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Learn Chinese Characters App DESCRIPTION

The newly upgraded software in 2022 is a good choice for learning Chinese characters!
This is a comprehensive, simple and interesting Chinese character learning software. It can help you understand Chinese characters and master the stroke order, writing method, pronunciation, structure, radicals, meaning and words of Chinese characters. It vividly teaches you how to write beautiful and standard Chinese characters in the form of animation. You can also write or copy directly in the software. This is the best way to practice Chinese characters. It also has built-in primary school Chinese textbooks for Grades 1-6, three character classics, hundreds of family names, thousand character disciple rules and other Chinese classics, as well as Chinese graded examination vocabulary such as YCT and HSK. It can directly customize the learning plan and open the software to learn Chinese characters. This software also has a very powerful search function. It not only supports direct search of Chinese characters and Pinyin, but also uploads pictures to directly identify the Chinese characters on the pictures, which allows you to quickly find the Chinese characters you want. The software also supports the collection of Chinese characters and the classification of Chinese characters, which is convenient for review at any time. The software also supports a variety of settings such as customized stroke order animation speed, sound effect, handwritten line width, Chinese character background, etc. everyone can have their own habits.

– Comprehensive functions: Chinese character stroke order animation, Pinyin, radicals, structure, meaning, Chinese, phrases, idioms, and traditional characters;
– Animation and handwriting: animation demonstrates vividly, handwriting and copying make you learn to write Chinese characters faster;
– Built in courses: primary school Chinese textbooks for Grades 1-6, Chinese classics and poetry, YCT, HSK vocabulary. You can learn them by opening them, and you can query the details of Chinese characters by clicking them;
– Powerful search: Chinese characters, Pinyin, polyphonic characters, traditional Chinese characters and picture recognition are supported;
– Classified collection: collect Chinese characters and sort them out to make your knowledge a system;
– Custom settings conform to your usage habits;
– Free: no money, no internal purchase;
– Offline: it can be used without network;

Do you want to learn Chinese? Do you want to learn to write Chinese characters? Come and try this software! Download it now, and you can have a good helper for Chinese character learning for free~


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I would have given this app 5 stars but, unfortunately, there is no translation!! How are you supposed to learn new words if you don't know what they mean? It's obviously too time consuming to leave the app for the dictionary! Very frustrating. I was so pleased to have found an app where I can practise writing and stroke order. I do not understand why you designed your app this way? Have I misunderstood how to use it? I doubt it. English translation, please. Other languages would be nice too!


Very good collection of words


This app is very very useful for learning chinese characters.Thank U.


It's a great app! You can practice writing the characters and listen to the pronounciation. I wish it metioned the meaning of the words in English. It is a bit hard for beginners.


it doesnt show you the english word of what you just learning so i sa no this app is not good


If you're just learning to write basic characters, why are you expected to be able to read the explanations in Chinese characters? There should be some kind of translation options; either scroll over, or optional English and pinyin under the characters, as is pretty standard in most apps. Otherwise, you're learning the character and pronunciation without the meaning. Kind of useless.


because 一按 啊 Mandarin students


This App is great am able to writing characters correctly now.👍


This is a really good app for learning Mandarin writing. It would have been perfect for me if it contained English meanings too! Any chance the devs could add a "notes" field for users to enter their own text?


I hope this app help me in learning chinese


Have good features for learning Chinese Characters Writing


It is amaxing and helpful


A very nice app. Thank you for your job


Great app I love it I really recommend this app to you for learn Chinese character you can use this free and offline.. And U can search the character But I hope you add English translation on character/ on the explanation. I'm sure it will help so much Thanks


Sorry to say but it's a trash app =_= I can't use it at all -it just freezes and crashes repeatedly


I think they are not understanding the need if their clients . They have given explanation in chinese , if i know chinese its characters then why do i downloaded it 😑😑😑😑


Pure chinese words


Basically a great app, but cannot open the collected words in the dictionary. On the main page sometimes cannot open the characters, just after restarting the app can open it. Jaming.


It would be 5 stars if there is an english translation of the tasks and explanations. And the translation of the characters if any.


Thanks for updating the app! I really appreciate your effort and make it free. I just want to let you know that I have some suggestions, but I don't know whether you like it or not. So, I think I should ask a permission first: if you permit me to send you an email I will do it.
Thank you for your feedback. My email is I've read your last suggestion. I'm trying to find an English interpretation of Chinese characters, but it's difficult to find a suitable data source. But I will work hard for this. I value your suggestion very much.