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Updates include:
- Updated push notifications service.
- Fixed issue where push notifications were showing even when the application is foregrounded and the recipient student is active.

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Martialytics Students App DESCRIPTION

With your custom branded new Martialytics Students App you can empower your students to self manage all of their event bookings, study curriculum, attendance, payment details, personal information along with giving you the ability to communicate 1:1 with our new Conversations system.

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Ibaraki Health App
毎日の健康づくり活動(ウォーキングや健診受診など)がポイントになる健康アプリです。貯まったポイントに応じて景品抽選キャンペーンに参加できるお得なアプリです。アプリは県民の皆様の健康の保持・増進を目的に作成しました。運動、健康、食生活、コミュニケーションの4区分の活動をポイント化します。利用者の体重や血圧、歩数が記録されますので、日々の健康管理にも活用できます。 アプリを活用して「楽しく」「お得に」健康づくりに取り組みましょう!◆使い方◆①健康づくり活動に取り組んで、『ヘルスケアポイント』を貯めます。(ポイントの対象はポイントメニューをご参照ください)②貯めた『ヘルスケアポイント』に応じて、異なるランクを設定しております。ランクはそれぞれ、ブロンズ(1,000ポイント)・シルバー(5,000ポイント)・ゴールド(8,000ポイント)です。③ブロンズ、シルバー、ゴールドランクに到達すると、景品抽選キャンペーンに参加できます。※抽選応募方法やスケジュールは、アプリのお知らせにて随時配信します。◆ヘルスケアポイントメニュー◆歩数 1,000歩毎に3P(最大30P、3,000歩から付与開始)/サイクリング 10分毎に6P(最大30P、10分から付与開始)/ランニング 10分毎に6P(最大30P、10分から付与開始)/健診 300P/がん検診50P/特定保健指導 150P/各種健康イベント 30P(1回あたり)/社会参加イベント 20P/体重・血圧 2P(1日あたり)/禁煙・野菜摂取・適塩・交流 1P(1日あたり)/体操 3P(1日あたり)/ミッション 50P◆主な機能◆歩数・ランニング時間・サイクリング時間の計測/健康記録(体重・血圧・健診受診・特定保健指導・禁煙・野菜摂取・適塩・交流)/月間の歩数・体重・ランニング時間・サイクリング時間のグラフを表示/個人ランキング(全体・年代・地域・企業団体)/グループランキング(地域・企業団体)/イベント参加確認(QR読取り)/お知らせ配信/アンケート配布/引継ぎ機能/問い合わせ◆注意事項◆・景品の当選対象者は、18歳以上の県内に在住・在勤・在学の方となります。・景品の発送区域は原則、県内となります。・本アプリは、利用者の健康改善及び増進を支援するものであり、利用者の健康状態の改善、又は増進されることについて、保証をするものではありません。・当アプリではGPSを利用します。アプリ起動中やバックグラウンドで継続的にGPSを利用すると、通常よりバッテリー消費が早くなる場合があります。・他アプリを同時に起動すると、メモリの容量が大きくなり、正常に作動しない場合があります。・省電力モードでは、正常に歩数計測やウォーキングコースのGPSが反応しない場合があります。・機種変更時は、旧端末にて引継ぎコードを発行し、新しい端末にて引継ぎを行ってください。・タブレット端末での動作は対応しておりません。・Wi-Fi回線のみで接続している端末での動作は保証しておりません。 ◆推奨環境◆OSバージョン6.0~9.0・歩数計測センサー非搭載の端末では、歩数が計測されません。・一部端末に関しては、対応OSバージョン以上でも動作しない場合があります。・らくらくフォンや一部端末では、Googlefit・当アプリのインストール制限がされていて、利用できない場合があります。・Googlefitの歩数データを使用するため、Googlefitアプリのインストールとログインが必要です。・Googleアカウントを複数お持ちの場合、fitと当アプリで利用するGoogleアカウントは一致させる必要があります。・Googlefitは日付が変わったタイミングでGooglefit独自の補正がかかるため、当アプリと完全に一致しない場合があります。なおGooglefitの管理は当社では行っておりません。
The beginning of golf begins with the choice of club. SmartPitter-SmartFitter
Smart Peter released !!GolfFind the strongest SmartFitter app has been released.The beginning of golf begins with the choice of club.Everyone knows the best club for you isIt's hard to know which club is right for youThe senior is a good fit, a lot of flying out of the ad,A professional winning club is not a club that suits me well.Recently, the swing analysis equipment is diversified and easily accessible through the appSimply input your own swing spec to get the best club specBased on this, the most suitable for you by matching with the right brand clubPresent your clubThe speed of the club determines the strength of the shaft, and the pitch of the ball determines the shape and design of the head.Will decideSpartan is not a standard for S, SR and R, which is displayed differently by club manufacturers.We match based on actual club strength (CPM) and various conditions.
The app in Italian for pregnant women
Applicazione mobile in italiano per le donne in gravidanza sviluppata con la collaborazione di specialisti europei nel campo della ginecologia e dell’ostetricia.MAMApp è una preziosa guida pratica che vi accompagnerà per tutta la vostra gravidanza. Questa app vi fornirà non solo informazioni utili e suggerimenti pratici, ma anche una panoramica esaustiva sulle visite mediche e i controlli raccomandati dalle società specialistiche e dall’Organizzazione mondiale della sanità (OMS).In MAMApp troverete:- l’elenco delle visite e degli esami consigliati per ciascuna settimana di gravidanza, il tutto accompagnato da spiegazioni accurate e di immediata comprensione- più di 80 articoli curati da medici specialisti che illustrano la crescita e i cambiamenti del feto settimana dopo settimana- un’agenda ideata specificatamente per le esigenze della gravidanza, in cui potrete registrare i dati e i risultati delle visite mediche e dei controlli che man mano effettuerete- il MAMA diario: un diario in cui riportare le vostre sensazioni e i messaggi per il bambino, con la possibilità di esportazione tramite e-mail- il tracciamento dei dati relativi ai movimenti del feto- il tracciamento di tutti i dettagli relativi alla vostra..
Pakistan's first and the most used healthcare app.
With technology progressing every day, and everything going digital, Find My Doctor is a health tech platform that allows you to book all types of health care services through a single application. This app provides you access to all health care services from the comfort of your home through a user-friendly interface. With a large number of healthcare professionals on board and accessibility to the big cities of Pakistan, Find My Doctor has made its place as Pakistan’s number 1 health-tech startup. Get rid of doubts, and instead get in touch with Find My Doctor. Find My Doctor app features- PMC Verified Doctor checkups- Lab tests- Health Insurance (Sehat Card)- Medicine deliveryPMC Verified Doctor visitsYou don’t need to come for your regular health visits to the doctor, our doctors will come to you. Our doctors are PMC verified who have been working in this field for quite a long and hence are trustworthy and reliable. We ensure that our patients are fully satisfied with the consultation and for this purpose, we also offer after-visit consultation through the phone. We aim..
It measures your body fat at any time and helps to manage your diet habits.
