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This application contains all topics in form four mathematics syllabus including but not limited to:
-Least common multiple
-Area of polygons
-Equation of a straight line
-scale drawing

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This app features form three chemistry notes
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The app has geography notes
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The app features form one to four chemistry notes
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This app features biology form two notes and sample practical activities
The application contains the following topics-Transport in plants and animals-Gaseous exchange -excretion and Homeostasis-respiration-structure and function of human skin
The app features topical revision questions and answers
This application contains all topics in form four mathematics syllabus including but not limited to:-Least common multiple-indices -area-mass-Reciprocals-Area of polygons-Equation of a straight line-scale drawing
This app contains diploma in ict notes and practical exercise
The application features the following topics-Introduction to Information communication technology-databases-micro-soft excel,spreadsheet ,access and word-Internet and emails-data and computer security
The app has chemistry form two notes
The application contains the following topics-structure of atom and periodic table-chemical families ,patterns and properties-structure and bonding-chemistry of period three elements-salts-carbon and its compounds-revision tasks
English revision notes
The app features the following topics -parts of speech that is nouns ,adjectives and interjections-formation and origin of words-introduction and types of sentences -functional writing and many more
This app features History and government topical revision questions and answers
The application contains the following topics-Introduction to history-Trade-Colonial Administration-The rise of African Nationalism-The formation and structure of the government of Kenya-Social and Economic development during colonial period-National philosophies-Local authorities-Revenue and expenditure-Contacts between East Africa and the outside world -Democracy and human rights-Establishment of colonial rule-Urbanization-co-operation in Africa-Development of Agriculture-Transport and communication-Industry-Early man-International relations-The people of Kenya up to 19th century-Constitution -National integration ,unity and conflict resolution-World wars

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Why are they not opening at all do they require data yet they are offline questions and answers but anyway it was a very good ideal


The app is nice it provides questions and answers


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This is a very nice app it is easy to understand and has great solutions for you and me


Some of your answers are not correct do something about it and also some questions and answers did not appear


Good app for math revision and guidance


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