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A new universe is being born in the solar system: U2
U2 threats the planets balance.
Enter to the center of this universe with your ship and destroy the rockets and flying saucers feedeng the U2.
You must learn how to orient yourself in U2

Levels from 1 to n…

Tap on R (Reset) to return to level 1.

When you stop the application (Back key) the actual level and UFOs remaining are saved.

SIMILAR to AndrU2 Game

Piano Tap is developed to fulfil everyone's piano dreams. Tap the black tiles.
Anime Fairy Tail Piano Tap is developed to fulfil everyone's piano dreams.Don't touch on the white tiles, tap the black tiles to keep the song going.If you love piano or music, you will enjoy this piano tap app.All piano lover should download this piano tap app!DISCLAIMER:Anime Fairy Tail Piano Tap is an unofficial fan application.It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Anime Fairy Tail, or his record label.This app does not include any copyrighted material.The piano melodies are arranged with individual piano notes..For entertainment purposes only.
Survive as a circle in this spiky world.
Tap to switch rotation direction of the circle to avoid dangerous obstacles. Any contact with spikes, lasers, blades or blocks is fatal for the circle. Only the most skilled players will be able to reach the end. Fast reflexes, accuracy and spatial thinking is required.⚡ Each rotation switch costs 1 charge. The more charges you save, the more points you get. Total score defines your position in daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards. Compete with your friends and other players.😅 Despite the simple one-tap gameplay, the game is very dynamic and hard to master.⏳ You can use slow-motion power-ups to get through tricky spots.🎧 During this journey you are accompanied by an awesome original synthwave soundtrack.Supports Google Play Games Services:✔ Leaderboards.✔ Achievements. For each unlocked achievement you also get a new skin for the circle or a color theme as a reward.✔ Cloud Saves. Sync your progress across multiple devices.SupportFor any suggestions or to report bugs, please contact [email protected] me on social media:➤ Facebook➤ Twitter➤ Instagram
Dive into ragdoll parkour world of flips and tricks
Become a Backflip Master!Backflip Mastera dynamic game with unique gameplay, on the basis of physics character. A full ragdoll system gives you madness in the game. Come locations performing extreme jumps and stunts. The Parkour system helps you unlock your tricks skills.Backflip master have a lot of trickspike, scissors, candle, flip, reverse bentDive into the mad world of extreme jumps and stunts!
Don't wake up!
Make your player have better dreams by taking pillows and other sweet items. To not wake him up try to avoid alarms clocks and other noisy things. To avoid nightmares do not let him think about stressful subjects like work or spiders!
Onet new animal with cute animal.
Onet New Animal is a onet classicConnect-2 puzzle.How to play Onet Animal ?- Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected within 3 lines.Features:- Classic game play- nice graphic.If you like connect / matching game, then your will love to play Onet New Animal.Download Free game now and enjoy!Have fun of playing!
Emotion and hours of entertainment with the new arcade game
QUELMAN is a splendid game that It combines arcade action and ability to solve puzzles and riddles.LITE VERSIÓN:* Please note this is the light version of QUELMAN, as they have reduced the sound effects to reduce the size of the application, leaving only 2.7 Mb.GAME: * To overcome the screens, the QUELMAN must eat all the dots and avoid being caught by the ghosts and dodging danger zones.* To achieve this, you have to find the keys that open secret doors, teleport to inaccessible places and at all times, avoid the enemies.MORE TIME: * Includes over 100 screens all levels. * Organized in 3 distinct phases: Apprentice, Normal and Expert. ARCADE AND PUZZLES: * Excitement, speed, strategy and puzzles; you should eat all the points; But you know find the way to achieve this? * The ghost chasing you and you must avoid them to overcome the screens. CONTROLS: * To make the moves you just have to move your finger over the screen in the direction you want to go. * Easy, intuitive and versatile.RECORDS: * Share your best..
Hungry cave dude is hungry!
Let's go back to the Pre-historic Age, and look how the caveman survive from the dangerous that’s lurking all around. Help the cave dude in his quest for food, help him defend against sabertooths and collect keys to advance to next level. In this platformer you will find a beautiful scenery with clever designed levels and several angry bosses. Tips.- Try to jump over the cliff- Double jump to jump higher- Collect drumsticks for energy/hunger- Get as many sunstones as you can, you’ll need themFeatures.- Music on/off- Effects on/off- 5 beautiful maps with 5 levels in each: Forest, Cave, Savannah, Swamp and Desert
Use fishing skills & hunt like crazy in this popular Fish Storm Jackpot game!
