Console Launcher Native


Console Launcher has been completely remade to be faster, easier to use, and has many more features!

✨ Added shortcut support.
✨ Added themes that follow your wallpaper.
✨ Added button prompts that match Playstation controllers.
✨ and much more!

➕ N/A.
✨ Added and tweaked many shadows.
🔧 Fix crash when an app has an empty title.
🔧 Prevent lag and crashes when loading images.
🔧 Fix crashes with certain shortcuts.
🔧 Fix crashes with shortcuts without icons.


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Android launchers are clunky to use for gaming because of a lack of controller support, tiny icons, and no landscape mode. Console Launcher is designed for gamers to create a mobile console-like experience.


⛰️ Landscape Mode – Enabled out of the box.

🎮 Controller Support – Launch, browse, and uninstall apps using only a controller. No touchscreen required!

💾 Simple – Your home screen is filled with games out-of-the-box. No messing around to set up your phone.

💰 No Ads, No Annoying IAP – There is no pressure to upgrade to Console Launcher Pro – unlock customization options whenever you’re ready and support the developers.

👾 Large App Icons – Squinting to see your apps? Not anymore. Sit as far away as your controller allows with large app icons.

Pair Console Launcher with controllers like the Gamesir X2 and Razer Kishi to create a truly console-like experience.




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Absolutely amazing. Brilliant even. But just a bit too expensive for my 3rd world self.


I like it with a Razer product and its easy to use! But i want a suggestion too. Why not make a app that copies the home button on a XBOX controller. But it would be you're app so you can design it


Scrolling the menus is very annoying on a touchscreen. The app would open when I try to scroll.


I am giving this app a 3 star, its really good. But in the home menu, there is almost no customization. You cant move the apps, like from the beginning to end. When i update an app it moves all the way to the end, and i need to remove evry app from the home screen and do it all over again.
Hi, thanks for the feedback. We'll be looking into these issues.


Just awesome it even helped you what app start with that letter if it's not on the actual game menu. It's cool how they separate them in to categories.


Amazing interface right out of the box and absolutely zero ads, apps load quickly and seamlessly so its very clear the dev(s) have done an amazing job and put in alot of time to make this work so flawlessly.


(2022/05/01) Love the idea. Not ready for prime time. Edit (2022/06/15): Devs are putting a lot of work into this and it's shaping up very well!


This is a really cool launcher that allows your home screen to look like a console system, or even just as a great all in one game launcher if you decide not to have it as your default screen. It also doesn't seem to use up a lot of battery like some launchers


Good launcher over all but I think home screen need a tweaking for example i think apps should be sorted by recently played and we should be able to add our theme music to individual apps.


Excellent app i will be buying pro, only complaint is the "Y" button can remove app from main page and I'd like it to send a confirmation that I want to remove the app from the page due to accidently "Y" presses
Thanks for the review! This feature will be coming in a future version.


I love this app. When my cuzin uses my switch I just go on this😂but I really need that one accessorie that u have on ur phone to make more console like.


This app is great, I've been looking for launcher like console and i discover this, it's not like home launcher it's just an app. And the best part It doesn't have ads!.


Not bad very simple and console like, could groups and the ability to move icons be included and this would be perfect :)
Hi, thanks for the review! Not being able to move apps is a bug in the current version, it's fixed in the beta if you want to try that out.


The app's icons are super low quatity, can you fix this by making custom icons a free feature or make the icons better. It was bugging me so much.
Thanks for the review! I'll be looking into making the icons a higher quality.


Love the app I spent years looking for something like this a psp emulator/launcher that don't take to much memory and the actual experience of a psp. But the only thing is when I launch call of duty mobile it makes the lag worse and blinks out my whole phone and I have a low end device a blu view 3 and it seems as if the app don't function with my phone will love for y'all to please fix the bugs but other then that Is a great app makes my phone more productive would love doing future business.


I was looking for a app launcher for my tablet and this works perfectly the only thing is that if you want all the abilities you have to buy them but I get it they need to make money but other than that Witch is not a problem it is great


Please add Android TV support. Also it would be nice to have an option to show joystick button names in PlayStation style ("B" to square, etc).
Thanks for the review! We're actually working on this right now.


Hi. I love the music and sound effects, but I can't use it. This is because of accessibility. I am totally blind and use Talkback, a screen reader that speaks out the screen for me and lets me navigate by swiping and other things on screen. This launcher is not supported by it. All I find is an edit field, which I think is a search thing, not sure, and a button that takes me into the accessibility menu on my tablet for some reason. Not sure what that's all about. Please make this accessible!
Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to say that we can't support accessibility features like this for now. console Launcher is made in an unconventional way: using a game engine. Godot is the software used to make this and it doesn't support accessibility features right now. I know work is being done on Godot to add this so I hope I can add it soon.


This launcher is amazing. Converts your phone into a gaming console, perfect match for a controller. I can't wait to see this evolve


I really like this app however it needs some tweaking. I wanted to use it as my main home and launcher but each time I open my phone or do anything I have to watch it pull up your company logo and wait for it to go through a slow transition animation every single time. Maybe you could change this to once per day instead of infinite times having to view this and wait. Also when I push the key to open my apps I have to do it 3 times before it responds so that needs fixed asap. Will reevaluate.....
Hi, we released an update that should fix the issues you've been having. Please try it out and let us know if you have more issues.