- Check available Bluetooth devices.
- Bug fixed in Bluetooth connect / disconnect.
- Solved minor errors & bugs

Bluetooth Battery Indicator App SCREENSHOT

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Bluetooth Battery Indicator App DESCRIPTION

Monitor your percentage battery of your Bluetooth devices that are connected to your phone like Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth pods, Bluetooth Buds, Bluetooth Headsets, and more. Switch Bluetooth pairing between devices.

App Features :

– Checks the remaining battery level of the connected Bluetooth devices to the smartphone.
– Connect and disconnect Bluetooth audio devices like headset, pods & wireless devices.
– Check list of connected Bluetooth devices.
– Get Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator on notification bar.
– Add Wireless Bluetooth Battery widget on mobile home screen.
– Change the volume of media and Bluetooth volume from the app.

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Get details of battery level of your connected Bluetooth audio devices.
Monitor your percentage battery of your Bluetooth devices that are connected to your phone like Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth pods, Bluetooth Buds, Bluetooth Headsets, and more. Switch Bluetooth pairing between devices. App Features : - Checks the remaining battery level of the connected Bluetooth devices to the smartphone.- Connect and disconnect Bluetooth audio devices like headset, pods & wireless devices.- Check list of connected Bluetooth devices.- Get Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator on notification bar.- Add Wireless Bluetooth Battery widget on mobile home screen.- Change the volume of media and Bluetooth volume from the app.
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Bluetooth Battery Indicator App DOWNLOAD

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Just used to play adss. Not working


U can't even test the app properly add after add🤦♂️🤦♂️ don't worst your time downloading this app


Doesn't work


Terrible not working+lots of ads you cannot use how much ads have even if working avoid


DO NOT BUY AS ALL BATTERIES NOT SUPPORTED, FRAUDULENT Paid for the app and wifi app. My watch 4 will not work in the app, but it does fine in the wear app. This app claims it not supported A refund request as it seems useless


Ad Campaign renders the app useless. Too many in-your-face ads while trying to use the app. Takes to long just to simply start the app.


Not sure if will work.. can't set for me earphones.. just mi band comes up. Ahhh pls


Trash, don't wasste your time, it's only to promote ads nothing else


Not showing accurate bluetooth battery percentage.


This app doesn't work and pumps you full of ads. One of the worst apps I've tried in my life.


Can't click something without seeing a ad everytime I try to see if it works. At this point I gave up trying to get it to work, was spending more time watching ads than watching the battery of my device which is literally what the app suppose to do


Fake app Too much of ads. Not recommended.


Rubbish please just download for any Bluetooth reasons or so ever


Wouldn't show battery status, no visible actual control panel, started displaying weird AI ad and wouldn't stop. Uninstalled within five minutes. Not using this product or manufacturer ever again.


One of the very WORST running apps to have ever existed. NOBODY LIKES ADDS, YOU ARE ALL RUINING THE INTERNET!!! ESPECIALLY GOOGLE!


The ads was to much an the app didn't auto rotate


Very slow to load, and then hardly loads or functions once on. Does give battery percentage and volume. Clearly more ads than features.


Doesnt even see my paired devices. Let me be clesr here: If it cant work without me hacing to do some odd configurarion, its not worth nessing with to begin with.


App does not work, ads are cool


Very good app but it shows too many ads and I cannot use it.