- The Subway Surfers World Tour shows off some pride in San Francisco!
- Suit up with our newest hero, Super Runner Tricky, and her decked-out Trickster Board while playing through the Super Runner Staged Challenge.
- Celebrate this colorful season and all its lovely rewards with the Pride Calendar.
- Access World Tour Events and travel to different destinations while gaining amazing prizes!
- Play through the Season Hunt to unlock a new variation of a fan-favorite Surfer, Pride Miss Maia.

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Subway Surfers Game DESCRIPTION

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

– Grind trains with your cool crew!
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
– Hoverboard Surfing!
– Paint powered jetpack!
– Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
– Challenge and help your friends!

Join the most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics.

By Kiloo and Sybo.

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The game is just how I remembered it. Although, I do have one problem. Whenever I watch an ad, the sound cuts off. There is no sound until I close the app and open it again. This is only inconvenient, it barely affects the experience, but the music is still and important part of the game.


I love this game, but since last year, there are so many things added especially the quests and events, so there's alot of popups and it's annoying . It looks too over and too much once you've added so much unnecessary things to a simple, classic game. Also, when I am offline, I can't play with some characters , I don't know why. Please fix this. Anyway, I love the game overall 😊👍♥️


Great game. One problem though. Just now, I had a score of 6 million and for some reason, my game crashed when I tried to get back on. I was wondering if you guys could implement some autosave thing during your run so that whenever you accidently swipe out of the game or when the game crashes, when you reopen the game, the game gives you notice that if you would like to continue or end your run.


Entertaining enough time waster with frustrating limits on player achievement. I wanted to get Tutti, a unique player avatar, by collecting tokens. But rewards are on a timed release, so even though I have over 200 tokens I can't do anything with them. So I thought, ok, I'll complete challenges to increase my score multiplier. But turns out you have max multiplier of 30. There's a lot of "stuff" in this game, but it's all designed to disguise a lack of satisfying player progression. Frustrating.


this game is the BEST i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have played subway surfers for AGES and really its amazing its awsome for if you have some time on your hands or some time to waste. you can get really stuck into it and and i love all of the events.but there are some ads in it but they dont pop up randomly only when you click on them and you cant go off them nearly instantly usally! 10 out of 10 recoment!!


The updates are amazing, the characters have lots of diversity, and the events are replayable and not boring. This is a pretty good game overall, but my main complaint with this game is that they keep reusing the same locations over and over, it is getting annoying, they've done this 3 times already (Cairo, Oxford & Barcelona). So I would give this 5 stars, but they need new locations or revisit old locations we haven't gotten for 2-3+ years.


It's an amazing game; love the animations, the 3D stuff is great. Don't like the concept which is graffiti on a subway, but it's satisfactory and if you're bored you can do the missions. Love the characters; they've all got something unique. Just don't like the fact that when you watch an ad for a reward it says no wifi and doesn't let me. But when I skip the ad reward and go back to playing and it gives me an unskippable ad. Plus the loading screen always lags at 94%. Still, this is a must-try.


Ad integration is great! Barely any ads and the ones that show up are easily skippable. But they chose to replace ads with their own prompts. Everytime you start the app you have to dismiss at least 3 prompts if their upsells. Even randomly in between you get bombarded with repeated prompts. At some point it feels worse than ads. It's always in your face and I just end up closing the game when that happens.
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One of the few games that I enjoy playing to pass time. There are a few complaints though. I have so many characters which I never use, same for the boards, because they don't "aid" in any way to the gameplay (for this I'd say add more boards with powerups and also make the characters have some too). Biggest disappointment would be that when playing an event for a character that I already own, I get a very small reward in place of the character, like 5 keys, which can't really buy anything.


Watched a co-worker play this on our break one day and had to check it out. The game itself is fun and a great way to pass the time. My only complaint would be the amount of boosters. You pretty much have to pay in order to gain keys since you only get a few from watching ads. I also think that when you crash and get caught that you should have better ootions to restart. It's either watch an ad or lose your progress. There needs to be more options for using your coins to purchase keys.


Honestly, many have said this here but I'll add to them. The game itself is as fun as ever, but it feels like it's not the focus anymore with all of the gimmicks, and the ads cause the game to stop playing the music and sometimes crash. It gets kinda exhausting blocking all the popups as well. You're really gilding the lily, and that's a bummer.
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I LOVE THIS! it's so good for when you want to use up some time and I love all the events :) I used to play it a few years back! no ads apart from when you clicked on watch ads for coins or watch ad to revive, now there's a lot! luckily you can click off them as soon as they come up mostly apart from that it's great I recommend it!!!!


This game brings nostalgia and is good to play when you're bored. But this game has too many pop up ads and everytime I watched an ad the game sound is just gone. Please fix this bug. Another thing, I don't mind the in app purchases since they're mostly cosmetic, but when you buy a ton of keys, you can basically pay to win which kinda suck that people with money can get a higher score.


It's a great game and I've been following it since as long as I remember. A good game for time pass and daily entertainment. However I can't seem to handle annoying ad popups lately and it ruins my mood. Also I want to try and open mystery boxes but it's too slow and boring. Also after playing for a while there's no need for all the gold . I would love if the developers can make gold worthwhile, all in all a great game . I LOVE IT!


The game sound is completely gone after watching one (1) ad. I believe it must be an error, but it still is a bit annoying. The only way to have sound back is to close the app and restart. The gameplay is fun. Map designs could be improved to be less repetitive. Other than that, it's a fun game with many different goals.


I like it except for the boots, as others have stated. It really makes you hit other things and die. It saved my life like twice. I think that they should make it so the boots, if you crash with them, give the same result as the hoverboards (give you a life). As you run, you realize that it is the same track over and over, especially when you get in the millions. I dislike the ads also. Also a huge time waster. Plan on spending 30 min a day on the game.


How to ruin a perfectly fun game. Absolute classic and I was kind of shocked looking back into it after almost a decade. The core gameplay is as fun and addicting as ever, but all the gimicks, pop ups, things urging you to spend money, ads and other bloated stuff makes it so annoying to get to the gameplay in the first place and then makes you scores feel way less satisfying as you can always watch an ad to get a second chance, use an item to get a head start and so on. Quite sad.


Came back to play after just 24 hours and realized all my progeess in a tag time event were lost. I had to start all over again, which I won't do. Worst part, I would have finished the event if the game didn't force me to wait days before moving to the next level. I waited and yet all my progress vanished. Probably because I wasn't connected to the internet when I reopened the game but that shouldn't be the case. This isn't the first time either. Terrible bug in an otherwise beautiful game
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My son first downloaded it 11 years ago on our tablet. It's great they added ways to get keys faster since we last played 9 years ago. Other than that it's still the same game. Easier to play using a smart phone vs tablet. One thing I'd love to see since it really hasn't changed much in 11 years is adding twists, loops, drops/climbs in the tracks and time warps, speed ups/slow downs. Make more items and characters able to be bought with coins. I have 11 million with nothing to use them on.


I have played this game for over a few years over many accounts. This game is one of my first picks if I'm bored during a class or in general. But my main problem has been things such as, when I start up the game, you are bombarded with as much as 5 microtransactions before you have even started playing. although the ads within the app are minimal, and appear only a few times as you close certain menus, it's very random when it decides if it appears. Otherwise it's good time passer.
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