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Number Memory Game DESCRIPTION


» Every second becomes precious, don’t get distracted.

» Just an unusual game.

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Challenge your memory power now! 🧠
SQUEEZE YOUR BRAIN JUICES OUT!» Every second becomes precious, don't get distracted.» Just an unusual game.

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I think its a good game to start with, but the lack of settings makes this a hard sell for me, brain training should be about practicing at the edge of your abilities, so why not let us manually set the size of the numbers we want to practice ?


Simple and beautiful


My memory has improved a lot with this game I used to have serious problems with my short term memory. I am 70


Horrible, can't even see the numbers


Pretty good. Would like the ability to customize the difficulty more.


No ads, good for working memory. The game is simple and challenging. Just what I was looking for.


When you lose it should set you back -1 digit, not start from single digit


Love the app and how basic it is and it's just a simple memory game. Would love to see a bit more options like speed control or adding in letters mixed in with the numbers.


Nice for memory


It's great but it **never gives the number 9**


not adjustable speed,


I VERY LIKE IT, this what i tried to looking for, The Simple graph and no Ads, i'll give 5 stars till they're using ads


Nice !simple and great


I Love it but for adults it should start at four digits numbers and a few extra seconds to memorize or set your own time set or to timeless for practice. But yes I recommend it totally awesome,👍❤️


Really fun, simple and engaging game to play. Helps in memorisation really well, definitely recommend to try it out :)


awesome game! recommend those who haven't downloaded it to give it a try :)


I used to be able to only memorize 3 digits but now with this app, wow even pi is ezpz. PS it cured my friend's Alzheimer's too


Awesome game, really test my limit on the amount of numbers I can remember cause usually I just remember my favourite hooker phone number which are usually only 8 digit but with this app I realise I can remember up to 12 digit wowz


awesome game. amazing ui. well done


Awesome game
Thank you for your support!