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Scream Go Hero Game DESCRIPTION

Use your voice to move and jump between platforms. The more you shout, the higher you jump ! Watch out for pitfalls !

Have a blast with your friends, but don’t disturb your neighbour too much!

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It's not even working for me no matter how loud I scream its not moving


The game was a game I never play im thinking gta is a good game but when Iplay it's vary nice than gta so I gave full star rating thank you for game crater and all im srinvas Thank you


I write it as a 2/5 because i like it, i have one problem because when i need to take a breathe it always moves when im close to the end and i rage XD


Very fun but I have to use headphones because it is too sensitive without headphones


Horrible experience. Theres way too many ads. Plus, the game keeps crashing from time to time, which makes this unplayable. Please fix this. Thank you.


It worked for 1 round, then I tried again, and it would not work. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it again and wasn't able to play at all. It would only move if the sensitivity was at the max and did nothing but walk when it did work with it. When I reinstalled it, I couldn't press anything besides the access microphone button and the ok or play button when it tells you the rules. I couldn't play at all except for 1 round. I was really excited about it as well


I cant play the game because it kept turning of and I thought I was doing it wrong so I searched up how to play the game and I did the correct steps and I still wouldn't work and it crashes and I uninstalled it and installed it again and it still wouldn't work so eventually I gave up and I read other reviews and they had similar stories


Genuinely terrible. Terrible hotboxes, terrible controls, which sucks because there's barely any of it and it's inconsistent. Terrible level design as well. The ads chrashed my game and played sounds, killing my character and starting another ad. In which then one of the other ads stayed on the screen instead of closing. Could've been fun.


This game is the worst, it just crashes once i press the level button, it has lots and lots of ads that irritate me, i put the sensitivity very high and its still not working, i cant play properly.


This game is so irritating, so many adds the game froze when you press game level I didn't even get to play, I restart my phone several times because, I thought my phone is lagging, I also reinstalled it many times and the game kept repeating its routine, play adds and the game froze. They definitely need to fix the bug, I don't recommend this game for y'all


This game is so annoying, I press on the app, Ads. I press on the levels, Ads. I hate the ads, I really hate it like is this even a game anymore or just ads? I hate it. 1 star. And I'm literally screaming on top of my lungs and it's still not jumping!!


I downloaded the app, and it was an ad. Then, I clicked on the level thing. There was an ad. Then the game crashed. I didn't even get to play the real game, and I had already gotten at least 10 ads, so I deleted the app and re-installed it, when the app opened, of corse I got an add that I couldn't click out of. After the ad, the game didn't work. It crashed once again and even restarted my phone. I really wanted to scream at my phone and not look crazy, but it did the same thing.


It's a nice game and also fun, my problem is it glitches everytime I finished a level.I don't know if the problem is the app or it's just my phone, anyways if you decided to download this app, it'll be fun and you'll enjoy it a lot.


The game caused my phone to reset multiple times. Literally downloaded it. Days later, my phone glitched out on me. Thought it was weird, then 12 days later, in the span of an hour, my phone restarts 3 times. The only thing I did was get rid of the app because it was the newest thing I had added to the app. As soon as I got rid of it, it stopped. Really recommend an update before this game get's downloaded by anyone else.


Really fun game. It's pretty funny just screaming to the top of your lungs only to jump high! Only thing is that sometimes it doesn't pick up my voice and I end up dying and I always manage to die in level 4 because of the spikes bur nonetheless it's a fun game. I suggest you try it out.


I love it it's soo cool you can buy some clothes for this ninja there's even a dinosaur clothes! But the only problem is number 1. When I press revive ad thing it's not even reviving me and i waited for like 1 hour but still not reviving me number 2. When I got too level 2 and level 3 there's like a block on the top then when I screamed loud then my character bumped on the block thing on the top it glitch but the only way get rid of it is by lowing down the adjust sensitivity but still I love it


Hilarious game with a super unique idea. I got it as a joke, and ended up playing it for a while. My brothers and I have challenged ourselves to all sorts of ways to beat it, such as singing songs, turning the volume up and down on the TV, and clapping. My only concern is it seems to be pretty touchy when picking up sound. There is a sensitivity setting, but it's pretty much either extremely sensitive, or doesn't pick up anything.


EPIC GAMEEEE!!!!😉😉😘😘 The ads can be stopped by switching off your wifi/mobile data or putting your mobile on aeroplane mode. A very new and awesome concept! Got called insane by my mom but it was worth it! 😁😁😂😂😂.Highly addictive! PS:-Drink a lot of water before,during and after playing this game because your throat needs to be hydrated for this.Btw it also gives a good vocal exercise?😊😉


its really a fun game. me and my friends were cracking up. but i suggest playing in endless mode. its a lot better to play of your looking for a funny game to play. on the levels there are these things that kill you, and ive had the app for a week and cant get past level 2. but if your looking for a challenge, level modes good then


This is a really fun concept but unfortunately you spend more time watching ads than screaming at your phone. Start a level? Ad time. Beat a level? Have an ad. Die and want to respawn? Jiminy Cricket it's time to watch a 30 second ad?! I'd pay for a full version but I don't want to be forced to watch more ads as I attempt to find the option in the menu, if it even exists. My total gameplay time was about two minutes before I got frustrated with ads - and half of that time was spent watching ads.