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Meete is made to help you connect with people by chat. On Meete you can…

Chat on Meete right now to find and get to know your new Meete friends better. Within the Meete app, you can send messages, photos, ice breakers and audio messages.

**Recommend people for you on Home Screen **
Add Meete on your Home Screen as a widget. We will show the people nearby on your screen and you can click it to open the app to chat with them when you are interested in them.

**Express Yourself**
Use your Meete profile to express yourself and make a great first impression. You can add up to 9 photos of yourself and add some description about yourself.

You can create fun post and share with others in Meete and you can also know more about your new friends through the post they created.

Join the Meete now!


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this app is used by under age girls, selling nude pictures of themselves and this doesn't ask for proof of age properly. I feel like it's just a catfishing app and apps like this should be taken down to protect the children!!!!


You have to pay to text to other people. It's just like all the other they just want your money


I wouldn't recommend downloading this app unless you want to become broke. You need to pay to talk to girls on here and it's a job for them. The app doesn't even work propper or filters are way off.


Their in app currency, gems, in order to send people messages. They barely give you any if you want to go in for free, practically forcing you to pay. It's scummy and disgusting, 0 outta 10 would not recommend.


paying to talk to anyone is the dumbest feature these apps have. can't even talk to someone for more than a few sentences before you run out. GARBAGE APP


I think this app will be a lot better if you didn't have to pay to have conversations with people just my personal opinion though


Complete scam. Don't even waste your time with downloading. You have to pay to message people and most of them are halfway across the country anyway so little chance of meeting them


It was good at 1st but I think it's BS you have to pay for it right off the bat And I think it'd be better if guys there's new to 30 days free then they have to pay For trying this app out cause not all men Have money like me...


i like the app and most the women i text are real, most of the apps have hella bots but the only thing i dont like is that you need gems to message people


Nothing but women spamming for their Onlyfans and Cams. Interface is garbage, have to pay by the message


You have to pay to talk to people, usually that means the people are fake. Who is actually on here paying to talk to someone for it to go nowhere.


Connection error and wants you to pay. Says i have Several matches despite never opening the app


I would give this app a 5star rating, but the pay to talk method (gems) is the problem. I don't want to and I shouldn't spend money to talk to other people on the app. Other than that, this app looks legit


good app to meet new people, you can post to the community and there are a lot of neat features to make your profile stand out


Absolute waste of time! This app is completely redundant and terrible! Why the hell should I have to pay to try and meet someone? And moreover, why do the females get more control over the app/get free chats/get to choose if a chat is free? This is completely stupid. I want to meet people and try to find a match, not pull out my credit card before I even get a first date! Deserves all the bad reviews it gets! UNINSTALL!!!


Do not recommend. This app is nothing but a money pit. To text someone it cost 10 gems per text. If any girl sends you a picture it cost gems depending on what the girl sent wants from you. From 10 gems up to 300+ gems and some girls just send you pictures of the internet. It's nothing but a money pit out of the whole time using it 6 months plus. Only one person was actually in it for what it was for and meeting someone. This app is garbage.


It's an okay app. It's mostly for women to make money and show content and promote their stuff but you can find friends on there too. As a man, you have to accumulate gems to chat, I think it's 8 per message and you can collect some daily; otherwise you have to pay(currently 6 dollars for 189 gems). It's definitely a great app for women and those who want to flirt, trade and send and see nudes, but not too great for much else. Not a 'paypig', so this app was for sure not for me.


This app is definitely just a cash grab, despite being "real" every woman here will do what she can to stay on the app and not talk anywhere else. If they're not a bot it's someone being paid to waste time. Went out of my way to make a female account and you don't get charged at all to use the app cause they're the bait. Heavily recommend against paying for anything through here as even buying their VIP packages isn't even close to worth the money they ask for


Once you sign in and go through all the sign up process it is obvious that women get paid. Most of the women are all about getting gift and having conversation where it costs you for Each conversation money. Some of them even say they have no socials Some of them even say they have no Other social apps. This app is a total rip off.


I like being able to earn the diamonds (used for chats and gifts) by playing bingo, and sometimes other games. Yeah, you have to put up with a few ads, but not nearly as many as other apps. My only disappointment is that they limit the number of times you can play for the diamonds.