Time to face Fishing Storm Jackpot! Looking for a Fishing experience with many free coins? Want to hit big rewards & become a real golden fishing master? Fishing Storm Jackpot won't let you down! Download Fishing Storm Jackpot, enjoy a fun & exciting arcade fishing game!Play the classic & addictive arcade fishing game for free. Fish to gain experience to upgrade your turret bet. The higher the turret bet, the higher the probability of catching fish. Plan carefully & make the most of the various fishing cannons to improve your fishing skills!Aim & catch all kinds of fish in this exciting fishing adventure. Unlock higher-level cannons, fight with Big Boss in the sea! It is a fun arcade fishing game where endless underwater treasures are waiting for you to find! Are you ready? Come to Fishing Storm Jackpot, experience this classic & exciting fishing game, enjoy the thrill of becoming a millionaire in an instant! FEATURES- A classic arcade fishing game, compete with three players to see who is the real fishing master!- Upgrade your fishing cannons. Rookie Cannon, Cultivation..
Play the scary granny horror games & enter into world of walking dead survivors.
Scary granny home escape gamesAre you looking for free scary granny games, siren head games, or even home escape survival games? Then you will love our new hide and seek granny games by Elpis games. Here we present a scary granny house escape games- the death park 2022 in the dark city. Your car got crashed and you have to spend nights in the house of rabbit horror game find right door of home escape. Granny will trap you in their home and you have to escape carefully before they caught you and kill you in upcoming crazy hospital mode. So defend yourself in scary games for free. She trap many other people and your task is to rescue and free them from her cage and also help them to get away from her house. You play as a normal man who lives in her scary home games and is so good in your normal life. You decide to find out whats are going on in a scary granny housethe horror games 2022. Get inside the rooms and hide yourself..
Sniping multiplayer simulator military class!
Feel like a real sniper! Hit right on target!Compete with other playersshow who is more accurate and faster!Distance, weather, wind, target movementall of this must be considered before a sniper shot.Game Features:Multiplayer.Scope adjustment.Multiple levels.Additional instruments to provide an accurate shooting.21 rifle with the possibility of improvement.Various camouflage.Skill systems.Three main modes:1. Arcadedirect shot.2. Neutral with gravity.3. Full sniper simulator with an amendment to the gravity and wind in the sights.
Help for astronomical observations
Help for astronomical observations at your sky location with small scopes or binoculars.The user can enter up to 900 objects in this format: magnitud;RA;Dec;descripción;
This app is a Zoetrope (3D/anaglyph), an old animation device
The Zoetrope is an old animation device that uses an image strip to simulate motion.For best results use strips with 12 images.Select strips from your gallery or use the samples included in the application.Drag horizontally to change rotation speed.Drag vertically to change view.
U2, a new universe in the solar system
A new universe is being born in the solar system: U2U2 threats the planets balance.Enter to the center of this universe with your ship and destroy the rockets and flying saucers feedeng the U2.You must learn how to orient yourself in U2Levels from 1 to nTap on R (Reset) to return to level 1.When you stop the application (Back key) the actual level and UFOs remaining are saved.
Android Fractal generator 2D, 3D and anaglyph.
Julia and Mandel fractals in 2D, 3D and anaglyph.With 18 predefined samples and 14 paletts (two user defined)User can make macros to generate fractals and manipulate the fractal image
Combat Flight Simulator.
- G-Sensor (0 or 45 degrees)- Three levels- Two Airports- 10 enemy aircraft attack airport-1- Another 10 attack the airport-2 (East)- Takeoff from airport-1 and try to shoot them down in the minimum time- Watch air speed to avoid stallingAirport-1 has ILS for landing (North)- Tap on right/left screen to change view- Tap on crosshair to center view.
Take two photos (left and right) to create a real 3D anaglyph image.
Use red-cyan glasses.Keep your device always horizontal.To take the second picture the camera should move to the right about 70 mm (1).This displacement must be done parallel to the ground and without changing the camera tilt.There are three types of help for the first photo and the displacement for the second one:1: The horizontal line must be green (roll).2: The vertical line must be green (pitch).3: On the screen overlays the first picture to serve as a reference.(1) When using the front camera, the displacement should be to the left.
A programmable water fountain
The water fountain has 9,17 or 33 nozzles, 6 different patterns and automatic color and movement.The program has access to water flow, colour, position and vertical/horizontal angles of each nozzle.Fountain can be synchronized with music
Break and burn your screen
Break and burn screen simulation.User may break screen with or without androids release
Fantasy and relax painting.
- Adjust the mirror, thickness, transparency, colors and effects.- Drag slowly to draw on the screen.- Your drag speed strongly influences the final result.- 3D Render and anaglyph.
Play with plasticine in a three dimensional environment.
Choose colors and add / remove plasticine material.


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