Fixed bug which was causing the following page to not load occasionally
Fixed issue on offline channel page where the follow was not clickable
Added ability to report and block a channel
Added full screen toggle to live stream player
Added prompt to rate the application
Fixed issue with share button not working on live stream player
Updated the age rating of the app in the app store
Updated UI and motion of homepage
Temporary removal of subscriptions while we integrate in app purchases

Kick: Live Streaming App SCREENSHOT

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Kick: Live Streaming App DESCRIPTION

Kick gives the power back to the streamers and the right tools, and subs split to monetize their content.

No strings attached, join us for free to immediately enjoy live-streaming content from all walks of life. Enter a new era of content creation on, where our creators and viewers are a top priority.

With a more lenient view on creation, opinion, and content, Kick will aim to bridge the gap between creators and the Kick service, putting them first throughout their journey.


Join a streaming fan community worldwide and connect with other users and influencers who share your passions.
Stay up-to-date with the latest gossip from your favorite stars, teams and leagues.
Create and manage your own personalized streams, and showcase your knowledge and love for this community.
Participate in discussions and debates with other users on a variety of topics.
Access exclusive content, promotions, and deals from our partners and sponsors.
Support streamers by supporting them in the only platform that gives them a fair split of the pie.

With, you’ll never miss a beat. Download our app today and become a part of the ultimate streaming community.

If you are a streamer, what are you waiting for?

Join us, relax, support and enjoy a free experience on Kick.


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Watching live streams is usually OK, but the VODs are horrible. It never saves your place (in app or in browser, mobile & PC) and if you close the app to do anything, like turn off an alarm or answer a text or call, it closes the video player without saving your spot. This would be a little more bearable if VODs could be play picture in picture like streams can, but for some reason, they can't
Hi, Thank you for your detailed feedback. We've passed this to our developers to look into adding in a future version of the Kick app. If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please drop us an email to


I would give it 0 stars, I can't even use the app. Every time I press it to open it, it goes to the Kick app logo then turns white. At that point stops responding and closes itself, been doing that since it launched. Doesn't matter since no one can go live with it, I have Samsung galaxy g6 and Samsung galaxy g6+. Both do the same, not sure for other android phones but both my phones I can't use the app.
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We're aware that some users with older Android versions are experiencing issues with our app. Please continue to use the browser version of Kick until we release a new version which will hopefully address the issues you're experiencing.


Still a long way off from being the perfect stream app. Needs more settings options in-app. Needs to not exit the stream when Going to settings or homepage. Chat lags or freezes. No chat when in landscape mode (also no option to turn on/off) Need to speak to discord so we can link our kick to discord (similar to twitch) That's just a few of things that the app needs as a minimum.
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We recently updated all our chat infrastructure which will hopefully address any freezing issues you experienced. We've also passed your other feedback to our developers to look into adding into a future release.


The app is very promising for a new streaming app. Desperately need a picture in picture mode button on the full screen stream player. Also the stream just closes if I am in landscape and press back button, rather than going into portrait mode and have stream at top and chat at bottom. This is for the stream vod. Also when I am full-screen and swipe up to go to home screen, the stream should go in pip mode. These are the only 2 issue. Also show the channels that are not live in "following" tab.
Hi, Thank you for your detailed feedback. We've passed this to our developers to look into adding in a future version of the Kick app. If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please drop us an email to


its in unacceptable shape and lags too much. click anything it happens half a minute later or not at all. no report system. no rotate or full screen. picture in picture malfunctions and lags. no audio or chat only feature. if you're live can't view your own stream or access creator dashboard. its not difficult just copy critical features twitch has.
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We working on bringing more updated features in future versions of the app :)


I believe this can be a great alternative to Twitch! Though the app is very buggy. The app locks up consistently and stops viewing the stream. The chat feature is very basic, but usable. I do hope they add the ability to send gifs and/or pictures. The layout is basic but similar to Twitch. I am streaming on there and hope to help push this new service. I'm hoping there's many improvements ahead!


I would rate this much higher but for now it's still kinda broke. You may know of these issues, but I don't know what you know. So, that said, here are my issues. ANDROID: 1: Auto rotate is broken. Screen flips but will not flip back without closing/reopen app. Also, lose tools/boxes. 2: Typing in chat, then not for a bit, keeps us from being able to type again. It's almost like it's loading the option to type. 3: When in a channel, the back button exits stream. Should minimize instead. 💚💚💚


Only for the plans. If Kick fails to deliver what they promise Ill change this to 1 star. Full screen on my Note 10+ doesnt even go full screen, I can still see time and battery and bottom line. Also edges are different colors on full screen mode. MAKE IT BLACK like twitch please. And allow chat in landscape. Then I can watch on App instead of Browser.


