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Komo Valley Game SCREENSHOT

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Komo Valley Game DESCRIPTION

An idle game to help you destress on the go: Komo Valley

Hatch and raise adorable Komos, then send them on exciting adventures!
Your one-of-a-kind digital pet collectible game in retro pixel art.

Hatch, Play and Collect! Each collectible comes with a unique theme. Come bask in Nostalgia paired with Cute Pixel art in this collectible pet simulation game.

Download Komo Valley now and get your Digital Pet today!

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Komo Valley Game DOWNLOAD

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For some reason when I tried to play this game, I'm unable to sign in or even skip past the main page. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's still the same. I've never played before and I'm trying to but can't even log in, please help. If I get things figured out,I'll change the review but until then, 1 star 😭


It's very cute but has a few bugs that make it almost unplayable. Often times if i leave it for longer than the wait time, it just wont give me the rewards from the adventure at all and i have to restart. Other than that it continues to play audio when the app is closed and it doesn't save my selected komo it just keeps giving me bloop


It's cute and has barely even ads I don't even think it has ads BUT it has some glitches there's 2 glitches I experienced ONE it shows I have 0 diamonds even tho i had 36 💎.TWO it showed I has no komos.EXTRA here's another one iforgot to tell you:Whenever I go to explore one of the world's my glitches komo comes back with nothing.Last one the game is also pretty boring it technically a game that Is like pokemon games.


It's cute but a little frustrating. Updates seem to remove eggs found from sending your Komo out before it, uncommon eggs / Komo are more common than common eggs (find myself struggling to get the common ones to complete each collection). Notifications don't work / seem to exist so you just have to remember to check back in. The game you can play seems to reward using more moves over less, extremely hard to 3 star compared to your average matching game. Definitely still being worked on.


Very cute! Sure i get annoyed that statistcally ive gotten more rare komo that i already have than a common that i don have, but the distribution is pretty fair. Not too addicting and always pleasant to come back to. There are a few glitches here and there but they arent too heart breaking and are typically patched by the next update. Only thing preventing a 5 star is the lack of instruction when it comes to feeding my komos, it was just introduced and thats it


This game is great! I have not experienced any glitches and it appears that most of the complaints other uses had are fixed. I do wish the mini game had a reward system or we had more things to do while waiting for our komo to return. Otherwise, I recommend.


Is okay, not a ton to do. Half the game seems to have no in game benefit that I can find and seems to be a straight up just time waster while waiting for the other part. Unfortunately not interested in it just on the merit of something to do. Not sure why it exists in this game when it's not actually helpful. Really more of a 2.5 imo, so for the sake of fairness giving 3.


Cute. I play this when I'm bored and it's actually cool, just collecting these cute lil eggs when you travel and then you get these characters with names and stuff and I can't wait to collect more. Awesome game, not too addictive which allows me to manage my screen time plus I found this because of their other game that turned out to be a false advertisement but nvm this one actually cutesie
Thank you! We're glad you find this cutesie <3


I really enjoy the style of this game! I love collecting games such as this one, and the characters are adorable. However, this game is very glitchy. The candy crush like mini game that you can play while you wait gets very glitchy very quickly. The longer I played, the slower it got, and the harder it was to even do simple things such as send my dragons out on adventures. Overall, very cute game!
Thank you for this! It keeps us motivated for sure <3


This is a very cute game and I like the designs of the Komo. I'd love there to be more minigames, though. Hope to see more things introduced in the game! Edit: realized i got this game right before today's update. I like the new dex, though it should be available to look at even if your komo are exploring, please! I'm also glad there is a reason to get extra komo of the same type.


It's kinda cute but unless your into puzzles it's super boring. I used one of my charms during one of the searchers or whatever and never got the egg and my charm got used for nothing. Sometimes when I send out the little guy I come back to find the game never saved that I sent it out. So it's pretty broken.


I wouldve spent more than 5 minutes in the game if every tap didnt make my phone vibrate. Not a light one like when youre just tippy tapping away on your keyboard either. Full text message vibration that not only disrupts any sort of game immersion but also has my anxiety spiking to check to see if ive missed a message or email somewhere @-@
We understand how annoying that must be. We're working on a solution. We hope you'll re-consider the rating once we fix the issue!


It's a nice game there's not a lot of ads, though after the first few times your pet goes on a quest, it takes a few hours. Though I don't mind waiting, also add more mini games and komos there's not a lot of them!


This app has been a living hell to me. The game has way to many bugs that need to be fixed The game is cute and all but it won't tell me when the komo comes back. I don't know if the game was supposed to be like this but this needs to be fixed immediately and if you do you I would appreciate it and give it another rating. Thank you♡
We're very sorry you've encountered issues! Please contact us at with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We'll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!


The game is cute and great! but, i've noticed that during some scenes and after opening eggs, the screen can become very zoomed in. I am on chromebook if this may or may not be the cause of the issue.


Its very cute concept, although, it needs to be polished. Its very glitchy, as in music playing over other music, invisible komos. Adding more mini games would be more interactive
Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!


good game, but more mini games should be added, and the adventure things should have different prices, like the first one (I think it's called grass valley?) Should cost less then 60 gems. Although it's a good game with loads of potential!
Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!


Decent concept, but not much to do. Would be nice to know how long until a Komo arrives back from traveling. Some bugs too, when opening the app and a Komo has returned, it will not let me claim the things found. I'll close the game and reopen, only to find that it clears the travel reward.
Thank you for the feedback, we will work on improving the experience for you :)


Very cute! However, this game is exceptionally glitchy. It takes forever for the app to actually show you what your komo brought back from its adventure, and occassionally, it will crash and not give you any rewards at all. There are times I have checked back in the app KNOWING I'm supposed to get another egg, but it simply tells me to feed my komo again when I already have, and should be getting rewards from its haul. Kinda disappointing!
We're very sorry you've encountered this issue! Please contact us at with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We'll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!


A really cute idle game that is easy to pick up, yet hard to put down. I find myself constantly checking back to see if my komo has come back with an egg that will hatch into another komo that I've yet to collect!! Only ask is that rare eggs spawn more easily, I want my rare komos 😭
Thank you so much! <3 We hope you get the Komos you want!