- Reduced the frequency of “Use hint if stuck” message
- General improvements


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Puzzle Hub is a collection of logic, word, picture and number puzzle games – all in one app.

Free, unlimited access to two modes of playing:
1. Level puzzles – huge number of levels, grouped by difficulty
2. Daily puzzles – unique puzzle every day, with the option to go back in time

Smart hints – hints that don’t just give you the right answer, but they also explain the situation and how the answer was calculated. This way, you can learn how to solve the puzzles by playing and using hints.

Animated tutorials – each game has a carefully crafted tutorial. Discover new games and easily learn how to play and solve the puzzles.

Light and dark theme – enjoy the game in light or dark mode, with a clean and intuitive design inspired by the puzzle page in the newspapers.

Custom settings – customize you game experience by tweaking the per-game preferences.

Games included:
1. Sudoku
2. Word Search
3. Word Connect
4. Word Snake
5. Minesweeper
6. Futoshiki (a.k.a. Unequal)
7. Color Link
8. Pipes
9. Cross Sum
10. Wordie

And more games are in development!




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The game is simple. Don't have to think. I'm hoping it will get a little harder.


The game is okay--but only okay. Don't plan on playing it in quiet settings because of obnoxious, loud ads. Uninstalling.


It kept saying it stopped responding after about 10-15 seconds every time I loaded it up. Don't really have issues with any other games. Did 2 levels of the pipe game before crash and loaded up word and instant crash. Uninstalled.
Thank you for letting us know. We will investigate the issue and try to find a fix.


I played every single color link and was working through the old dailies I DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD WHERE THE HINT BUTTON IS. Deleted until you get rid of that stupid pop up
Sorry that you had a bad experience. We will make improvements in the next update to make the hint button message less annoying. Thank you for the feedback.


This is quite a fun game and a way to relieve stress! I play often, and it has many, many games.


Great app with a great selection of puzzles. My only gripe is that the Cross Sum puzzles don't actually follow the order of operations so the math isn't right. For example, had a puzzle where a row was a+b×c=24 where the solution was 1+3×6 which isn't 24 but is actually 19.
Hello. Thank you for the review. The order of operations is always top-to-bottom and left-to-right (e.g. a + b * c => (a + b) * c), by design. This is a design choice we made, and is mentioned in the tutorial. We will make some improvements to better communicate it to our players. Thank you for playing Puzzle Hub.


Fun puzzles, easy to use app.


Edit: The notification is fixed and updated my star rating. Turned off notifications and I still receive 2 a day. There's a good mix of puzzles though.
Thank you for reporting the problem. We will look into it and fix it in the next update.


Very nice and fun game. Lots of thing to do. However, if I've already chosen to see an ad for extra awards, I don't want to see another ad just after that.
Thank you for the review. We will make some changes to improve the ads experience. Note that you can purchase the Remove Ads option from the shop.


Simple and great collection of puzzles. I look forward to more puzzles being added. My only gripe is that the Word Connect game doesn't work, it's just empty when opened. It would also be nice to be able to zoom in on the larger Minesweeper boards.
UPDATE: The issues with Word Connect are now fixed in update v1.1.5. Thanks for reporting it.


I am really enjoying this app but i was wondering.... You can go back and play previous daily puzzles.. but you cant easily skip back to the beginning to play all of them you have to slowly tap your way back in time... Would it be possible to implement a calander system that allows you to see every day and if you have completion of the daily puzzles on said day? I already recommend this app to other puzzle lovers... I just wanted to know if that could be done for simplicity sake... Thank you
Hi. Thank you for playing Puzzle Hub and giving us detailed feedback. We are working on a "Daily Games" tab where you can have overview of all daily puzzles for a given day. We will also think of ways to make it easier to go back in time. It will be available very soon. And thank you for suggesting the game to your friends!


The color slide game is all I've done so far but it's so irritating. I connect the colors but in less lines than it wants so it doesn't work. I understand not letting you go over but going under should be fine
All puzzles in our game have unique solutions (i.e. exactly one solution for each puzzle). In Color Link, you are required to both connect the dots and fill all the squares in the grid. Allowing to connect the dots without coloring all squares would mean that you can solve a puzzle in more than one way. This rule makes the puzzles more challenging.


ohhhhhhh my goodness. math and puzzle in perfect harmony


Challenging but not frustrating! I love it;)


Overall great puzzles and incredible ui. Although the sharing option takes so much space, it became harder to click the continue button
Update: The puzzle area problem is now fixed. Thanks.


need to be able to highlight words in the word search backwards as well.
Thank you for the review. We added this functionality in the latest update (version 1.1.1). We hope that you will like it and consider updating your review. Thanks a lot!


I would really recommend this app because it is didn't disappoint me. It wasn't a scam and it even thought you ways to make the puzzle easier.☺️☺️☺️


Very good. Very little amount of ads and good games and even some new ones I haven't played. it is good and I totally recommend.


Fantastic game. Has a great collection of some of the classics in a clean and slick user interface. The smart hints are brilliant in that they don't just reveal the answer but explain the logic behind the result. Looking forward to more puzzles being added!


Very addicting with a great variety of different puzzles. Clean and responcive UI!