The team is hard at work once again! As they move on to the Estate's bedroom, the siblings look back on their childhood. Abi mourns the loss of a wardrobe she once had, and, like a good brother, Gaspar does his best to distract her from her thoughts.

-New Room: Manor House Part 4
-New Theme Season: Tennis Match
-Fixed Known Bugs

Matchington Mansion Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Matchington Mansion(截图1)【图】Matchington Mansion(截图2)【图】Matchington Mansion(截图3)

Matchington Mansion Game DESCRIPTION

Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!

Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:
Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!
Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story
Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!

Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style.
Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor.
Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride!

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

More ways to learn about the Matchington Mansion jigsaw puzzle game:
or search @Matchington Mansion to follow us.

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Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden storyUnlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style. Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor. Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride! Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the..

Matchington Mansion Game DOWNLOAD

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THANKYOU FOR THE MESSAGE LETTER LOV3D IT ! And Thank- You for the for the present boosters. Marie. 206 Northside CT. Tahlequah, Ok.


Update from 4 stars to 1. Used to love this game. Still love the puzzle style so it hurts me to leave a 1 star review. Updates lately are horrible compared to before. I have really tried to come back to the game several times. But I always get a headache with the new graphics. I can't do it even after several attempts. It makes me sad. Will be deleting the game after 11195 levels beat. So sorry to see this game fall to terrible standards. Will not recommend to anyone any more.
Dear mansioneer, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please send an email to [email protected] and describe the issue in detail. Our CS team will further assist you. Have a good day.


I've been playing this game for a couple of years and loved it. I've put a lot of money into buying coins. But when you pass level 1000 it gets ridiculous, I've spent up to $15 just to pass 1 level, I'm on level 1224 and unistalling, it's ridiculous. You get 21 moves to clear 160 tiles, 88 books, and 4 doors that need 4 keys each to open... I've used up my moves and not even half way through books or tiles, doors are gone because you use all the moves for the keys to open them. I'm done, bye!


Lots of fun. Two drawbacks are that some levels are impossible to beat without purchasing extra moves and the way the power ups work; they don't redirect or go to the most useful place.


This game has totally stopped the puzzles I signed up for. Now the only way I can actually move on is to buy some stuff. The levels are impossible and when it eventually looks like you can win, one single item stays behind almost forcing you to spend money. This program eventually sees you won't fall for it then it wins for you, mostly after about 3 days. The hard earned stars are then wasted on the most rediculous tasks. What's to enjoy about this?


I just bought a wonder ticket to an event and trust me IT IS NOT WORTHY! First of all the decorations rewarded wasn't for the mansion, but to a random lane, the ads give us a lot of benefits that we don't have after buying the ticket. The ads are more useful than the ticket 😭


Like the game. Don't really care for the decorations. Wish there was a way to skip thru them faster. I have 99+ stars but it takes so long to do the house "tasks" one at a time. And I do not appreciate being forced to watch videos for events and then forced to join said events when I don't want to. ###update to review. Once again forced into some mini game bullcrap. I don't want to merge anything. If I did I'd download that kind of game. #deleted


While I was quite enjoying this game it's just a scam to take your money. $30 for an outfit that no one else even sees?! I just made an in-game purchase tonight (my first) and lost a basic game feature where you watch an ad to win extra spins at the end of a level just to force you into spending more money. I'm waiting for a response and if there's no resolution I will take my time and money to somewhere else that doesn't punish you for investing in their game.


The game is very good but there are flaws. I've completed the mansion and moved onto the island to be disappointed. The fact that we need two stars to pass a level is shocking. It's tailored for you to spend money. Other issues I have is that you play 30 levels to get a prize which is always 30mins free lives and 200 coins, absolutely pathetic. If you complete hard or very hard levels you should get 2 to 3 stars respectively. I have other issues but I'm not going into it.


This game starts off really enjoyable, then as you get further into the levels, it gets harder, which it's meant to do, so you expect that, but the pattern of losses to wins is evident, and you're always missing two more pieces before your turns run out, so youre tempted to spend 900 to get the two more, then you don't have 900, but if you spend real $, then you can have another chance. I'm playing it and enjoying it less and less and when I find a replacement, I'll delete this one


It sometimes seems like the "suggestion" moves during the games tend to be the worst ones possible, but other than that i love this game. I love all the cool decorations. Endless possibility. Even though i wish you could aquire the bird logo points to decorate with each level, only about one of every four levels awards them and they are the most important points you need. Also i wish there was more access to all furniture. But I'm still new so we shall see how things progress. Really fun!!


the game it's fun to play tbh but the levels are EXTREAMLY HARD even the easy ones are hard to achieve in one go unless u use 500 coins to purchase +5 moves or watch ads to get 1 to 3 moves which ARE LIMITED BTW. it's so annoying when i only need one move to win but i don't have coins nor "free ads to get more moves" so i have to repeat it all the srart (i'm an F2P so it's gets me an ammount of time to collect 500 coins) so please PLEASE can u easy it a little bit??? it's very frustrating


The stars you collect are fine until you get to the decoration items that are timed. Why do I need to beat levels and collect stars just to have 7 hours or longer wait times until that item is finished. And, there are way too many objectives for the amount of moves on each level. Not a very good game in my opinion.


The games are fun, unfortunately too many times you have to watch an ad just for a simple task. I don't like the newer version because, I noticed that the tools do not have as powerful an impact. Not even the big bombs, so less tiles get broken so your lives are used up quicker and the levels take longer to complete.


Used to love this game, unfortunately, since the last update it has removed both spin the wheel and watch advert to to win moves options. Now the levels are near impossible to pass, and I'm finding myself wanting to play less. Fix it! Also I now seem to never get any of the special rooms to decorate. Is there a reason for this?


Used to really enjoy this game, it's hard to find a game with no ads, that you have to watch. Ever since this most recent update I have found that certain levels are impossible to pass. Before you would only be stuck in a level maybe a few rounds. But now it's days. Really considerning getting rid of the game due to the new update.


I love this game but not the latest version! Used to able to accomplish few levels in a day but after the new update it seems difficult to accomplish in one level itself. I have spent 2 to 3 days just to accomplish 1 level only, tbh it is waste of time. Before the update, there was a button at the end which you can watch ads to win some moves or lives, unfortunately it's totally gone. I wish I could know all these before I made decision to update this game...


A typical match 3 game with decent graphics and gameplay. But the ads suddenly disappeared which is usually a good thing but in this case, I always watch them to get more moves because god forbid they give enough to complete a level. But since it's gone, I have to default to using coins to purchase moves which as an F2P player, I don't have a lot of.


Has been my go-to time killer for years. Latest update destroyed the game. Used to be able to clear 10-15 levels a day. Lucky to clear one a day now, as the difficulty seems to have been cranked up. Used to be able to watch a short video to get an extra 1-3 lives, but it too has been removed. Game is nothing more than an exercise in frustration now. Uninstalled today after 5+ years playing.


Why have the extra moves option to spin a wheel, watch an add & win 1, 2 or 3 extra moves disappeared? The current "Event" has also disappeared from my game. I know I may not have reached the higher levels that other players have, but I'm still at just under level 8,000. You would think that after achieving that, there would be some well-earned perks available?