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Machala GPS Rastreo App DESCRIPTION

Car Tracking: 🛰

– Real time monitoring
– Speed control
– Geofences
– POI Points of Interest
– Web platform and Android / Iphone application available 24 hours a day
Sent via Mail and Notification by APP

– Km Traveled
– Times of Stops
– Times in Motion
– Fuel control liter / km

And many more options that are useful for the control of fleets and assets.
– Download reports in Excel or Kml

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Car Tracking: 🛰💻📲MONITORING *- Real time monitoring- Speed control- Geofences- POI Points of Interest- Web platform and Android / Iphone application available 24 hours a daySent via Mail and Notification by APP📝REPORTS *- Km Traveled- Times of Stops- Times in Motion- Fuel control liter / kmAnd many more options that are useful for the control of fleets and assets.- Download reports in Excel or Kml

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