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State of Survival: Zombie War Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to State of Survival!

In a zombie post-apocalyptic world full of horror, you must quickly escape the threat of infection and the shadow of death. Here, your mission is to establish and command your own shelter, join with mighty allies, and together resist the threat of vile zombies. It’s up to you to deploy the right strategy to increase your power, smash the zombies to pieces, and launch a defense against waves of infiltration. Survival is your mission in this world of horror, where you need to find ways in which you can escape.

Your shelter is the kingdom you command and you get to be the leader of your alliance. Team up with mighty allies, recruit powerful Heroes and together launch a defense against the insurgence of zombies. You’ll need to search for resources, upgrade your shelter, and strengthen your defense to ensure that you and your allies continue to survive.

Upgrade Your Shelter: In a game where strategy is key, upgrading your shelter is critical. Upgrade your buildings, train your Troops, execute your strategy, and research tech to strengthen your defense. You can also craft Tempest Arms and Energy Conversion Units for added defense. You’ll need to gather resources to support the development of your base and increase your chances of survival.

Allies vs Enemies: In this game, you can recruit epic Heroes, establish an alliance, and fight alongside mighty allies to launch a defense of the capital. Join cross-server contests and deploy your strategy to defend against hostile enemies. Make and execute your own strategy to guard your shelter and build up your defense against the onslaught from zombies.

Epic Events: In Survival Royale, you must escape as the danger zone gradually expands, collect plunder, and equip yourself with a powerful arsenal in your defense against incoming attacks from other players to become the one and only champion. In The Path of Water, you can choose from different identities, each with its own unique buffs. This mini-game is jam-packed with strategy and full of non-stop fun. In the Feeding Frenzy, all you need to do is kick back, chill out, and have loads of fun as you smash those food blocks away, without the need to think about any strategy.

Collect Skins: Participate in all kinds of events to acquire HQ decorations, March Skins, Frames, Guardians, and all kinds of other decorations. You are in charge of your own Collections, where your stunning skins can be found. Select the skins you want to decorate your shelter and make your marches look really gnarly. In this post-apocalyptic world, you’ll escape boredom and have endless fun!

This is the beginning of a new journey of survival, a new life where you are the author of your destiny, the one who will put an end to desperation and successfully escape from horror! Your kingdom needs you right now!

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The game itself is not too bad, but customer service/ support is terrible. Had an issue where I lost 2 million battle power, and I contacted customer service, and they said they would forward my issue to the proper department. I received an automated reply message but never heard anything else or received my power back. There is no straight line for help, but just the run around. Most games have a direct link for real help but not the State of Survival.


This game is really good you can alliance with other people upgrade your settlement fight with others settlements and explore! But my only problem with this game is it's bugs the tapping lag and the connection.


Your support doesn't get back to you. They just let the "session time out". The developers have become so greedy the game play is suffering majorly. The events you need to get high places in for rewards are severely mismatched. The price of their bundles are incredibly expensive. They have cheaper bundles to buy but the items will NOT help you grow where you need to. To properly expand you have to buy the 100$ bundles. REPEATEDLY! Want to spend $50,000.00 on a game every year? Play this one.


Hands down the BEST build and battle game I've ever played. Very generous with rewards and always something to do. No Ads!! All I've spent is $5 to obtain a permanent second construction crew. But I do suggest finding a good and active Alliance to join. It makes all the difference in the world. Definitely give this game a shot.


I have been playing for a year, and to be honest, I'm sick of every time they do an update or put a new event up. I lost my army. I have to ask them to fix it.It get very old. They don't care unless you pay to play, I don't, and yes, I know enough about playing games to do on my end to try to fix it on my end If your going to take the time to play and grow slow than play I don't want to fight with a game or tech to play anymore Soon I will delete because I'm done it gets old


What happen ?? I can't log in always freeze for loading and always say connection has been lost please check your network but I'm using wifi in my house immediately fix this unsatisfied result I love this game but what happen now?? I uninstalled and install it but same result can't log in we have state vs state I didn't know if my settlement got burn


So I thought it was an amazing game until my phone and the game didn't get along. Game crashes, won't even go past the loading screen. Had to go get a tablet just to play it. And it freezes on there too. TCL equipment and this game don't mix


The game itself is good. It is when dealing with support that the problems truly occur. Had a purchase on hero fragments that arrived to the account. However, the area to summon/locate does not have said hero present thus unable to summon. Trying to submit a ticket was a pain... And then the automated system marked it complete. I still have the issue. The support is horrid.


