- Upgrade front glass shader
- Adding Mod Vehicle info
- Optimization
- Bug fixes (Tour route, etc)

- Big update on graphic quality
- Vehicle damage and repair system
- Vehicle dirtiness and washing system
- New cities (in kalimantan, sulawesi & sumatera)
- Map assets management system for storage optimization

Bus Simulator Indonesia Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Bus Simulator Indonesia(截图1)【图】Bus Simulator Indonesia(截图2)【图】Bus Simulator Indonesia(截图3)

Bus Simulator Indonesia Game DESCRIPTION

Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) will let you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and authentic way. BUSSID might not be the first one, but it’s probably one of the only bus simulator games with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment.

Below are some of Bus Simulator Indonesia top features:

– Design your own livery
– Very easy and intuitive control
– Authentic Indonesian cities and places
– Indonesian Buses
– Cool and fun honks
– “Om Telolet Om!” (Uncle, honk your horn, uncle!
– High quality and detailed 3D graphics
– No obstructive ads while driving
– Leaderboard
– Data saved online
– Use your own 3D model using vehicle mod system
– Online multiplayer convoy

With the release of Bus Simulator Indonesia in 2017, this is only the beginning, we have been and will always be updating the game and improving players experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download and play game Bus Simulator Indonesia now!

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Bus Simulator Indonesia Game DOWNLOAD

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Indonesian developer made such a great game same as ETS2, Decent graphics quality and realistic weather quality, wow this new update of 4.0.4 has enhanced its quality more than before. Now driving system is more smooth and easy, breaking system is more quicker than before, it can reach at 40 km/h from 100 km/h or more by pressing the break within 3 seconds, for this reason it is more realistic, but sun rises and set or down or sun light should be improved and bus pipe's air.


The only "bad" things that definitely needs to be fixed/improved are: 1. Steering controls ( I like using the steering wheel in these type of games but in this game the steering wheel can be sometimes snappy specially when u release ) 2. Traffic Ai ( the vehicles sometimes accelerate and break WAY TOO FAST ) Thats all the things that I can think of as "bad" right now but they barely affect gameplay [hence the quotation (")].


Routes are very long in new update. Also, there are lags. Make mirrors of all other vehicles transparent. Close the train crossing at least a minute before train comes. Currently, train crosses even before the gates close. Make trains longer. Currently, the traffic overtakes only in the direction we are moving; add the feature that incoming vehicles also overtake each other.


Toll gates not opening in any routes after paying 5000 or watching an ad. But the game is not more realistic. Graphics are good. Mods are available. The reality of simulation is missing in the game. How can we reach 140 kmph in just 30 seconds. The breaking system is super fast and not realistic. Even steering the wheel at 100km is not realistic. Mistakes are still there. Country side road is missing. Please remove the buildings on some routes and also place the speed limit on side roads


Everything is good but except for the AI cars, they don't respond to blinkers. For examples when I'm trying to change lanes they would just ignore it and crash into me, or when I'm trying to turn right or left and I would slow down, they would just crash into me. Also when they crashed into each other they would just stop in place and block up the road. But overall a good game.


Good game ever! When I downloaded it I was shocked that this is a mobile game... It is really amazing. But I request the team to reduce the price of the things in the game, reverse camera in the display shown on dashboard of the vehicle and when rain starts if the vehicle is dirty, the dirt should be vanished/cleaned. If these were there... it is best simulating game. Thanks for the game!!


This game is more enjoyable than other games. I love it to be played, but I have found a small big on it. When we used to we free insert of paying then ads play and the game sound uses to be gone and not game sound used to came until the map loading doesn't came or saving the game and gone to home. I hope you will fix it bug as soon as possible and please bring a beta of the new update, which helps to find a bug and fix it before releasing the stable version.


This game is amazing! Best game ever best graphics best physics but there are just 2 things that need to be fixed 1. Livery problem in multiplayer mode I have noticed a lot of times that my livery just won't load in multiplayer mode it would just be the normal livery it like resets. I don't know if this problem is to me or if it's happening to others too. 2. Smart traffic issue Sometimes when I am crossing lanes, some Vehicles would stop but then from the other lane other vehicle crash in bus


There is a very large improvement in the graphics quality, environmental details, and some other stuff in this update, but there are some issues. The first is the dirt system. It's a great detail, but make sure to lower the time that gets dirt on the bus, at least an hour before it starts. The NPC cars sometimes don't break and crash into the bus. I also like some details on the road, like pedestrians walking, it's to liven up the roads a bit. Or just put them in tourist spots.


