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Weapon Survivor Game SCREENSHOT

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Weapon Survivor Game DESCRIPTION

Merge weapon parts.
Assemble weapon parts to create better gun!

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Weapon Survivor Game DOWNLOAD

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Only🐖 time waste


There's an ad after every 20 seconds level. Gameplay is cool, simple, but there's more ad time than game time


Terrible game overall and the ads are UNBEARABLE. If you thought you played a game with bad ads this will beat it in ads 10 fold. 1 star for a reason


Was relatively good until they completely removed the ability to manually switch to different weapon tables and use different guns. Also, now I can't upgrade the Optic on my only usable gun without watching an ad which isn't physically possible because it refuses to load no matter the connection quality. Very sad the game has changed so much in all the wrong ways because it was fun to play when bored, but now I won't be playing it any further.


Funny shooter where you assemble a gun and try to shoot as many targets as you can. Boss fights would be nice.


Good game to take up time but no real change while playing


It's a fun game and addicting but needs an update. I have everything fully upgraded and haven't even reached level 100 yet.


Great time, killer no ads lvl 235 works nice update with new combinations 🔥🔥🔥 add more space where u build weapons 😀


Pretty good game surprisingly no ads but how come the lvl 4 gun in the machine gun table not fit


I like the game so much but if you could try to get different guns and magazines and maybe I'll make the 3* to a 5*thank you for changing it have a great day and be safe


Contains 20 minutes of game play before reaching the max gun level, does work offline, 3/10


The whole game can be completed in 15 minutes


The app is not difficult I wish it was but there is NO ads which is super surprising but there is no point in playing after lvl.60 and there is only 5 guns so you max out quickly then the max coins is 60🥱🥱🥱then the maps are the exact same I only played for 10min and I finished the game so it needs more guns and different lvls and then you get bored fast so that is all.


I finished the game in 10 minutes can you update the game so that you move time to finish levels instead of the same level over and over again


It's a fun game no adds when I played but I Maxed out what I could build for a gun pretty quickly


It's a fun game very simple not a lot of ads which is surprising for a mobile game, but there is almost nothing to do, beat the game really quick getting all upgrades and even getting each weapon tier, nothing to do anymore


Earn too little, not enough space for gun upgrades, I reached the last gun. Needs more guns with more space for crafting


Played till about lvl 60 and after that there was no point


Shows promise to be fun but needs work. The movement is wonky and the game customization buggy. It keeps trying to make me do things but doesn't allow these actions to be completed, more then that it refuses to let me play more till I do the impossible task.


At the current state, it's not very fun, the idea is cool but the game is way too repetitive and there is barely any progression, the levels don't change at all except for the enemies strenghts but after the first 30 or so levels they stay at the same strength, and also a way to pay coins to expand how large you can make your guns. Also please add omething to the levels because they are very boring and also I love that there is no ads