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Alphabet Tablet Game DESCRIPTION

Interactive toy Tablet interface allows your Kids to interact with music in activities featuring the Alphabet, Color, Number, Shape & Rhymes vsound.
Interactive Alphabet Tablet interface allows your child to interact with Educational activities like alphabet, numbers, animals, Spelling, Word and rhymes. We design our games from the ground up to create the best possible experience for children.

– Alphabet A-Z Learning
– Number 1-26
– Nursery Rhymes
– Color with sound effect
– Shape with sound effect
– musical games for hours of enjoyment

Game Include:
Tablet Kids Learning Alphabet
Tablet Learning Number
Tablet Learning Color
Tablet Learning Shape
Tablet Learning Rhymes
Kids Music Learning Game
Toy Learning Sound

this game will convert the smartphone into a Kids Alphabet tablet

Download “Alphabet Tablet – Numbers, Animals Educational Fun” now to enjoy with fun!!!

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