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Hopkins Towing Solutions App DESCRIPTION

This app is designed to help trailer owners easily see behind their trailer while backing up or driving down the road.

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This app is designed to help trailer owners easily see behind their trailer
This app is designed to help trailer owners easily see behind their trailer while backing up or driving down the road.

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Agree with previous comments. Same issues. Camera not operational.


Already returned mine and got a different and better one off Amazon. Don't waste your money. The camera disconnects every 20 second and requires you to go into your wifi settings to reconnect, not really ideal when your backing up. It was mounted on a 10" inclosed for reference.


Decent app. It can be finicky if you aren't connected. You have to close and reopen. Also, it is akso annoying that you can't rotate your view or zoom in or out. The overlay features are useless too. It would be nice if you could change brightness and contrast as well.


Had help installing,, help doesn't remember code, tried everything to make it work.. still no luck,, but it looks. 😆


The equipment or the App (or both) are unreliable and tech support is lacking. The app was dysfunctional in establishing connection between the camera wifi and my Android device. It was impossible to know if the device was operating, absent any switches or externally viewable indicators. The rear facing white LED would be unlawful on the highway if it worked at all. Mine did not.


Totally unreliable. After initial install I finally got it to work. Then the first time I needed it, it would not work. Software is totally unreliable. I had to enter and reinter the password. Finally had to uninstall software and then reinstall it. After that I could not get the software to work. All it would do would take me to a screen that said I was connected to the wifi without internet. Yeah, I knew that, but I could never get off of that screen. I called for technical assistance but they had no idea why the software wouldn't work. Reinstalled AGAIN, with the same results. I have version 12 on my Galaxy Note 20 smart phone. This camera is simply not a good choice if you want something that works when you need it. I suggest that you purchase a camera with a dedicated monitor that uses Bluetooth. This is a total loss for me.


This product sucks big time I wouldn't recommend it to nobody


I have Installed this app over and over, always issues with this app. PLEASE FIX IT HOPKINS!!


Took forever to get connected. When it worked it is an OK image from the back of my truck camper. Turned it off and the a few hours later tried to turn it back on and app could not gind the signal. Phone kept going to default truck wifi. Cannot even open app to check settings without the camera being on and connected. So much improvement needed.


Good camera. I also use it as a rear view mirror.


Good for the price !


This app used to work well, then along comes the updates and all it does now is crash. Tried everything, uninstall and reinstall. Sent reports and email to the company. No response.


App no longer available on my Android tablet. Device not compatable. Camera is now useless.


Works well, as a rear view mirror, can run google maps in background. Little difficult to judge distance, but should improve with more practice.


Cannot connect to this app despite multiple attempts. So frustrated for spendig $$ on something you can't use...especially AFTER camera was already mounted.


For the price, the camera works good. The problem I saw was the default when the camera was turned on is to have the LED lights come on. It is illegal to have a white light on the back of your vehicle. The app makes it very difficult to change this mode. I have to tap the control many times to shut the lights off.


Does nothing, no menu t or picture


The app does nothing. The camera is hooked up and has power. It lights up When my trailer is plugged to my truck. But the app has no options to view the picture. Their is one check box you can click saying they can advertise things using all forms of media, and one button to submit that you have clicked that box and agree to those terms. Clicking it seems to do nothing. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app changed nothing. Seems I've wasted money


What a waste of time installing. Night view? Lmfao. Maybe with infrared LEDs, you used actual LEDs? Good thing I can see the beam of focused light barely. Who designed it? Fire them. Trashcan product


Camera works great. I have a problem with 1 to 3 second lag on pictures. Dont want to feel what I hit before I see it. Is there a fix