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The ManulifeMOVE app promotes a healthy lifestyle by enabling members to track their progress against set fitness goals. Earn more by signing up now!

Get your MOVE on with ManulifeMOVE-supported mobiles and fitness tracking devices.

Here are some key features.

View your daily step average and track your progress against your set goals.

Join challenges to earn more! Take on a range of challenges to earn badges and rewards.

Reach your activity goals and use your rewards. (For eligible policies)

Track your achievements!

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Keep you motivate to move on. Got rewards. Easy to handle.


Only show advertising, nothing else. Worthless


great app to track your steps and exercise routine


App having problem syncing my steps with Garmin. Not the first time the app gives this problem. This affected my daily average steps, causing it to drop significantly whenever a single day steps did not get sync (i.e. 0). This is especially unfair when user is trying hard to meet level 2 reward requirements. Update: The app just wiped off one whole week of step history. Good job. What a useless app.


When u set the target the page returns it's our problem and not yours and it keeps circling. Steps are so hard to sync to Google fit.


3rd Jan 2023 - This App again having problem synchronize with Samsung Health App. Why is it always happen on the same time like last year ? 20th Jan - Within this month 3rd time with synchronize issue again! Is this app don't know how to work with Samsung Health ?...3rd Jan- Apps been down for almost a day since last night still not synchronize...1st Jan - synchronize issue.


When I'm nearing hitting Level 1, this APP is behaving like it's not counting the steps (counting only 30%). Disguisting and disappointing 😲 It's happening again now (30/Dec). It would be better to pull out some of the services from the APP, rather than keeping it biased. So Disguisting 🖐🏻 How to give negative star rating for this APP???


Very poor app. Open app to try to redeem my rewards before expiry, only to find I been forced log out. Couldn't remember log in, couldn't get OTP for forget password. Tried reaching them for help in-app but there is a 50char limit to explain your issue for the in-app form. After trying hard to explain in 50char, the submit form didnt work. Try to reach them via email, but only get automated reply with 2 days response. By then the rewards would have expired.


So the step count of the day on this app always ends with fewer steps shown on my Samsung health app. The number just never syncs regardless of how many times I disconnect/reconnect both apps or long in/out my account. This is very frustrating and irritating because I could end up losing thousands of steps a month. Hope this issue can be addressed asap
We are sorry to hear about your experience with us, in order for us provide assistance as soon as possible, Please email us at with your contact details. Thank you!


After I finally purchased my Samsung Galaxy 5 Watch, it doesn't synchronize the same steps counts as on the app, it's even getting worser before I used the Google Fit in-app. Pretty disappointed, need some improvement indeed. Disconnected and reconnected many times, after CS instructions and it doesn't work for a darn thing. Time to move on another better new update, wasted my steps for nothing and thanks to that my premium discount lag on 7% instead of hitting my 10% discount.
We are sorry to hear about your experience with us, in order for us provide assistance as soon as possible, Please email us at with your contact details. Thank you!


Cannot even open the app now. Even Google Play shows error message that there is a bug and to wait for the developer to come out with an update. But from the reviews, it seems that the problem has been around since July. Two months and still not rectify? Very disappointing!


very rubbish design, unable to sync, especially after answering the pop up questions from the app before entering thr main page for sync. Always counting steps lesser than the designated device. if not because of the discounts, I will never border to install the app. 10k steps a day is easy for me to achieve as per my daily routine...
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Kindly visit the Play Store and update to the latest version of MOVE (7.5.0) to sync your steps. Please email us at if the problems still persist. Thank you.


Keeps having syncing issue. For more than a wk it keeps indicating that I have 9k steps to complete level 2 when I have been clocking more than 10k a day which means I should have completed the level 2 a wk ago and the App just doesn't register the steps. The stability of this App has always been bad but this time round it absolutely failed. Time to change the tech support and maintenance team!


Very disappointing. So NON-intuitive. Truly impossible to find the MoveApp where you can see the step count. They write about it in so many different ways but how to find it. What kind of illogical design is this. How difficult can it be to simply have a link to the MoveApp step count section. Also, how many confusing log ins do you need for something so simple. Seems to be more than one log in required. THE ONLY thing I want to see is the step count section. How hard can that be.


Limited choices for syncing different brands of fitness tracking watches. A lot of people don't have access to their phones at work or want to purchase the brand of fitness tracking watch. This app wants to motivate people to MOVE but is so backdated with their choices.


Time-consuming and NOT user friendly I've seen u updating this app since I used 5yrs ago. But u've never fixed the main problem when loading to the main page from the start screen. What's most frustrating is that it takes customers ard 3-5 mins to wait for this process before suceed to get in to it by chance, or it may never happen and ppl just stuck in the start screen for half an hour. Finally, u always update the new features but never fix this bug for 5+ yr. Nobody can use this app.


Very slow after the latest updates. It doesn't sync with the device all the time and I missed more than 2 weeks of steps being track by the app. On some days, the steps reflected are also not the same as what was indicated on my device.


Very very very bad. One of the worst if not the worst app I've ever used. The synch times are preposterous : at the best, ill need to wait 30 to 40s for this, but most of the times, I'll need in between 3 to 6 minutes (sometimes like today EIGHT freaking mns), whatever im on data, wifi, rebooted phone and such. Considering seriously to unistall it and ditch their program, but now i even consider ending my relationship with Manulife as an insurance provider due to the amount of daily frustration


I upgraded to the new version on Jan 14. Upon opening the app after installation, the screen which I saw before telling me to upgrade still appeared, and wouldn't go away no matter what I did. I even restarted the phone several times but still saw the same screen. The app therefore cannot be used.


This is so ridiculous! The update of ManulifeMove is mandatory, Fine! But now after installed, it is showing my last update was back to Sep 2nd, and I am unable to syn back the records that I have in my Fitbit! Have you actually done the UAT successfully before releasing this upgrade to your clients? I don't think so! This is just creating too much hassle for your client WORLDWIDE and I urge you to fix this bug asap! Why on earth would I want to upgrade an app that doesn't work properly!