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Tayo Coloring & Games Game DESCRIPTION

What games do you want to play? There are so many fun Tayo coloring games!

■ Find the Difference
-Find the Difference: Compare and find the answer
-Hint: Get help with clues
-Single Player & Versus: Practice and compete with Tayo’s friend
-Body Awareness Activity: Play and boost agility and movement

■ Sketchbook
-6 Art Tools: Paint, crayons, brushes, glitters, patterns, and stickers
-34 Colors: Color with colorful colors.
-Album: Save your pictures in the album
-Art & Creativity: Develop creativity through art play

■ Puzzle
-80 Picture Puzzles: Play many puzzle categories
-Various Levels: Choose the number of puzzle pieces
-Fun Balloons: Complete the puzzle and pop balloons
-Logic & Reasoning: Encourage exploration and thinking skills

■ About KIGLE
KIGLE creates fun games and educational apps for kids. We provide free games for kids from 3 to 7 years old. Kids of all ages can play and enjoy our kids’ games. Our kids’ games promote curiosity, creativity, memory, and concentration in children. KIGLE’s free games also include popular characters like Pororo the Little Penguin, Tayo the Little Bus, and Robocar Poli. We create apps for children all around the world, hoping to provide kids with free games that will help them learn and play

■ Hello Tayo
Tayo the Little Bus’ is a story about special car friends. Both boys and girls love Tayo, Lani, Logi, and Gani! Have fun and play with the cute little bus friends!

■ Description
-Many fun games for kids in Tayo Coloring & Games!

● Find the difference encourages agility and concentration

■ Fun pictures for children!
-Lots of pictures for kids
-Many categories – job, habit, animal, car, seasons, dinosaur

■ Levels for infants to young children!
-Various levels encourage children’s agility, concentration, and small muscle skills
-Hints help children complete the game

■ Simple play for everyone
-Both toddlers and adults can enjoy the easy play
-Find the differences and enhance concentration

■ Keep children engaged
-Kids can play freely in the ‘single player mode
-The ‘versus’ mode offers random pictures. Compete with Tayo friends

■ Play educational games – develop concentration, agility, and quickness

● Coloring Sketchbook- boost children’s creativity and imagination

■ Filled with fun pictures for children
-The Tayo Coloring game has many fun pictures
-Categories: Bus, Heavy, Special, Monster Truck

■ Paint with your favorite colors
-Use 6 art tools – paint, crayons, brushes, glitter, pattern rollers, and stickers
-Decorate jobs, habits, animals, and dinosaur pictures with 6 art tools and 34 colors

■ Simple play for everyone
-It’s easy to play. Don’t worry about painting over the lines
-Zoom in to paint small areas

■ Save pictures in the album
-Collect and create your special album

■ The educational coloring game helps children develop skills like creativity, imagination, and agility

● Puzzles boost children’s thinking and logical skills

■ Hundreds of puzzles for children!
-Enjoy 120 puzzles – jobs, habits, animals, cars, seasons, dinosaurs
-Puzzles fit for children. Cars, dinosaurs, cute animals, and pretty pictures for girls and boys.

■ Never get bored with fun Tayo puzzles
-Pop fun flying balloons when you clear the game – from cool cars to cute animals
-Clear a total of 120 puzzle games and gather all the stars!

■ Different levels for everyone
-Puzzles help children develop their senses, memory, logic, and concentration
– Play from 6 to 36 puzzle pieces

■ Easy play for toddlers and young children
-Simple play for children of all ages. Everyone can enjoy Tayo’s puzzle games
-Choose cute animal puzzles, cool car puzzles, dinosaur puzzles, and more. There’s something for boys, girls, and adults

■ The Tayo Coloring puzzle game is a learning education game that fosters children’s sense of accomplishment, exploration, and logic!


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