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Wall Keeper Hero Game DESCRIPTION

Enemies are approaching and you are the only one able to resist their attacks! Use your archery skills to shoot the upcoming troops and throw ladders and fire barrels to cause greater damage! Epic and adventurous battles are waiting for you in the Wall Keeper Hero! Ready to give it a try?
Protect the walls at all costs!

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Nice game




this game is off the Cain make boring game so dam fun to play. And all day...


I didn't like it


pretty fun game definitely room for improvement but over it's a good game levels aren't to long and so far not pay to win which is what I look for in a game


Fun game not too many ads


so fun, thank you


It absolutely susks. There are some moments with raiders ladders where you can push them off, but others you cant. Ok nvm. I dont know how, but I figured it out, and this game is good.


can't watch videos to help to gain ground


Extremely slow and laggy