The “Igoupay” App is the easiest option to manage your account, make payments or top-ups and hire additional services without having to contact our service center or go to an authorized distributor.

Just download the App, log in with your user data and start enjoying all its benefits.


· Account management; Access and modify your personal data.

· Check your list of movements and details of payments.

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Packs of 3D Emojis Animated Stickers WAstickerAppsIf you like to send funny emoji stickers to your friends, you will love our app animated emojis for WhatsApp.We've compiled a great collection of emoji 3d stickers for WhatsApp with the funniest faces. In it you will find a wide variety of animated emojis and the new WAStickerApps of 3D emojis. They are incredible! 😱Enjoy the best sticker packs for WhatsApp so you can send your friends hundreds of animated emojis.This you will find in our app: 👇- Animated emojis Stickers- Big emoji WAStickerAppsand much more!Don't forget to keep the app updated to receive all future free sticker packs, we constantly add new ones!
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Tired of all the junk email you get? Try the most powerful spam filter for Android.Spamdrain protects your email from spam and junk email 24/7. Our anti-spam service is built on an artificial intelligence platform that we have tweaked and improved with the help of our amazing customers since 2004. So far, we have blocked 1.5 billion spam emails!Sign up for a 14-day free trial (no credit card needed). If you love our spam filter (as we know you will), subscribe for less than the price of a cup of coffee. STOP JUNK EMAILIf you ever asked yourself how you can stop junk email or spam from clogging up your inbox, Spamdrain is for you. Spamdrain keeps your inbox clean on all devices and operating systems by blocking unwanted or malicious email – including automated emails or phishing attempts that use malware or spyware to attempt to access your sensitive banking or credit card information. CLEAN ON ALL DEVICESConnect your email and see the magic – everywhere. Mac or PC? POP3 or IMAP? Outlook, Spark or Yahoo Mail? Spamdrain blocks..
RS-MS3A enables D-STAR QSOs with D-STAR transceivers, even with no repeater.
[Features]The RS-MS3A is an Android device application designed to expand the DV mode capability of a D-STAR transceiver using a Terminal or an Access Point mode.These modes enable D-STAR operations by sending signals from the D-STAR transceiver over the Internet, even when that transceiver is out of range of a D-STAR repeater. The transceiver sends your voice signals using an Internet, 3G, or LTE network, through an Android device.1. Terminal modeBy operating the D-STAR transceiver through the Android device, you can contact other D-STAR transceivers.In the Terminal mode, the transceiver will not transmit an RF signal, even if [PTT] is held down, because the microphone audio signal is transmitted through an Internet, 3G, or LTE network.2. Access Point modeIn this mode, the D-STAR transceiver functions as a Wireless LAN access point.The D-STAR transceiver repeats the received signal from the Android device, to other D-STAR transceivers.Refer to the instruction manual (PDF) for setting details. The instruction manual can be downloaded from the ICOM web site.(URL:[Device requirements]1 Android 5.0 or later2 Touch screen Android device3 USB On-The-Go (OTG) host function4 Public..
Take notes with your voice. Listen to texts with digital voice.
VOICE TO TEXT (Talk and write your words as text) -Thanks to "Speech Recognition" you can talk and your words will be converted into characters and written as a text on the screen. -Continuous voice recognition. -Select different results (interpretations). -Better results with Internet, but you can use without Internet (only one result). TEXT TO VOICE (Write or import text and listen to it with the robot voice) -Thanks to "Text To Speech" you can type any text which will be spoken by a digital voice. -You can add files from your device into the app and read it aloud. -Text to speech is very useful for people with no speech communication, since you can write your words and they will be read by the digital voice. -Listen to books.FEATURES -Small keyboard scrollable with interchangeable positions. -Working with files: txt. -Save notes as file, as audio. -List files. -Copy audio and text files into the app. -Share text and files to others apps on your device. (The application neither synchronize nor save files on the cloud, easily, you can share..
Start a good day with a beautiful greeting card
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Do you want to greet your friends or family more than words? Then download these stickers on WhatsApp, which contains several packaging of Teddy Bear Stickers to send to all your loved ones.The application contains a large collection of packs of teddy stickers forWhatsApp. Now, express yourself using beautiful Teddy Bear Stickers with WAStickerApps.- Download Teddy Bear StickersWAsticker and Stickers. - Click on "Add to WHATSAPP".- Confirm your work.- Open WhatsApp and go to the chat.- Click on the emoticon icon "emoji".- You will see a new poster icon below and you can now use this poster pack.- Do not forget to download the latest version of the application to use WAStickerApps- Enjoy the app and support your 5-star rating.
It is an application that will allow you
It is an application that will allow you to communicate with businesses in Pérez Zeledón, Zona Sur, Quepos and Uvita
Easy app to report problems with the electricity company.
¿Problemas con el servicio eléctrico? Con esta app ahora es más fácil y rápido reportar problemas ante la empresa eléctrica que te brinda el servicio; por ejemplo, con el alumbrado público, cobros excesivos en el recibo de luz, cortes de energía, entre otros. La información reportada se enviará a la empresa eléctrica para que resuelva el problema, y Osinergmin supervisará su cumplimiento.
Cristiano Ronaldo Stickers for WhatsApp.
Cristiano Ronaldo Stickers is an image application of one of the greatest football players of today, The CR7.Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a left winger or spearhead. He currently plays for Manchester United and the Portuguese national team.
Connecting clinicians to accept and request work in real time.
Clinician Connect is a revolutionary app that allows clinicians to accept and request work in real time. Clinician Connect eliminates the need for frustrating and time consuming phone calls. Saving this hastle and waste of secretarial time will save you money.Key features:+ Simple sign up and preference setting: In order to make clinician connect work for you, simply set up an account in a simple one off process that allows you to send, receive, and accept requests relevant to your specialty and subspecialty. In preferences you can indicate the facilities you wish to work at, and the times you are available. You can even place the app in holiday mode so you don't receive notifications for work when you are away.+ Easy to send and receive referrals: Once you are signed up sending and receiving requests is easy. To send a request for the services or to refer a patient to another clinician, simply go to the home screen tap New Request and then fill in the relevant details. The app will match the request to clinicians who match with..
Manage your Igou service. Recharge and check your balance in real time.
The "Igoupay" App is the easiest option to manage your account, make payments or top-ups and hire additional services without having to contact our service center or go to an authorized distributor.Just download the App, log in with your user data and start enjoying all its benefits.Characteristics:· Account management; Access and modify your personal data.· Check your list of movements and details of payments.

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