Settings are garbage, doesn't even exsist when your watching a vod and in order to edit your profile it moves you to a Google tab, it's like they didn't even try on the android app. Also the vibration noise it makes each time I tap is irritating and it doesn't show who I'm following. I know it's still in beta, but this makes the platform in its current state is hard to use and makes it irretating to deal with
Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We sorry your experiencing issues with the Kick App. I've passed your comments to our developers to try and get things sorted in future versions :)


This app is horrible. Some reasons: - Creating an account and switching between mail and this app to get the security code resets the process making it impossible to create it. - t's super slow while browsing it. - Most settings just sends you to the website in your browser than being avaliable in the app. - There is no fullscreen or rotate button while watching streams, it just assumes everyone has/wants "auto-rotate mode" on their devices. - Layout/design seems way more web-like than app.
Hi, Thank you for taking the time to leave valuable feedback. We've passed this over to our development team to look into and fix in future releases of the app.


Can't sign in UPDATE: The app works as intended now, the chat is smooth and it runs at a good speed. It doesn't send notifications though even when it's enabled and PIP doesn't work sometimes. I can definitely see more potential in the app and I'm excited to see what future updates will bring.
Hi! Thanks for the updated review! The Notifications issue will be resolved in the next version of the app :)


It's good but you can't minimise the app to use your phone. Also when your watching full screen the screen goes dark quickly which is absolutely not what you want, especially since you can't chat in full screen. Some of the issues mentioned earlier have been fixed


Random lock ups, doesnt keep screen awake while watching, better off using the browser. EDIT: after update on April 3rd 2023, the screen no longer sleeps while watching and the PiP is nice too. The app still randomly locks up/lags, mainly after its been sitting in the recent apps bar for a while. Almost feels like a memory leak. The only "fix" that works short term, is to clear all apps and relaunch Kick. Kick is the ONLY app that does this on my phone. Changing from 2 stars to 3 stars.


Terrible. Settings don't stick, buggy performance, inputs don't do anything, and worst of all, when watching a stream, it doesn't tell my phone I'm watching something, so it'll dim and eventually lock my phone. Also, opening a stream and then going to my home page, it still plays in the background, but there's no video and no way to silence it without opening the app again and then stopping the stream, or force closing it.


I do like the app as it's clean. But it has a lot that is needed to be added,Theatre mode is essential, full screen can be done by turning on rotate on your phone. Need to have an option to"Keep app alive" rather than this being done through phone as some phones don't have this. I know in time these features will be added and I'll be straight back amending my review.The HD quality is unbelievable. The option also to remove subs and payment method through the app would be another great addition.


App has no picture in picture mode, basic fundimental feature that most every app has. It also cannot be entered into full screen without first unlocking rotation and manually rotating the device. Also using back to close the chat window just kicks you off of the page. Once these are fixed and app performance is improved, I see no other issues.


It's not that good. There is no need for the phone to vibrate when you click on everything in the app. You need to add some settings and things like that. Can't see who I'm following unless they are live. You guys will need to do a lot more if you want to stay afloat. Twitch is better as if now. App is worst then there website that is bad as well. screen times out is the worst part.


Okay, I lied, the app will go to 4 stars instead of 5. I had a login password and stuff already set on desktop and whatnot but the app didn't let me use those logins. I had to change my password to log into the app. Wish that wasn't the case but if you're having trouble logging in, try that. As for the app itself, its okay, feels like its in beta form but its good for launch. You can't minimize a streamers window and browse through the app without closing who you're watching, thats a bit annoyin


Needs a lot of work. Screen will turn off when you are watching something if you don't interact with your touch screen. Will randomly freeze where I have to close and reopen app. If I hit the back button on my phone when trying to close the emote window, it will completely back out of the channel I was watching. Cant click on anyone's name for moderation.


The app feels rushed. It would help for a mobile app to at least have background play(pop-up screen). It would also help if there was a feature to rotate the screen in-app with the chat in view. Once the phone is rotated there is no more feature to view the chat. It's okay for a rushed release but it could've been better