Fitrus TFitrus T measures body fat at any time and helps to manage diet habits. Fitrus T allows users to manage almost all health and habits, including heart rate, stress level, skin temperature, object temperature, and step count. 1) Measure body fat and follow up.The Fitrus device is a portable BIA body composition analyzer that can measure body composition anytime, anywhere.It provides body fat percentage, body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, basic metabolism, body mass index (BMI), and body water. 2) Count calories and make a diet plan.Search over 700,000 food data or edit your own food that is not available in the data to count calories.It also tells you the calories burned through the step counts data collected from your smartphone. 3) Set goals with friends and try challenging them.Invite a friend who is a member of Fitrus T and set a target number of steps and calorie intakes to compete for each other.Share with friends through comments and make fun stories. 4) Getting tips from the membership company.You can get various tips and event information quickly from the..
Healthcare at Your Fingertips
Teleme is designed to make your healthcare journey seamless by connecting you to a suitable doctor and get trusted medical advice in just less than 3 steps.Your ALL-IN-ONE online healthcare needs:1)Find a suitable doctor based on your health condition for online consultation via chat messenger in minutes2)Personalised medical journey to keep your own health and medication records for consistent and accurate medical data3)Get medication delivered to you from our partner pharmacies (coming soon on app)4)Order lab package online, complete lab test at the nearest partner health lab and receive lab test report online (coming soon on app)How it works:- FIND ME A DOCTOR featureFeeling ill or have medical queries? List your questions or symptoms and click request. You’ll be connected to a doctor in minutes.SEARCH PRACTITIONER featureLooking for a specialist for your conditions? Browse through the list of practitioners from A-Z, you name it.MESSENGER featureChat with your doctor anytime, anywhere you are as long as you have internet connection.MEDICAL JOURNEYFlip through your journey for past medication, blood tests records, consultation notes or summary written by your doctor.TeleMe is committed to..
Easy-to-use and highly customizable gym log & workout planner for home and gym
GymKeeper is a gym log app that was designed to provide the easiest and quickest way to log your workouts. Track progress, gain strength and muscle mass or lose weight, build the perfect body using the most intuitive workout tracker & planner in the world. GymKeeper will perfectly suit your needs, regardless of whether you are a professional weightlifter or a beginner training at home. Includes 20+ pre-built training programs and workout routines that will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy5x5, muscle splits, home workouts, fullbody, abs and glutes routines. Download GymKeeper and take your lifts to the next level.Main Features• 200+ built-in exercises with GIFs, 20+ workout programs and routines, create your own exercises, categories and workout plans in a few clicks• The simplest user interface, extensive functionality and customization options to meet the needs of any type of gym-goers• Plenty of options how to fill your workoutscopy exercises from another training day, add them from a custom routine, or use filters to choose exercises targeting specific muscle and requiring particular sports equipment in a..
| GDev
Access lifesaving information when you need it most
Introducing the new Casualty App by Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) that provides you with access to emergency care information and treatment guidelines to help you provide basic first aid if you are a layperson or emergency care if you are a first responder or a healthcare provider. The app curates all the latest evidence-based emergency care information and is designed to make sure you have access to all the lifesaving information when you need it most. Its offline mode enables you to access the information even when you don’t have a data connection.Kindly share your feedback on the Casualty App by reviewing it below and/or complete our feedback form here
Take your results and meal plan with you everywhere.
VO2 NUTRITION will help you in your process of changing habits, taking your personalized eating plan and monitoring your process with your results.
Sanjeevani Doctor App is a Tab based application which gives complete solutions.
SanjeevaniDoctor App is having many features which resolve doctor's problems.There are various search option are provided which makes the application easy to use for doctor.1) Falcon has built a system which connects patients with doctors easily which is monitored by admin.2) It consists of tab based mobile application for doctor3) Patient can easily book appointments as per their convenience.4) There is various search option provided, which makes the application easy to use for patient as well as doctor.5) Doctor can manage appointments, appointment time slots, fee structure, payments, patient appointment status, video appointments etc.6) At Patient side, patient have facilities like my doctor option, emergency call, ambulance no, appointment booking for online as well as offline as per their convenience.7) In application there are online and offline payment facilities are available at patient side.
Empower your students with self managed data, payments and bookings
With your custom branded new Martialytics Students App you can empower your students to self manage all of their event bookings, study curriculum, attendance, payment details, personal information along with giving you the ability to communicate 1:1 with our new Conversations system.

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Brilliant app helps me and my daughter out so much


It crashes all the time