network: improve latency (hopefully)
cloud: disable iap, use rewarded videos to unlock content
input: fix non clickable ui elements on some devices
ui: fix server listing refresh when exiting game
ui: fix counters able to buy ak47
misc: multiple fixes and improvements

MiniStrike Game SCREENSHOT



MiniStrike is a funny “multiplayer third person shooter”

MiniStrike is a tribute to counter-strike, with a big concern on game-play

•Team vs Team
•Intense gameplay
•Intuitive controls optimized for mobile
•Weapons property like damage over distance, moving accuracy, recoil…
•Player hit box (HS!)

Play with your friends (multiplayer only)

•10 players simultaneously (5 vs 5)
•Play online (3G, Wifi)
•Play local (Wifi, Hotspot)
•Create or join a server

Host your own server

Download and run your own MiniStrike server now


•This is a beta test, things can go wrong !
•Prefer wifi over cellular (3G/4G) for a better experience
•Prefer a server located in your country for a better experience
•Configure controls from the option menu
Visit the official MiniStrike website


SIMILAR to MiniStrike Game

THE MOST EXCITING FPS GAME – GUN STRIKEYou are as a battle-hardened mercenary to fight enemies using a variety of weapons. Totally 22 weapons,grenade and 4 armors can be bought in store. To make money by completing more tasks to buy better equipments. There are 80 levels in 8 maps and 2 extra funny games. And a number of game achievements and online leaderboards, players can join with the global rivalry.
** The most exciting FPS game - Gun Strike ** new sequel debuts.
The most exciting FPS gameGun Strikenew sequel debuts.Gun Strike 2 is a Third Person Shooter(TPS) that designed for fans of FPS, shooting games, action games. You will portray as an experience mercenary, equipped with all kinds of weapon to challenge various shooting assignments.There will be 27 different types of mercenary, 41 types of rifle, handgun, and grenade to choose from. Player can use their rewarded points and prizes to upgrade their own team and gears to compete with other worldwide players in Google Play Game Service for the Best Mercenary Title.[Game Characteristic]Reflect Real Weapon Characteristic-Let player experience the firing and explosive power of automatic weapon, handguns and grenade thru game simulation.-In the course of level up, player can enhance the weapons power, stability, and speed, as well as equip sniper scope and grenade launcher.-Prior to weapon purchase, player can test them in shooting range with moving targets, cans, and bottles.Various Shooting Assignments-A mixture of tactical assignments such as Base Defense, Enemy Territory Assault, Survival, Hunting, Hostage Rescue, Scientist escort, and Enemy Boss Challenge.-Actual game play are set in worldwide battlefields..
MiniStrike, a funny counter-strike tribute for android !
MiniStrike is a funny "multiplayer third person shooter"MiniStrike is a tribute to counter-strike, with a big concern on game-play•Team vs Team•Intense gameplay•Intuitive controls optimized for mobile•Weapons property like damage over distance, moving accuracy, recoil•Player hit box (HS!)Play with your friends (multiplayer only)•10 players simultaneously (5 vs 5)•Play online (3G, Wifi) •Play local (Wifi, Hotspot) •Create or join a serverHost your own server•Download and run your own MiniStrike server nowTips•This is a beta test, things can go wrong !•Prefer wifi over cellular (3G/4G) for a better experience•Prefer a server located in your country for a better experience•Configure controls from the option menu•Visit the official MiniStrike websitePRIVACY POLICY:

MiniStrike Game DOWNLOAD

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I gave it 5 stars before the update because it has offline multiplayer mode but due to the latest update... they remove the offline feature, and I can't play anymore with my brothers so here's the two star


This game sucks it because it doesn't play offline multiplayer please fix it


It really a good game it's not the best but it nice because of the storage it is very small...but the only problem is in the new update you need to double tap for every thing... The only thing you can single tap for is shooting... For example when you want to enter the store/shop u need to double tap on the icon to enter. So please fix this and i will rate 5 stars


The game is alright but I think they can improve it with better graphics


Granade effect is not like older one and shopping item option was older nice and getting very lag and aim swipe is very hard i uninstalled because of it why our death rates getting more than kill rate scams hall shame is getting scam with us shame on you developer


Ads cant let me play up to 2 minute game. So annoying. Maybe before you change map let everyone watch the ads


I didn't even get to see the main screen,because an ad played in the first second after I opened the game.


I only hate the game for some and the only thing is the ads it use to drive me crazy I've almost self but I just decided to leave it and it also use to quit you back to lobby that's all thanks please work on it


Please update the good servers . because servers is not good always disconnected. Thanks


When I was a kid, I used to play it with my siblings and my relatives, now I downloaded it again and it has really improved. I'm glad you guys spared your precious time on making this game fabulous!


Malo add some more stuff to it. I've been playing it from the last year. It have endless potential


Its a awesome multiplayer game but i gave it 4 stars cause it don't have many charecters and guns and co-op mode but its awesome game


Please update this game with some bots when its offline and you dont have friends. Its getting boring when you play alone .


It's a legit shooter game;there's always a but.I think if you just implemented different servers such as the usual Europe,Asia,North America,South America and Middle East.The match experience would be AMAZING! Not being able to play matches with the best ping (That i know we could possibly have) Is just killing the game and me.


I really like this game and i often play this game with my friends and i hope you add a new map guns and be able to jump,


I've played this in 2017, I accidentally uninstalled the app. So I went to the playstore but I never saw it again. Then this time around, while searching some games I could play online, I found this again. It's so exciting to kill everyone with a shotgun again!


Wished the game would have an iOS version of it on app store,missed it so much I recently changed to an iOS phone


Local multiplayer mode is. High ping. The server always get good ping. And joiner. Also loose match please fix smoothly local multiplayer


Update has some new.But there is no offline mode. We are not able to play through wifi and hotspot as before. Only online please fix. Add some new weapons, Jump button, add friend option of a player for play online with him, Log in with Facebook option, Online Server is slow so fix it. By the we love this game ♥️❤️💞


I'm glad this game is back.! Hope you update more to this game.! Please add more game modes like death match.! Also please add bots so we can play even if were alone.. Thank you for your wonderful game.! Keep it up.!