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High School Simulator 2018 Game DESCRIPTION

Please enjoy high school life in Japan.
You can customize boys and girls.

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Let's tap to find school girls
Operation explanationright swiperotate cameraleft swiperotate cameradouble taprun
Trial version under development
High School Simulator 2019 versionNew city and school test
Let's enjoy the high school life
The player operates the high school girls. [Instructions]AjumpAnd Bgrab / and releaseXattack / squatYcallScreen left half swipeplayer movementScreen right half swipecamera movement
Sequel of High School Simulator GirlA
The player operates the high school girls.You defeat the bad student.[Instructions]AjumpAnd Bgrab / and releaseXattack / squatYactionL/Raction selectScreen left half swipeplayer movementScreen right half swipecamera movement
Fantasy Action RPG
You can operate the knightX
Simulates Japanese high school life
Please enjoy high school life in Japan.You can customize boys and girls.
action game
Operating the high school girls.You aim at the goal.[Instructions]AjumpBgrab / and releaseXattack / squatYfighting spirit
Neko Simulator
You can operate cats.Let's defeat the zombies.
First person shooter
A classic first-person perspective game.Defeat all enemiesIt will be cleared when you shoot a star.

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Really good, I really like it but there's one problem. Please add the weapons why is it an 18+ violence when there's no violence? It's good but I'm just confused. I'm not mad or anything. Just please add the weapons,overall it's a great game.


I like the game. But the weapons are all gone. Please add it back. But overall good quality and fun game. I give it a four. I hope you add the weapons. But if it's for family friendly reasons. It's ok still good game. Keep up the nice work 🍨🍦


My favorite game, it's boring after a while this game has so much potential! Like, hello! You have the best game ever on your hands! You can add quests, add roleplaying, add more homes for you to live into, shops! Like, please don't bin this game, it hasn't been updated in 3 years.. I have to leave than come back because it's that boring. Please update this, become active on YouTube add updates to this game, or create a new High school simulator 2024! That would be so cool~


Three stars:it was better before, there would be options and t would say:Objects, Weapons. Now they got rid of it and they got rid of the weapons near the fire pit if you added these items again I would give the last two stars


Edit: If this game gets an update again, can we be able to change our faces like when we are wearing the blue outfit when we are still wearing a school uniform.


Last time I played there was weapons. Now there is none. Like where is the weapons. One thing I like is that you could kill people to put it where there is only two left. What happened to that. Plus what happened to the outfit with wings. Other than that pretty fun.


This game was such Fun! BUT BRING THE WEOPONS AND CARS BACK its ruined the game killing was the best part of the game im not playing this game till it is fixed! Hi I back it's still not been updated thus game is getting really boring PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE THUS WHY DID U REMOVE THE KILLING


This is a cool game! Although what I hate is getting shot by the police but I want to add more weapons hair and acc etc I dislike the quality but the game gets boring but I like it I would give this a 5 but is a 3 for now I hope for you to add more things and weapons on places that's all what I want thank you!


Downloaded this app a long time ago with alot of weapons. Then when I downloaded 2 years later weapons were all gone all I had was a car and a gun I had to get from the cops. Overall a good game and I love the graphics! Definitely would recommend


I like this because it is very smooth and some amazing facts also I like it very much but one thing that I don't like that is its information that I can't find that is 'gyro' option you can find on settings some more option that can't work.


I don't like it that much. I like the older model because the older model had weapons and blood but this model doesn't have blood and weapons and I don't like it. You just basically justeachers switch classes and go to clubs. You can't even do any fun stuff. Like romantic. You can't even do the fun stuff Bury dead bodies that you made.


I dont know if its just my phone but theres no weapons at all in the game not one.Also the people when your to far away turn blue or pink thats a bit annoying.Also when you like didn't press play you have to unlock the outfits but when your in the game there for free.And there should be like challenges and stuff you can do and i like how you can kill anyone but there should be challenges it will make it more fun but other then that its really good.


Completely 1 and deleting it. Where did all the weapons go? I played this game because it gave yandere simulator vibes. What are you even supposed to do. Definitely would give a zero if I could. It awful now, I only played it because it was fun with the yandere simulator vibes I hate this so much. If it's an update, delete the update it was only on iPhone. Now it's on here? Ugh. Absolutely hateful.


It's a good game but the weapons got token out so there is no use for it to be a yandere type game the only way I was able to "k!ll" was driving a cop car(any car really works) into the students and k!ll!ng cops by the car and getting their gun which sucks. I still play it it would be better if you could put the weapons in a shed so it's more hidden but have it at The gate.


It's not very good in My opinion. if u say to remove the blood, in the settings it basically does nothing at all. Second the teachers can get your weapon and everywhere us ads. Third the vehicles glitch ALOT, and I meant that by if u jump in a vehicle, u basically can fly now. Fourth there are almost no things and can get bored easily, fifth on apple u don't have access to weapons but I have something, maybe even samsung also no weapons, turn off ur wifi go in game and u equip all hairs, magic.


Thank you soooooo much for adding the weapons and vehicles back😊😊🙌💞💕really love this game. But I noticed that the karate costume is gone. You can only get it when you join the karate club. Okay, I have some ideas for this game, what if we bring magic to this game 🦄🐉🍄🌈 that would be fun lol😂


It's an okay game, I think just a few things need fixing, like if you're a far distance from people, it'll show a blue and pink model, and weapons should be in places like a knife if the kitchen, and other stuff, also I think there should be more clubs, and if your misbehaving or something peoples reactions should show and text instead of !, and it needs more details. It would be great it'll get a 4 star, but if you add stuff like that, it'll get 5 stars. Also, there should be a task for people


While the first few times playing were fun, it lost it when there were only 2 ways I could kill people since I couldn't get weopons, I feel like it could be better with a few things 1-Actual challenges, the game has no real challenge as you can kill anyone with no real consequences 2-Debug options, While being able speed up time and super jump is nice I feel it be better if there were more debugs like ghost mode or auto kill all 3-More indepth tutorial or how to play section


This game has a lot of potential. However I think the update was unecessary. The whole fun of the game were the different weapons, vehicles ect. Now that these are gone, the game has no point. It's just a map with NPCs. If you want this game to be playable, bring back the different weapons and maybe give it a purpose. I also think the police feature is nice but it doesn't really do anything. The police are called and then stand on top of the corpses and then they go back.


I redownloaded the game just to remember those times when I used to play this game with my friends. But unfortunately, there are no weapons! I looked through the review section if anything happened and well they had a new update! This is disappointing. I'm starting to feel like that I should not update anything before checking on with the update. Overall, I am very dissapointed. Will gladly change it to 5 star if anything nice has been added.