as soon as downloaded.


good job 😺


(aka:testerzero) ymmv... This 'game' has a lot going on... Too much? (Avoid the "Classic" - unless you're a masochist!! (Think of it as wasting your life away - three minutes at a swipe)) That understood, the "Tap Away" is fine, but mishandled and poorly so... This is a luv/h8 kinda 'app'...




fun fun fun and more fun 😊☺️ game fun and more fun 😊😊😊 fun and more fun ☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊


great game developers well done 👏 ✔️ 👍


To many forced ads. Uninstalled it for that reason


I automatically paid $3.29 to remove ads and I still get them!!! I cleared cache# force stop and cleared data I still get them. Hard to enjoy the game


Not playable. Ads are fine at the end of a level but having multiple or any ads in the middle of a level makes the game unplayable.