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Clipboard Manager App DESCRIPTION

I hope you like application “Clipboard Manager”!
Clipboard Manager is simple and powerful application to manage your clipboard, keep history, fast access to your notes in history, etc.
Just copy your text anywhere and clip will be added to history.
The advantages of the application
• Neat, easy to install
• Auto saves everything you copy
• Show notification when you copy (support under android 10 devices)
• Create new, edit and delete clipboard so easy
We are continuing to improve the application to bring you a better experience. Thank you for using the application “Clipboard Manager”

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Just copy your text anywhere and clip will be added to history
I hope you like application "Clipboard Manager"!Clipboard Manager is simple and powerful application to manage your clipboard, keep history, fast access to your notes in history, etc.Just copy your text anywhere and clip will be added to history.The advantages of the application• Neat, easy to install• Auto saves everything you copy• Show notification when you copy (support under android 10 devices)• Create new, edit and delete clipboard so easyWe are continuing to improve the application to bring you a better experience. Thank you for using the application "Clipboard Manager"
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Clipboard Manager App DOWNLOAD

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Worst clipboard app don't waste your time way too many ads, and NOT EVEN IN ENGLISH! This was poorly designed. DELETED IMMEDIATELY! WASTE OF TIME!!!


in a different language


apple keep a doctor away


Just wasn't what I was looking for.


I appreciate that adds are needed to keep apps free but this app has an excessive amount


Instantly find your saved junk and good stuff.


container ads. I do not find an option to remove ads


it's good and very informative app


the app is great,whenever i try cope paste,it always work out just in few second,thats why i rates it 5🌠


I do not understand your app and too many ads man change that or else it remin like this


There are no words adequate enough to express what a piece of crack Well this isn't the word I was looking for, it is an accurate description of what this app is. It is not worth any of the time or effort you need to put into it in order to get something out ofbitch.There's just not enough here to bother with much less fulfill the purpose of looking at download managers. Good luck with most of these apps. It's like the junk draw collection every house has. Yet use Infrequently. Good luck. 😭


Ads ads and more ads, I can appreciate the need for ads in free apps, but this goes beyond the pale, many ads are placed in such a way as to make you think you are clicking on an app feature, very smarmy and unappealing. Also insinuated this was a Google product, it's not... Uninstalled after a few minutes.


This app is riddled with too many ads, I understand the importance of ads for the developer, but if there are too many of them then an app becomes useless. You can't even navigate around the app without an ad come popping out from nowhere.


I have observe and experience that clip board manager is easy to use


I'm not sure how how to get rid of the deleted clips. Guess I need lessons. I will ask a friend and see IF she can help me.


I installed to make my work more efficient and faster. No way with this add ladden app. Every menu click or choice where the screen changes you'll be greeted with a timed add. It also inserts add into your clipboard text. Very abusive. Spent all my experience waiting for adds to clear and looking for add removing purchases. Nope can't even buy your way out of the adds. I'm using a pixel and Gboard. I wonder how much is Google sticking its nose in. Overall conpleat fail. Gave it a 2


Every time you do something on the app you get an ad. It lasted for 1 minute on my phone.


The most useless app I've ever seen You haven't done anything but you've watched more than 10 ads videos rubbish app


No way to get it working! All it does is pressuring me to sign up for Google Wallet.


I wanted access to Clipboard. This app seems to do nothing except send my content to others.