— Fixed stickers feature issues
— Updated project to Unity 2022.3.7
— Updated SDKs to their latest versions
— Increased app's target API up to 34 (Android 14)

Stickman Ragdoll Playground Game SCREENSHOT

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Stickman Ragdoll Playground Game DESCRIPTION

It’s a stickman figures physics sandbox, a constructor and a virtual stress relief toy with active ragdolls.

There’s a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some people say it has been built long time ago, before the first world war, others say it’s an international global experiment. But in the end it all doesn’t matter. Once you take a ride on elevator – it’s a road to one end. Dismount a very long stair and realize that this awful place is just some surreal playground, where the worst bandits and other criminals of the world are being turned into living dolls and unknown powers torture and mutilate them for their evil sins.

This game is also previously known as Untitled Ragdoll Game.

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It's a stickman figures physics sandbox, a constructor and a virtual stress relief toy with active ragdolls.There's a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some people say it has been built long time ago, before the first world war, others say it's an international global experiment. But in the end it all doesn't matter. Once you take a ride on elevator – it's a road to one end. Dismount a very long stair and realize that this awful place is just some surreal playground, where the worst bandits and other criminals of the world are being turned into living dolls and unknown powers torture and mutilate them for their evil sins.This game is also previously known as Untitled Ragdoll Game.

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Guys just turn off your wifi if there's to many ads


It's a nice game for a sticlman sandbox game. It's very simple. Roleplay, kill, fun! Just nice it isnt receiving too much updates. Well it's still receiving updates but, just the bug fixes and other changes. The game eventually got boring after ni updates at all. Otherwise, it's still a nice game for a sandbox!


I like this game 😁 and if you dont want any adds just turn off your wifi


This app keeps kicking me out. I hate it. Maybe fix it and I'll give you 5 stars


My phone is very picky, it can't do games that use a lot of fps. And this game runs well. This game is what the trailer shows. I like the amount of settings. And A LOT more stuff I love. ♡


Hey, this game is still great as always. But there's just one problem. My Chromebook stopped having updates for this game recently, and I wish it could update because I mainly like to play this game on my Chromebook. Can you do all of the chromebook users a favor and make the game available to them again? Thank you!


I used to play this games a lot a while ago and honestly one of the best games, not just sandbox, but in general of any games. I don't know why people always complain about ads, like just, turn off your WiFi or data. Literally... Great game though. You should be really proud of this.


The game is amazing, nothing wrong with it, well... almost nothing and it's not ads cuz they don't appear on my thing, it's just do you save your simulation so you can come back to it when you need it? Also, does every stickman have to be a male cuz I was making a Algicosathlon Intro and noticing EVERY stickman was male, can you maybe randomize the genders? (ones with a bow are females)


One of the best sandboxes ive played amazing job dev. Please can you add option so we can import images and set them as backgrounds to the whole map and another option to set different colors to background and a saving world system please I beg you.


This game is really fun, but the ads every 20 seconds make it not so fun and annoying. But I do recommend this app, very entertaining for passing time, but if you don't want ads, then you can turn internet off through the notification thing on the very top, unless you have data then I don't think you have a choice but to watch ads every 20 seconds.


Great game but to much ads but that's ok for me , but it'll will be really nice if there'll be less ads just started the game after not playing for a month and each second there's an ad, that's ok for me, just hope you lessen the ads a little. Before the cool was cool and very fun got addicted to the game I always played it every day but now it's not fun as it used to be because of ads , Also i have a problem where the game just crashes randomly and yes my internet is on.


This games is a fun ragdoll games but the ads are crazy. Like there are way too many and if you accidentally tap an ad it has the potential to ruin your whole experience by resetting the game it's just not fun anymore. I recently deleted the game because of the same problem and because everything I upload a weapon it's immediately took off.


I used to play this game when first came out. To this day I still think it's a lot of fun, but when I redownloaded it there was so much ads. Before ads would pop in every 30 minutes or so, now it happens every two minutes and its really annoying for me. For now I'll give it four stars but whenever they fix the ads situation I'll give it 5 stars.


Its very fun and great for people who likes sandbox and murder(not in real life). Although control mechanics is the one this game is missing because if we make robots we have to slow down time to push the buttons in the mech. What im thinking is adding a menu in the posses tool to add a button where ever on the screen and another menu in the left side where when clicked, it will bring up the buttons


In my experience the game is amazing, ive had alot of fun playing this and if you want something even remotely close to people playground then this is your best bet. The only reason im giving this 4 instead of 5 stars is because recently its been stopping the game randomly and then i would have to start it again and there is just way too many ads so please if you see this try to look into that (im editing this now and its still closing the app so please fix this as soon as possible


I love this game!!! There are many tools for you to use and it's fun!! I suggest you add more tools like syringe to make the person became zombie or something. Good job btw!! But there's one problem, I can't play the game without kicked out of the game, every 1 minute (I estimate that) idk if it's just me or it's a bug but I keeps kicking me out :(


ITS MY FAVORITE GAME, but with that said, there are things that could be added; syringes, new guns, more items like tables and stuff, and different environments. Overall good game, I personally use airplane mode when playing because there are SO MANY ADS after 10 seconds there's an ad


Excellent sandbox, I have a suggestion. I love the physics, I love the animation aspect, i love the new affects and healing items, though I have a few suggestions. First it needs new weapons like RPGs and snipers. Second I can tell this is inspired by people playground on steam, can you possibly add a map with a deep hole in the floor that would be fun to mess around with. Thrid seeing poison or acid maybe in syring. Other then them suggestions the game is great can't wait for the future of it


Looks like it has entertaining potential, but it literally interupts with an ad about once every minute. I didn't see an option to pay for no ads, probably because this is a rip-off of People Playground. Edit: I tried this again and followed another reviewer's advice to disconnect data and wifi, and I take my previous review back. This is actually pretty good!


It's perfect and a great game to kill some time, or simply be a psychopath. Would like more weapons tho, and controls needs some polishing, especially when dragging/using weapons. Plus, I hope that you can save ragdolls when using the Blueprint. And personally, I think the game's name need to be simplified or change, cause there's no such things related to turbo in the game. Would wait for the next update.