Nice game, nice graphics, lots of mods, very nice maps, good customization, and settings. But theres a few bug fixes that i need your team to fix, 1.) The dirt system, the dirt system in the game, is kinda broken it just gets your car dirty very fast so please make it slower this time. 2.) Radio and Music, ok, the music is really bugged like we can not download songs because of a "File not Found!" So yeah, that's my review on this new 4.0 update. I hope you are reading my review, Maleo Team!


Gameplay is good and it's still playable to low-end devices like my phone(Vivo y01 2gbram+32gbrom). My only concern is the saving data, because I bind it to my gmail account and when I uninstalled and reinstalled it again, my progress is gone even though I added my back-up account(gmail) to it. Also, In tour missions, I usually get stuck to a specific map or sometimes experiecing crashes to it especially when I'm doing the +300k tour mission. Please fix this issues. I really love your game:)


Overall the latest update is great. The major problem in this update it the tilt steering. It is not as smooth as the 3.6 version. It is very stressful to drive specially in straight roads. Ever since the 3.7 update I had this problem up until now. Also, the npc cars sometimes doesnt brake ending up hitting you and damaging your bus. Also please make the bus get dirty even more slower. I hope you fix all these especially the tilt steering because its hard to enjoy driving that way. Love from PHI


1) The map in sulawesi and the app keeps crashing especially at mamuju and palopo. I like this game a lot but this crashing causes an unpleasant experience in the gameplay. Pls look into this. 2) Amazing work with new route, graphics. Both look very clean. New element like repair, and car wash add to realistic experience. Great works by Devs.


This game is the best bus simulator that I have played but there is an issue with the steering wheel. It does not respond well. It does not give you a good experience compared to a real steering wheel. The older version steering was better. It does not respond to your swipe immediately when it is in the middle, and whenever you are making a turn, it stops when it comes in the middle and you have to swipe it slightly more to be able to turn. Fix this issue rapidly please 🙏. Thank you so much


After the repairing update, the game has become a lot more nicer and cool. But if you don't have enough money for the repairs there is an option to watch ads and repair but after watching and wasting 30 sec of my life it freezes and then when I reload the same thing happens. Please fox this immediately and also for the washing system ads and during travelling the loading screen doesn't pop up and the black screen appears after an ad and then when I reload the game it takes me back. Please fix


Game is great. I am enjoying the new updates with more scenery and routes. Graphics have improved. I would like to suggest you to fix a small bug. While raining the wiper blades do not wipe away the water and the drops are apparent on the windshield. So that is why it is hard to see the road. And I would like to request you to introduce more buses with realistic sound and interior. 🙂 Thanks to the team for developing such a lovely game. 😁🙂🙂😁


The new update is beyond expectation but there are few problems that i need to point out. First, is the dirtiness of the bus. If you could lessen the duration of the bus getting dirty because it is annoying when you just finish washing but then it goes back to dirty with just few minutes. Just lessen the time and the amount of dirt on the bus because it makes unrealistic on the end. Second, the repair system if you could at least enable the repair in 95 percent of the damage. So far it is good.


This game is eventually good , however the 4.0 update , somehow the custom livery sticker cannot be seen on the windshield , and there's a lot of unreal and annoying effects like dirt effects comes rapidly and more bugs also. Hope the developer can fix the bug , add dirt and crash effects on off option. And then update to 4.0.1. Thank you.


After a long period of waiting time, thank u so much for this great update. U guys did an amazing job. Graphics, controlling everything looks cool. Inspite of all these good things, we're facing some minor issues like we are unable to play the game if we rotate our horizontally to the left. Besides we're unable to wash our buses with game money. Please solve these bugs, thank u once again


UNINSTALLING it. Not working. No new maps nor old maps working after update even I've downloaded all maps on my device. There is a lot of lagging, app stuck at every ending a map even I've set graphics at low & 30 fps. Old version was better than newer. Thnx for ur app till today, it was amazing experience. Nice graphics & handling. Super Best simulation ever I've played.