Data Error. Worked fine for about a week. Spent about $25 USD so far upgrading my characters. I was enjoying the game when all of a sudden I couldn't log in. I get a "Data Error" message. I contacted support and did ALL of their suggestions (clear cache, repair game, etc) to no avail. Guess it's time to find another game. It's too bad because I really enjoyed this one! Beware new players... this may happen to you as well.


I was enjoying the game but right now I'm giving it a 1. I cannot log into the game or even contact support. I've tried clearing the cache in game and phone aswell as reinstall and still having the same problems. I'm using the Huawei pro lite which has worked well up until last night. I've tried to log in now for 10 hours or more ago and still no joy. If I can't rejoin the game I will have no choice but to quit which I don't wanna do really as the game is good. Sort this out and star will go up


They draw you with ads for hundreds of hero draws, but they only give you 1 every half hour, and the heros are in the same pool as every other item. Also in the most recent update, ( less than 10 days after I started ) there is seemingly no way to use those free draws anymore as the Gatcha is missing. The one upside is the tower defense style missions are interesting.


I love the game, have been playing for years. The app is terribly glitchy laggy and often freezes and kicks you from the game. It's almost impossible to play events such as RR And svs all the events that make the game fun now overload the system and its just a frozen screen. Please fix it


It is sometimes hard to get help with issues in the game like for example I don't have my Sentinel displayed (Gift Herald Std.) While the others have them displayed. I have upgraded it 3 or 4 times but it's still not showing.


Fun game for a while. The size is something to consider if you have data constraints. After the most recent update, I am unable to log in and the in-game support tickets offer an automated response (which I've done all the steps in) and close themselves. I am not sure how to recover my account from this point. Sent support emails to the parent company. Will update review.


I hope with this new update I can play the game without it lagging and kicking me like it used to. I even stopped spending money on the game because what is the use of putting money on the game when it just keep crashing. even with connection on full bars it still crashes. So, let's see if that is fixed then I will think about spending money again. Lowering another star because yesterday the game crashed back to back. Every 5 mins and I just gave up. Maybe this is why people are leaving.


The graphics and overall mechanics are neat. Almost the same as their older games, but with a revamped visual... It is a cash grabber but worth it if you're aware of it's nature... All was good for my first 3 days, but then I decided to enter a new top alliance... I was accepted and tried to relocate. The relocate fail and I tried again. On my third attempt game crashed, now it says my data is corrupted and the customer service request a specific information that I cannot get unless I am logged.


Pretty tight RTS zombie survival game, TMNT adds an interesting twist... Hard to rate right now since I've only played a few hours of it. Once I've covered more hours in game, I'll change my rating. So far, so good!


Why does it need to keep updates it so often? Almost every day nowadays and sometimes even twice. Can't you do it in once a week or one time go? It's so annoying. Do you think that every player is free and had to keep updating it so frequently? Please don't be so lazy to do so! Eventually, there are still a few problems with the game. Why don't you just fix o it first.. Aren't you keeping it simple like the beginning?


I loved the game for over a year......until now. It seems myself and a lot of Android users are having a frustrating time getting the game to load and stay. Countless crashes, uninstalls, reinstalls, cleaning the phone etc. This has been going on for at least 4 days now. Please fix it!!! The next uninstall will be the last. Many other players feel the same way. FIX IT !!!


Not working after the lastest update. Freezes at login screen, or to partial settlement loading in (nothing further). Has loaded fully only once in the last 1.5 to 2 days. Have now uninstalled, I have spent enough $ over the last few years on it and this will free up my time considering all the overload of events they keep adding to the point of ridiculousness.