*Town Hall Upgrade release
*More coins
*Increase Point

Battle of Lords Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Battle of Lords(截图1)【图】Battle of Lords(截图2)【图】Battle of Lords(截图3)

Battle of Lords Game DESCRIPTION

Join millions of players worldwide as protect your castle and destroy enemies castle.Simple game but You can enjoy your free time.

You can update your hero levels and damage rate.after can get more fun with playing game.

+ Total 40 example levels
+ Total 17 characters
+ Custom power (melee, bow, throw) for character
+ Upgrade characters level and Forrest in Shop system

I am Like to Tell You To Install this game and play this game and enjoy this game
Thank you,

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Join millions of players worldwide as protect your castle and destroy enemies castle.Simple game but You can enjoy your free time.You can update your hero levels and damage rate.after can get more fun with playing game.FEATURES:+ Total 40 example levels+ Total 17 characters+ Custom power (melee, bow, throw) for character+ Upgrade characters level and Forrest in Shop systemI am Like to Tell You To Install this game and play this game and enjoy this gameThank you,

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This game is so awesome. Challenging and fun to play.
Thanks ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Thanks ❤️ ❤️


Nice game,i realy enjoy it.
Thanks ❤️ ❤️


Grate game,Thanks for it, i am really enjoy
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Super game.
Thanks ❤️


ගේම් එක හොඳයි. ඒත් දැන්මම ලෙවල් එකෙන් එකට ඇඩ් දාන්න එපා. අලුතෙන් ගහන්න එන අයට එපා වෙනවා ආස හිතෙන්න කලින්. ඉස්සෙල්ලම ප්ලේයර් බේස් එක හදා ගන්න ඇඩ් දාන්න කලින්. පස්සට ඇඩ් දාන්න.
හා, තැන්ක්ස්, ඊලඟ update ඒකෙන් ඒක හරිගස්සන්නම්, ඔයාගෙ අදහසට ස්තූතියි


Wow Amazing i really enjoy👍
Thanks ❤️ ❤️


Great enjoy it.
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It is nice very simple game. I am lot of enjoyed it .


This's an awesome game. very joyful and easy to play the levels. Need to see more like this in future from the developers. all the best!!
Thanks ❤️ ❤️