We are always making improvements to the app, so you can focus on the important stuff - delivering orders and earning money!
With this update we:

- Improved the performance of the app and fixed more bugs.

Stay safe and ride on!

Foody Rider App App SCREENSHOT

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Foody Rider App App DESCRIPTION

“As a Foody partner you earn money by delivering orders to local customers!

You choose your own schedule and earn per journey, whenever and wherever it suits you.

Sound good?! All you need to do is sign up via the app and follow the simple steps to register. No previous experience is needed.

What else?! We offer:
– Bonuses 💸
– Refer a friend rewards 🚴🤝🚴
– Efficient order system – no more waiting for orders ⏰
– Easy scheduling 🗓️
– Clear overview of hours and earnings 💰

Download the app, become a partner, receive the activation bonus and start earning money immediately! 💵”

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Taking photograph a waypoint/object then add UTM coordinates or geographical location. (Support collecting data for Civil Surveyor, LAND SURVEYOR, Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Transportation/Traffic Engineer, GIS Engineer)The typical functions of UTM Camera:★ UTM Map CameraGeo Camera: View your photos and their geo positions on a world map★ UTM Map CameraGeo Camera: Manage images with information: location, address, orientation, compass, magnetic fields,★ UTM Map CameraGeo Camera: Automatically determine current position then calculate the coordinates of object on picture.★ UTM Map CameraGeo Camera: Support many common coordinates systems ★ UTM Map CameraGeo Camera: you can add your private coordinates systemsPremium version: No ads, unlimited projects
Raon Mobile Security, the reliable sheriff of my phone created by a white hacker! Mobile antivirus/security card wallet/security launcher/touch lock/mobile optimization completely free without ads!
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Foody app - become a courier and earn money with every delivery!
"As a Foody partner you earn money by delivering orders to local customers! You choose your own schedule and earn per journey, whenever and wherever it suits you. Sound good?! All you need to do is sign up via the app and follow the simple steps to register. No previous experience is needed. What else?! We offer:- Bonuses 💸- Refer a friend rewards 🚴🤝🚴 - Efficient order systemno more waiting for orders ⏰- Easy scheduling 🗓️- Clear overview of hours and earnings 💰Download the app, become a partner, receive the activation bonus and start earning money immediately! 💵"
Foody is the # 1 app for delivery in Cyprus!
Foody is the easiest way to order from 2100+ stores in all cities of Cyprus, for delivery or take away!You can order souvlaki, burgers, crepes, gyros, pizza, coffee and much moreBeyond the above, on Foody you can find supermarkets, kiosks, wineries, butcheries, bakeries and baby products.Do you need any more reasons? We have them!-Find exclusive offers-Pay online-Filter by category-Shop on Recommended storesGet the app and order now :)FoodyThe easiest way to orderIn case you have any questions you can send us an email at

Foody Rider App App DOWNLOAD

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Very good application




very good apps


v bad


Very poor service 😢


i am happy with this app. thx


App issues Support problem Some time 😜 Payment what system showing not correct or Regular showing correct payment When drop showing deferent payment means less


The best


Totally waste app every new updates after update nothing new very time networking issues. Wrong location pin


If there is any rubbish app in Cyprus that was foody app.


Easy to use and friendly😊 Foody is the Best Delivery


Wrong money counting, worst than the privies version, less payment than one year ago!




Good app


ZERO COMPETITION regarding quality of service. Better is I think NO SUBSTITUTE available