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Survival & Craft Game SCREENSHOT

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Survival & Craft Game DESCRIPTION

«Hey, survivor! Watch out, shark is here!»

A terrible plane crash took the lives of all the passengers and crew… except for one. You a survivor and now you are out of civilization. Around the ocean, hot sun and hungry shark. An almost hopeless situation and a huge opportunity to die throw adrenaline into your blood. You have only one thing — craft for survive.

Survival simulator on the raft will throw you into an epic adventure in the middle of the ocean! Mankind and civilization far, beyond the boundless horizon. The main goal of the game is to hold out as long as possible alive, and for this you need to make crafting and building — gather resources, improve the raft and build a shelter right on the raft. Do not forget that thirst and hunger are not the only danger. Make sure that the shark attack does not destroy your plans for survival!

🦈 Survival Simulator
Watch for indicators of health, hunger and thirst. Otherwise your adventure on the raft will quickly end!

📜 Explore the recipe for crafting!
Catch fish, grow vegetables and get water — do everything to survive! Create building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other things necessary for survival.

🎮 Play with friends!
You can play multiplayer with your friends now! Get resources, build your raft and help each other survive in this endless and dangerous ocean. Remember, teamwork is your key to survival!

🌄 Explore the islands!
Travel to the islands and discover new lands!

💡 Get resources!
Use the hook to catch the necessary resources: debris, algae, boxes and others. They will be useful to you for survival!

🔨 Crafting and building!
Spread, equip and protect the raft. Build a real shelter that will allow you to last as long as possible!

⛵ Raft creative mode!
A mode for real architects who want to make their dreams come true!

If you like games in the survival games online multiplayer and crafting games, then our game will surely appeal to you!

Write your feedback to our groups — we will try to disassemble all appeals and take into account your comments in further updates!

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Survival & Craft Game DOWNLOAD

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This is by far the most accurate raft game on mobile devices. Lots of other games I have encountered very low graphiced not very detailed either, but this is something else! The shaders are wonderful, and the textures are magnificent, just one little bicker. Can there be a lan game menu? If you had time to read this, thank you for your time, and I hope you get what I am saying. c:


The game is pretty good. I would like it if we have more recipes to eat. Like we have bread, lettuce, and meats; we can make sandwiches, or we can use the bakery to bake the fish and potatos


Overall good game but it has so many bugs! I used to play this earlier and everything used to work perfectly but only today I re-installed it but for some reason the multi-player isn't working. I can't connect with them and vice versa no matter many time we tried. Please fix this


Theres so much to do and build but the reason its 4/5 because for some reason when I go exploring on the islands my compass dosen't show so I cant find all the chests and keys and sometimes it also happens when im in my raft and only when I play muitiplayer it appears. Everything else is great


I like the graphics and the quality. Its so addicting,, The graphics look realistic and it looks like ur in a real life game. I love it!! :)


The game is really good, i understand it's free, but at least we have the option to permanently remove ads by paying 3$ which i like. So far I've had a great experience with the game same as the Nintendo Switch version. My only issue with the game so far is that i wish there was a way to personalize the button placement in the screen since I'm used to play (Claw) 4 fingers in Cod mobile. And it's a bit annoying that i can't modify the buttons to my liking. Pleace dev give us the option to do so.


nice game id rather play this with no internet because NO ADS it's fun with NO ADS I got quite alot of ideas but I'll give 1 add more animals like seagulls,tigers,lions,crows,cows,monkey, and some others too please add them I wanted to play it with a steering wheel and add titanium it's a stronger version of metal please JUST DO IT and sail decor and a new place blueprint that is a trash breaker it turns resources into smashed garbage and the player can craft a wheel for 25 of smashed garbage


Really bad multiplayer experience. I've paid for no Ads and they trick you when creating a certain amount of resource from raw materials they trigger a an ad. The games multiplayer option is horrendously bad with players being kicked or unable to join your game. Player ID and invite rarely work or connect. I really enjoyed the the first 2-3 hrs of gameplay and after that you realize how pathetically unstable it is this far after release. My while family has un-installed and I'll never download.


This is the best survival game I have ever played but the reason I rate it 3 is because every 1 minute an ad comes up and when I say every minute I really mean every minute please fix it.


I find the controls very finicky. I wish there was a seperate on-screen joystick, as moving around vs. looking around gets frustrating.


Would love to give this game 5 stars because I absolutely love it so the problem I have is the ads that pop every five minutes I mean c'mon it's pathetic it's just way over board and it is driving me crazy to the point I'm thinking about deleting the game and it's a shame because the game is cool


Giving 1 star but believe me I don't want to, this is one of my favorite game that I used to play alot and it definitely deserves 5 stars but force ads have ruined the fun, the game is not even started and there is an force ad, I do understand that it's free to play game and developers need to spend a ton of money so you generate revenue through ads but there are too much ads, I have played other free to play games but never see these much ads mostly, reward based ads are still acceptable.


I really love this game but I am giving it 4 stars because of the kayak. Make it so like the boat looks like a real boat and plz enhance the graphics more and it will be nice. Also same answer as other 'the ads'. And also add a voice chat feature too. That's it it a really nice game so I am giving it a 4 star


Too many ads. Like 4 in 2 mins. There is of course a pay option to play without ads but waiting for a new bank card so frustrating as ****. That being said if the ads get sorted it's the best survival/craft game I've played so far and Ive played a lot. It truly is a great game JUS THOSE ADS THO..


I love this survival game, its the best. But maybe if you could add more island maps soon, maybe with enemies on those islands. Also a simple gun would be great to be added in to this game, just like handmade guns, you know? Add more animals, not only deers and boars and more furniture. Thanks
The problem is not with the Internet, but with your weak device. We can't do anything about this.


Really good game totally recommend to play if your bored but for some reason the pvp mode doesn't work whenever I press one of the game modes it just freezes the screen and I have to re open the app please fix that thank you UPDATE: the developer commented on my post and to answer his question no i play with internet and it still doesn't work
Do you play without the Internet? It looks like you should be displaying an advertisement at this moment, so it seems to you that everything is frozen.


The game is good to play with friends but when i was playing with my sister and she left the game for a minute it wouldn't let her back in, so i tried joining her and it didn't work either so i jope that gets fixed Edit: i recently just started playing the game again and I'm trying to play with a friend and it keeps telling me that i have to update the game despite the fact it's been updated so i uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still didn't work and it looks like there are more adds.
You need to do everything that you did before. Namely, copy your ID again and send it to your sister.


Too many glitches happens sometimes1. we can join each other 2. We can not somtimes see each other items when my friend makes anything except walls and ceiling the items are going in the water and we have to restart the game to see each other items .pls fix this problem to make this game 5 star also I can't craft anything after playing 1 or 2 days


This game is awesome, I would like to rate it 5 star but the ads are very annoying, we understand that you need to earn money but this amount of ads are just unbearable, put lesser ad pop ups thats all. This game has no flipping flaws but just the ads are annoying Thank you 🙂


I really like the game the only problem I face in game is lot of annoying bugs and ads hope you will fix this bugs and manage the ads asap and yah something when the shark attack your raft the hitting option doesn't show also bring a boat to go to floting raft easily Thank you!!